Whilst we have to listen to those stupid complaints, the ethnic minorities had built communities that make use of my personal space abusively and some of them were getting sexual too, the whites enjoyed the way it was disconcerting to expect that I should tackle those who were prepared to steal and kill, when I had a job in hand which was paying for the bread and butter, overall, the interest criminals show in the way I run my affairs was a matter of utter importance to these fools, while their American friends informed me they have always wanted my business empire, to boost market for the economies in the west and British Politicians, Media and Popularity idiots with a history of German influence gimmicks were all over it. It is not really the crisis they believe it is, as they could have whatever they wanted as long as their pornography Industry would get bigger over it, they also understand the exact reasons I have arrived at such a decision too. The British especially had done their divide and conquer, pass off all I did as somebody else’s career, as an Offing to the way criminals paid attention to my career, which has never ceased to be the source of abusive practical jokes for them and I am now waiting for the sexual activities they will display in Public and let me get my hands on, to begin my own gimmicks as well. The choices are that they keep their stupidities away from my finances or the inability to settle down at marital life where I got to choose a wife that will be an alternative to Celebrities and keep Americans out of my concerns will add up to the next thing, we will hear them complain of. Generally however they say I am like this because I had no respect for anybody, which truth on the other hand is Politicians making Public and National Media statements about the respect that stupid boys and girls running around the sales market area to make money from narcissistic happiness and grind away at people’s careers, as a matter of sacrifices needed to work National wealth – normally I would allow them complain about it by themselves but I am on a schedule, particularly in terms of foolish American girls chasing my earnings and American fools who are damaging my Bookshop while hoping to keep their own business empires.

They do claim that they had reached a stage where they had to learn to live with me but I am not interested in what these people want to learn to live with as such for my part – it’s the story of wanting me to exist in a certain way and then working towards it to such an extent that they made up a  version of me that was sad and alone and wanted to be with somebody but none wanted to be with them, alongside a version of me that had taken the smell issues caused by their abuses so seriously he had lost something important. It is a very unusual thing that there are people who spent most of their time making a career out of the way that criminals paid attention to the concerns of others, whilst we knew that criminals always paid attention to other people’s concerns and are now saying I am a little bug people should not pander to when it was possible to squash, which had nothing to do with anything and takes up even more of my time. Then there is the comments and gestures where their need relied on me and all of their financial stupidities relied on my earnings, about which I am being made to complain through public media insults, distant violence, and threats. We then have to listen to the part where they say that the problem was not a matter of chasing my income even though they were handling my concerns to make their own free of charge, which considering how much they complains about me, really had to be done in their stupid view – it was rather a matter of failure on my part to accept that I had done something wrong, whereas the real problem is that their stupidities have never stopped dreaming of me taking up an existence where I suspended everything that made my life worth living and waited for the bad things they and others wanted to do to me, so we had since reached the stage where their practical jokes caught up with me because they have wanted this for a long time and wanted it this much – about which the practical jokes may catch up with what it likes, so long as they cease doing any further damage to the career, about which a failure to stop in my view is an instance where they fail to estimate how far I am willing to go if I had a Bookshop to make a living by, they were shutting down my finances and keeping their salaries, if they were complaining about me attacking the interests of their stupid girls and their business empires as well – a failure to know where they ought to stop and to quit when they were winning.

The whole thing started around 2003 when I began to notice that stupid vanity make the most of the way I stood up for myself, always wanting to be able to have something bigger, something about which they had on Media collected, ran off and catalogued people’s lives to such an extent that they could use the position to decide what business people and employers thought of people and thereby having more power to oppress people than the Politicians did. They are only just finding out how their own stupidities would play out, over the last straw suffering on my part with respect to a need they had to follow me around and make a mess of the career, so when I put out a product for a small business, started a mini war to get rich fast, if I catalogued their own and ensured that on big appearances issues, they lived in a media industry where there was dog eating dog before but now it is off the scale – I mean the part where they stopped making the comments about my Books and my Public image was very easy to do but is not being done solely because they had an ego and then there is the distant violence bits that leave me sick and feeling sore all over, had no right to feel good, their stupidities had money to spend on themselves and were important. It is not the case that I desist from attacking them as such, it is just more complicated as they happen to be a group of idiots that make the most financially of an area of society where some smaller people found a way to get away from big bad people, to enjoy something that looks like freedom and normalcy.

I am told that the real issue here are my mistakes and the way it affects everybody but there is none, at least none which affects everybody. What we have is a group of idiots doing what they do best by going off to burn my Assets in the East and get everybody sucking up to Celebrities who had ideas about what their follow members of the public ought to fight and die for, because famous people had money to spend on themselves. This had resulted in the destruction of work that people were doing at the security services, to gather information for National security and to work the diplomacy that Politicians can operate with, especially concerning Countries whose only diplomacy with us was a form of popularity, the whole thing then had to be rebuilt and the started a distant violence war the entire time that it was, claiming the work being done was a threat to them. They do say the whole thing will bring about causalities but it will not; my disposition is one in which economy and business structures were developed in an arena where it was possible that when bad things happened some friends of the British will tell us about it, whereby it was the premise of Communist Governments to make Communist Policy and Democratic Governments to make Democratic Policy – what we have ended up with these idiots is that they had done their own, the Russians are here and their stupidities had fought my wars, such that I was losing an important part of my life and career every day because everybody can beat me up and the Media knew about it. I do make mistakes of my own; involving a business of being a character that is aware of the dangers of building another public life for myself because I am trying to make my financial ends meet, while I have allowed myself to listen to these fools so often that I end up realising my work was better than what I thought it was, meaning I chased it about but it is not hanging over others, I am facing all the effects and consequences on my own. I do get asked what the motivation for these gits was but it’s the same as ever, the greed and their believe in the rewards of their insolence, where it does not believe yet that handling my Books while we had to deal with it talking too much about its career and earnings, is set to end very badly and of course it does not apply that working hard to ensure the right kind of Public security was available to the Public, meant I was doing something about which I really cared for others, so if I do kick them I am quite certain that it will result in a clash with the law makers. Always a theory that I cannot naturally, until we had to explore that part where I got rid of the incentive for these stupidities, so I might be able to make sense of a process where they continued to pick up my career and build their own publicity for it, such they were able to ensure it meant nothing to anybody if I failed to deploy it in co-operation with their needs and screw them over safely for it, bearing in mind they were likely to hurt others in a bid to get back at me, thereby screw them over safely i.e. those gimmicks where they did what they did because I had a social life disposition which suggested that I could carry on my life where I left off, no matter what they did, is called bullying and the idiots really do need to stop threatening me if their stupidities were complaining at this stage.

I. Uno I

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