I do get told that my activities tended to damage the National Economy, while what happens in reality is that of the Politicians providing a leadership which suggests that should there be no money in circulation, nobody would have been facing a Governmental or Administrative problem irrespective of how wealthy the Businesses were and it is nobody's job to ensure that this does not happen. They speak of my position being one that preserves the system of Monarchy which they are fed up with while reality is that of the fact that it would have not mattered even in a New Country they had invented to suit their purposes, that I had the right to sell the Books I have produced here, which they clearly never made a contribution to and do not have a legal right to handle but where they fall flat is that on such business as Celebrities ripping up peopleís lives and Finances due to wealth and social inequality problems, only to end up with Overseas Accounts and a Media they can grind work that facilitates their decadence at the General Public by, we would have been directionless when the parasitic American Capitalists had begun to put their weight behind it like we have seen them do, if there was no Queen to organise a Team that get around making sure people paid for usage.

They do claim I spend my time tackling nice people and not racists of which itís never clear what has convinced them they were nice people, just as we know they claim everything I say is meant to extricate a process where I was forced to gain a soul. I could never make out why a group of people who show up all the time to threaten me when they have money problems and seek to ensure they were able to destroy what I held dear so I might be caught up as some form of blackmail that lets them get anything they want off me as if we see them give their own to the frugal, would think they were nice people anyway Ė we all know if a racist met an ethnic minority their size the prospect of winning a fight is less, so they will not be thinking about the superiority the entire time anyway, that the biggest racism based risk is the Media and the Politicians, so they show up like that to be nice by wrecking the academic work and finances so that I might end up being so abused I can make sense of the insanity that passes on the left hand side and right hand side of such goons, then get told what to do by their stupid selves, as if nobody knew that the failure of a system where I get threatened by the boys in the neighbourhood each time they had money problems was going to lead to such an outcome in the first place, that I have not spent some time at Church which has informed me at least in part of what that which is purely evil looks like all together. The real reasons these things happen is that these goons are afraid of work; when we were younger it was just the fear of work and as we grew older they started to add up to it the business of being stupid people that relied on others but now we know they are reliant on their victims not to respond to the abuses associated with everything they need to do to take advantage of those who will be working for money and then get away with it, which is what it is really all about but I am now completely fed up with that story of tackling nice people when the racists are getting around, so I need reiterate that I want them keeping their distance from my Books and my person as it is about to end with a business of getting out of bed every day to ensure checklists of what I have done to hurt the media have been filled. As for the story of a lack of soul or maybe not, it has always been a matter of the fact they forget their place; I got set out as a character that looks like the Millionaires of today and since then it has been all about their whiles; no plans to work for money, no plans to show people a portfolio at Industry a hope that somebody will give them something to do or show up a trick, they have only got plans to build an abusive incentive at the expense of some characters that could help the world by giving up their position and achievements a one less successful person that gets on their nerves by being successful, which hoodlums that get around with CEOs and managers talking nonsense at me about how I will make no progress with myself until they were rich first and imagining their fingers up my bum depending on how much they need it all day, looking for more of what they were complaining about, may cash into as an incentive and its only progress from claims I set about extracting an income from parts of other peopleís companies where the relatives of the owners should be making some pocket money, to express something of the fact they are always tired and these are whiles they make their way in the world with that they cannot give up and itís all the fault of the Monarchy due to the activities of Government; never about whether I have a soul or not and I am fed up with hearing I need to tackle some racists. Looks like I will need to protect a Royal Hermitage Literary Empire from them by picking it up with the abusive street Managers who fail to understand when you got them into a position where they were kicked each time they are already down as well and burn it back to where it all began.

Their excuse has never failed to be one about my activities playing into the hands of British and American enemies but that was after and not before the stories will never go away of how I am friends with terrorists, getting off to the east to secure some cultural power from a guru that will help them dominate a boy on Media and all various other forms of abuse, eventually culminating in working towards these statements they make that religion in the problem of the world and American ought to tackle Christians once they were done with Iraq and Afghanistan; so we find that it has gone off to the Communism issues to build a new one and no matter how hard I have tried, built me a Court of Female Journalists to help me work this system of people who get along with British interests and may want to move here for business or residency and although the disposition of these people facilitates the jobs they do at National security, they also need to ensure no stone is unturned when it comes to the business of their wives savaging my finances with Celebrity culture and Hollywood while they seek my Royal Hermitage all together, putting the lives at risk, so this is what would have likely been the cause should it turn out that they were betrayed for most of the time. For my part, I want them off my Books and an end to their insulting daddy stupidities following me around especially at the academic institutions, otherwise I am only going to get worse Ė all I have done so far is write a Book, in any case of which it has also stopped the friend of terrorist story, even they are not friends of terrorists the last time we checked, even though we have heard them put out all that abusive nonsense about teaching people facts on being real men by getting terrorists through UK Borders under the guise of field co-operation, as stupidly as possible.


They boast that they should have been able to get away with such things in the 1960s until a busy body meddling git like me showed up to make a mess of their business but in the 1960s there was no whole sale copying of British Military designs by Communists on account they wanted to be free with other peopleís income margins and property and since the Military was thinking about incorporating some care for soldiers into operation processes, they had found a new convenience to trade off in enemy territory and spend time with their Celebrities blowing off the big mouth at me endlessly. It will then have been suggested what I have said puts the lives of my friends at risk whereas I have been clear endlessly that it has nothing to do with me if it is not following my Social Media profile - needs to get a Book at the Hermitage Library, I am sick of it, I am sick of them.

There is talk now of endemic failure of leadership naturally which is utter nonsense there is no failure of leadership anywhere, itís the irony of the idea that those who have what has not been gratuitously left for them to keep even though they did not deserve it by idiots who are many times their size or given to them by tall scum getting dangerous with money in the City centre, do not have the right to enjoy the same decency or Human rights that other people are allowed to have by Law. Now they are famous and important too, some of them are Celebrities therefore had what others do not, that these things have been gained at my expense is completely irrelevant, the point is that I am abused because I am important and once the history had been built they were important too, same as the business of having what other people do not have. They do say I speak of these things but it does not make me better off which is what must change unless the Books I write actually belong to them and we can see itís the same way they spend time helping goons to the secrets behind how women protect themselves when faced with very violent and evil Men, so that these fools might be able to creep behind people a quarter of their size and help them to fame and fortune which lets them dart off the sugar baby insults that builds up the idea they are about to kill somebody and I am about to work for all I own and hand it over to weak women, that they tell me itís about the market I have built for my Books and not the Books itself, as stupidly as possible.

I. Uno I

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