It is now said that people are not actually confident that I am in control of matters around me but such confidence is largely a matter of making it look as real as I am getting it all together; when Politicians turn up to wreck my academic work and finances and show up in public places to abuse me over the consequences, I do not allow any other sense of what is happening cloud the fact it is a search for discriminative privilege at my expense, which will court an equal response as well, just like I would the Celebrities showing up to ensure the society and culture gits that sell them private security were ripping up and copying my whole life to make it happen. That said, the reality on the ground is that they spend money they have on self-maintenance and then they spend some more of it to provide for Celebrities and I only need keep an eye on the business of them grabbing markets around here because they think they should own all the money in the world – in which case we find there is another group of idiots involved in the matter, who show up to let them grab market somewhere and then turn up around my business over such issues to blame me until I did something about it in return for nothing; so it’s all very vindictive nonsense at the end of the day, not least the ethnic minority twerps with a need to get me responding to the racism issues that are tickling their important stupidities, they were supposed to be the ones that will end up paying financially for following me around at academic institutions to rip up the studies. In the end it’s a matter of me sorting out consequences for the fact that for every occasion in which I clear out these matters, we find them make some more excuses, claim I had done something which deserves it, do damage to my finances and jump on my public image for conveniences and money backed up by violent people from their society that they can refer me to, thinking they are examples of human beings to say the least and if I tolerated it will likely tolerate it for eternity – it’s a matter of getting them to keep off my Books, stop following me around, sort out their own problems and get some real jobs.

The Celebrity ones who speak of teaching me lessons all the time; we all know that if somebody is famous they would say that bearing in mind my whole life is steeped in tradition, culture, society and government, they are not like a Royal Prince such as myself but these goons are less than normal Celebrities, they are famous by being notorious and will not stop blowing off the big mouth until they end up meeting with me and then have to teach those stupid lessons they brag about endlessly. In the end my point of anger is that there is no real connection between deploying somebody’s public image to make fame and fortune without permission and ripping up their academic work, except you have done something terrible to somebody on grounds that you are taking advantage of them and do not want the natural limits to come into play when it is supposed to, hence when it forgets its stupidities and the fact it could never sit with a spouse on a dining table to discuss the Home finance inventory since it is unable to account for the money that ends up in its stupid bank account while it gets to do any damage it wants here as both leverage and blackmail, it may teach me lessons otherwise it may keep its big mouth firmly shut.

The Politicians have complained of the damage I have done to their Political system naturally but these are the same individuals that took up 5 years of my time, spending tax payer funds to follow me around at University with gangs and criminals until I dropped out, to ensure the very sensibility of the gangs and criminals I kept away from personal life and career before the end of my Teens, were back in there when I had bills to pay off, once finished, we then found them get off announcing Billions of pounds to be spent on the education systems, thereafter the employment of an education minister to whom they paid tens of thousands of pounds, showed up in public places after that to tackle me all the time expecting me to keep its stupid secrets. It has become a simple matter of making these goons suffer over my Books as there is no other language they understand; I mean the industry ones who appear to be clever will be the ones that are aware the last time they got off chasing money around me, I ended up being a University drop out Prince, now what they are saying is that I think chasing money is a bad thing when everybody knows I want them to stop chasing it around my concerns, about which we find whenever I put something up on social media my whole life is toxic because of it already on account of money – the rest especially the politicians claim I am being dominated by those who were elected to lead on account I had refused to co-operate with their stupid needs and their American friends had therefore delayed my Book sales until they had the advantage that allowed them dominate me with these cultures that were associated with the fact they are the ones who occupy the leadership position; so it is clearly incredibly stupid and the only language it understands is incredible suffering – the reasons it’s foolish mind works that way is always even more interesting i.e. hatred for religion and everything parents taught and said, then when they grow up, they realised they had not learned anything and only have energy to hurt people a narcissism that will become profitable at a later stage if the Politicians and Media idiots had allowed it, making out they were very important themselves. It is not too bad that they happen to be the same group of people blabbing about control but when it comes to control itself the Politicians like to say I am doing badly but I am not, as when these goons are back inside of people’s lives long after they had been moved on during teenage years, somebody wants to make them get on hands and knees to grovel before giving them the public control they do desperately seek and as for the public control that was within their grasp, I am now doing that bit myself all together and hoping they will stop disturbing me at this Hermitage, as I look forward to a time when this place will be quiet enough for people to simply show up and read Books I had written. However with the need to pass insults at me, take the handling people and not being able to keep their stupid hands to themselves, always have to touch, abuse, dominate and lead getting completely out of control, it is becoming ever more obvious what they understand is torment and the assumption they make that they are better is there at the very heart of it. The Industry ones are rather particularly good at coming up with ways of distracting me, running off sorts of nonsense I am supposed to respond to on Media while their abusive disobedience got completely out of hand.

So I am told that I have taken all the time in the world to get where I am but it has always rather been a matter of an issue that was getting out of control stage by stage and needed to be monitored and manged in that way, it’s a feat they could accomplish for themselves apparently let alone accomplish for other people; this which then will set the stage for Politicians to suggest the more I say is the more obvious it becomes that public matters are out of control which is utter nonsense – what we are dealing with is a generation that will never allow a thing operate as Nature had intended it and one must behave towards them in the same way too – we can already see the effect is that the Government is unable to plan anything with them or to lead a civil service with them in a way that makes the Country successful. The women love to claim I started it while reality has rather been that their new culture is that they own me, while the blacks become ever more abusive than they have been, blowing off the big mouth about having taken away my manhood and spent it getting around with some stupid real men that have money to spend, the Whites were supposed to be super stars on my Public image until I stupidly and provocatively decided to exist like utter idiots.

The part where it is said that I get around picking up jobs that have nothing to do with me being the bits that involve their Politicians who think that any wickedness can get to any degree at Government buildings and therefore set about it there for such purposes and reasons; so whilst they do that, they have not given me an alternative career and it’s become a contest to see if the force that drives them to such behaviour is greater than the one that drives me towards success and more so on a personal level. We see this nonsense at Industry as well, they claim I know what I know but I am still where I am which I have no idea how they were able to determine where I am in the first place anyway – what we know is that they set about some narcissism that involves a condition in which when I am in some form of pain or distress, it makes them happy and when they are happy they sell products, this then feeds into the sort of nonsense we see their older idiots exhibit about me grabbing or seeking jobs that have nothing to do with me who think that National income is built up on the basis of them having the best life while everybody else wants to be a part of it, when they studied economies and business to University level, which had showed them this sort of behaviour has the reverse effect on National income and how a healthy national income feeds into business when they want to own or run one, then we see them set about with their Celebrities churning my tummy by getting used to bits of my Books I had given away as information that will help save lives, talking nonsense about push comes to shove and how I need to shut down the product all together on account it has a different purpose their suits their very important stupidities best, which then feeds into the activities of another group of fools that expect me to live with the damage they cause here on account they constantly are in a state of dreaming that my mind will be deployed towards working their civil rights and then send them off to civil rights stratosphere in that way, this then feeds into the actions of their stupid politicians who always tend to pretend they are unaware these people are never supposed to get an exit from this behaviour at other people’s expense especially on the financial front, since these sorts of behaviour do not help them pay the bills, eventually ending up in this outcome where I am over 30 and do not know how to get my hands up peoples bums but the reasons they will always get the better of me, spread me around and extract money from my work as if they can afford the Royal Public image is that they have trained their stupid children from Childhood to be able to do such things, looking for an outcome where I came up with a counterplan as well. I do wish these idiots realise I am selling the Books but it is really not worth it getting rid of the other facts that come to light concerning the reality that they are always interested in wicked activity that makes money – such as destroying my Book sales because they accessed information I had given away from it to help save lives when Public and Society matters were getting out of hand, shortly after which we find them show up in public places to seek civil rights or fight for mine. So it does not know anything about where I am and loves to brag of how National income can be made according to a business of them living best life while everybody wants to be like them, which I do not dispute as long as they were paying when I worked, save what we have is such degrees of distant insults and abuses and media gimmicks which mean they can spread me around, ensure I work on my Books over and over again, cause myself degradation and obscurity while they facilitate new forms of homosexuality from my personality to blow off the big mouth about the sorts of respect Millionaires deserve from me, all of which will ensure that while I worked and they gained, they did not get to pay, their stupidities having evolved thereof again. The Media ones do love to help them feel confident about being able to make a mess of my finances when there is a sense everything I do and say can be spent by the Media where people happily oblige but it is fast becoming a matter where they had stopped addressing me like they could afford the Royal Public image in the first place, in the same way we know that this behaviour allows the society gits get off claiming my whole life is now in the hands of Media and Celebrities from where I could never recover it, all the while which I already have a Public image and do not need get around making a vagabond out of myself before what I do for a living and my person is respected by their stupid media jobs, they are aware of some of the consequences and have been complaining about it but this behaviour has never taken a turn for the better – like I mentioned earlier about the idea they are oblivious to what will happen to their so called affluent neighbourhoods, when top end government matters end up in the hands of society and culture gits that provide their famous stupidities with private security that they spend their money on.

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