Now it is said that there needs be a conversation about whether or not Public transport especially the Buses are a good way to travel which does not make any sense whatsoever – the Labour Party and its Socialists are responsible for wrecking Public transport; it was a case of thinking that the business of becoming like frustrated goons who think their problems are greater than everybody else’s spending so much time complaining a civil right that they solved none of it and hence ended up attacking young successful people whose existence seemed to mock them for their position, having rite to everything I had set up to be successful before I did on account they would be drawing their pensions earlier, after which they could never have enough, was the worst of their madness but now we see that owning Car has become the only way to escape the mundane existence of lesser people who take very efficient Public transport, congesting the roads in the process and wrecking the Public transportation all together – worse still is the fact this opinion of theirs is an open secret that they will let the rest of us into once they were rich. Hence it means they think we believe that the bottom pinching insults and habits of theirs have become a part of the reality of how we exist while they have not; such that when I mention it people will say I speak of it casually when it is not casual at all but it is casual to me – this nonsense is what money is and what money does and I am fed up with people following me around, being seen around my Books without buying and reading it and being seen clogging up my personal space bearing in mind that there was enough cover earlier which has now been completely spent because of an insulting need to make use of the leadership I provided to create it while they had no respect for me and then we also hear them claim that I have suggested their stupidities made up racism which does not faze me at all – the truth is that racists see race and opportunism, people generally see scarcity and choice and they are the only ones who see racism and opportunism, so racism does exist yes but I wonder what else it bloody means besides. We now look like we keep their Popularity and we keep their money and there will be confrontation if I asked the what next since racism did exist all together – it wants to know what I know but has no plans to buy and read the Books, the point is that the parents have raised the children to be insane and so I will need violence to ensure their products and person does not get all over the publicity I have built for the Books to tell me mine is really big hence I deserved it and I am sure they can allow me a 24 hours where I did not see them or any stupid products they had created, show up near the publicity I have built for my Books, to make us all look like we are a Nation that blames them for racism in order to feel good about ourselves, hoping security will fall on a lap when it is most convenient, on account they think they have had it all figured out; the men with corruption of involvement and the women with privileges of injustice, working out how not to be hurt by money while grabbing other people’s money at the market to ensure they did not have to do a day’s work to pay their way, getting what they want and I am sure they can let me have this every day. They have said that my problem comes because I get rid of the people but pinching my bum until I smell like my loo and drop out of University, then find it impossible to finish my Books or sell the ones I have finished because of my Mood and the fact they have a habit, is their reality, now we also know it is something nothing I do no matter how clever can be put out in public as an explanation for it, letting them carry on forever, it is their reality and not mine - needs to stay away from my Books and clear my public image space, especially as the reputation they have created for me over their stupid media and the foolish products they have built, to groom me for it and ensure when any person builds a crowd that targets them on their door step they can make profit blaming me for it, will not suffice.

They are so in love with the look we see them adopt whenever they claim I interfere with peoples conversation as they cling to my Book sales and public image and do all they can to ensure I smell every time I step outside of my door. What really happens on the other hand is that I am stuck with their family members in the neighbourhoods, churning my tummy while they rip up my academic work by following me around with it at University and spend most of their time bullying me at the work place over their stock market, popularity and political practical jokes, claiming the reason for it is that they were very important but people seldom pay attention to such a fact – I would fancy they give me 24 hours of not doing this and did so every day. I mean it’s not that they are unaware if I showed up in Public places with an eating disorder, that their family members were likely responsible for it hence does not make any sense that I get threatened, that when they are always seen on the left chasing other people’s public life and public image, it is because they are trying to run away from the fact this is how their family works. I have warned them enough about showing up all over my Book sale margins to make money with some satanism they practice like a secret I share with evil and possesses some form of indomitable disobedience, I have warned them there was a cure for the fact I have tummy issues that make me smell of everything I put in my mouth because of them if I were threatened for it, I did warn it had come to a point where I needed some space.

They say I am losing all I had at the Monarchy which is utter nonsense – what The Queen does with me is usually an expected consequences of Royal Politics that is never really straight forward and full of deception – when it shows up at University to invite hoodlums into my studies until I dropped out, then set about some whispering at the Monarchy and settled with friends on media alongside some Celebrity and Fashion connections for the purpose of doing the stuff they had a reputation for which their stupid celebrities could run with, it never pointed out it was asking for some – now it works so hard to maintain the idea that age is a deciding factor in whether others responded to being bullied like that. They do claim my behaviour is responsible for what I have lost as well which is all very well, except that I was affected by the Royal Politics hence it’s perfectly fine, to them it would mean I have been taught a lesson, to me such notions are a gimmick that means they are unable to see this is my version of Royal Politics as well; simple as the fact that if it is Family it is Family and if it is government it is Government; they have never acknowledged their behaviour asks for it.

They have continued to suggest that I am uncomfortable with what has been done about National security at the Monarchy, which is utter rubbish; what happened is that they spread stories about how Service people were getting into trouble with the enemy and how it was linked to the damage they have already caused me getting worse, so I made a statement on social media and they claimed I had accepted liability for what happens to service personnel on the Field and carried on still, hence it had to be clear we may have been done with the Russia one but the America one is still to be done. They are not affected by Royal Politics for instance, so there are Politicians who want to ensure that they were playing up gimmicks about being in the best position when it comes to every Government activity, meaning they were due to be encouraged to get involved with Royal business whenever they liked and as we see with their self-seeking goons, show up at people’s career to escape the dangers and stand up somewhere passing around insults on being very important over it as well once they had gained the money they did not work for – so their careers are never affected by their behaviour and it’s always a corner in their Offices levelled against other people’s entire lives for it – what then happens at the Monarchy concerns the business of making decisions that other people’s authority should be making and has settled on sexual violence to ensure it is in charge where it should not be, now they tell me I cannot justify the fact we are hurting and probably getting each other killed for the enemy while I can. I mean we hear them mutter it all the time ‘fight’ whereas it goes without saying we do see them put makeup on it and look like they were in need of a good fuck, which they would say I could never dare say to their faces, whereas the appeal of people like these is that they walk around the streets as if they are out of everybody else’s league pillaging the career and finances of those they think are smaller than they are, blabbing about which face I would not say it to and getting all over Publicity that helps me run a bookshop to secure money for its stupid conveniences at the same time.

There is this other talk that I have been making a mess of Conservative Party Political business which is utter nonsense – on one hand their girls have not yet handed back the Literary Archives they downloaded off the University of Greenwich Computer systems, on the other hand they have been running off all sorts of nonsense about what the Labour Party gets up to having something to do with characters like me who show up from overseas to make out they are able to do whatever they should not be doing, as stupidly as possible, like they were in need of two opposition each time the Public gave them a Mandate for Government. This is just fact about whether or not I am messing with their business every time the Labour Party tackles me and they took up my time to make an announcement that I come to the Country to do what I should not be doing. The more serious part about their threats will involve whether or not they hand handed back any of my Books and information gathered from this Estate once they are done building those stupid contraptions on the city that will help them get rich quick and this will play up to the part where I want big businesses to buy the Books first before they handled my Equities and we will run off a test on who is capable of doing the most destruction to other people’s property and then tell lies on media about it, so as to ensure they stopped falling in love with their stupid selves for it. I do get told that when I behave like this I am running through the Allies and Friends very quickly which is not the case – half will show up to chase me about over what I know and they do not pinch my bum until I drop out of University the last time we checked, so when I wrote a Book on it, they started a mini war because I was going to give them what they wanted or I was going to leave their Country, which is how we were supposed to solve problems for others on this planet, while the other are a case of walking around out of my league taking career and property from those they think are smaller including me like a question of what it is exactly that constitutes their opinion of what their appeal to other people is. When I do wish to show it is an enterprise and should be treated like one however, I shall follow up the business of them showing up here to replace publicity I have built for the fact I am a writer trying to trade some Books which they replace with facts about being celebrities who need money with a business of selecting allies from both sides and then will they claim it was a form of Elitism; it’s already happening as we speak, whenever they have replaced my publicity with their need for fame and money, I would want to know what they are up to and they will tell me duly that I need get into a fight, so Client Brokers really love to make advertisement on the controversy and public image mess that comes from it due to the Government Office that is linked to the Royal Estate.

They do always claim that it is the patronising processes of a public policy that asks people to prioritise the needs of women that is responsible for letting my behaviour run this far, which is utter nonsense – we all know it’s all wrong, except when it is clear that if you supported a woman over a period of time, should she want to take over, it was rather obvious she had beautiful body parts you could draw publicity from for what you are doing and ensure that you are not vulnerable to such things at her expense and that she was very well aware of this, at the same time of which the prospects of a woman supporting a Man and picking up her life at a later date is near inexistence. On the part of the men it’s more a case of being an advantage to the world of men and then investing yourself back into it to give me some more of it, knowing they either do not need it or will use it for the wrong purposes but still some will not stop doing it to throw around those stupid questions we have to stop on our tracks and pay attention to all the time. I mean I did not achieve this process of letting women the support which allows them grab careers from men who spend time on 6 figure salaries sleeping around on people’s public image and then putting the video up on the internet, so that at the end of everyday making money that they need another human beings assets for as abusively as possible, they can go home peacefully and rest well, to repeat the same behaviour the day after – I did not need a huge Hollywood budget for it and I did not get financial support from the women, if I had been able to complete my academic work while I was at it, it would have been a class act all together; what comes of this is that people are forced to live with ladies first public policy when we are not and I would fancy they kept themselves out of my concerns for it, there is nothing with being selfish, these facts are only persuasive but the idea I would not do these things in the city centre is presumptuous as we all know the result will be one of the claim I sleep with peoples wives when the business of women washing me up and hanging it at the backyard thing really takes off, that looks very good on the blondes. So there are some who claim that I speak of it but never really make sacrifices on the matter but it largely depends on which one concerns them; the one that concerns me are the journalists and we see there is a mini war global as we have no way to turn over it all together.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland