It never applies I am concerned about whether or not illegal economies and trades and prostitution makes a great contribution to the economy because it means that my religious needs will fall in terms of priorities for Government the truth and reality is that media scum in Church do not get to tell me what to do and it seems what I have done whether or not they have found somebody they need to bully into doing something about those who laugh at them in order to talk even more nonsense about countries where I can get away with annoying them by refusing to comply and or telling them to get lost is not hurting badly enough yet as it were: - I mean what they were going to do if I got no protection from the Monarchy which is why they love to provoke me and any process of handling them means getting the Politicians involved would have been to handle my possessions and wreck my finances until I am vulnerable to them and then I will go from the Coward they fear to the coward they no longer fear and then get beaten up by them as well and that big mouth of course can continue like that until I handle them again so they can get the Politicians again. Black girls and Black women who clearly have no respect for anybody in their stupid lives dont get to tell me what to do as well either as everybody must get into a punch up with others to make them happy and special and refusing to stay away from me will lead a lot worse funnier consequences than we have already seen and then everything and everybody will be a toy for them as well. I do not have a reputation for tolerating goons that fight for them and will not stand the mention of it in my direction, they understand that and their need to will lead to consequences that have not been envisaged as it were: I will never tolerate their need to have strong men protecting them let alone the idea I might be counted among those, I will not tolerate their insolent decadence, I will not tolerate their media insults and those stupid ideas their foolish children have that somebody wants to protect and do things for them so they can make a head way in their stupid chicken lives, I will not tolerate their stupid clubbing and partying, I will not tolerate the gangs that must exist which will protect them from harm so they can be safe, I will tolerate none of those things and they can go to hell - they have failed to understand that pressing me for it will result in very difficult and serious outcomes so far, are becoming violent and cannot have enough of shooting their big mouth that I really want to shut at me all the time as well.

This matter always seems like such a mystery but there is nothing mysterious about the reasons I hate men and their female idiots so much: they took my methods, my order, my weapons and used them to vanquish their enemies and you needed to see them and the bragging and the boasting and the villainy beauties - of course they have always wanted some of mine and will never cease to get it too as it were: it does not just come down to insolent intimidation from their stupid media and celebrities and they know that, they know their wickedness and what I think about it.

Of course there is no shred to truth to that claim I turn out to strike up conversations with others what is true is that these fools love to pull my legs and manipulate my feelings; nobody wants to have a conversation or debate with them on that basis but it has become the only thing they nasty want to do with all their time and each time they are asked about it claim it is their civil rights so that it becomes difficult to tell if their insults or such claims are actually more annoying every time I try to make them stop it another group turn up to blast off their own rubbish about how their sense of understanding the existence and life itself needs to be based on how I fear them and that is why we are where we are today. We hear the media ones make their stupid threats all the time but everybody knows that although journalists make noise endlessly about their ability to keep me unemployed and cash strapped it is their media bosses I am more concerned about; those work for companies that they dont own and pretend they are my boss in my own company that I own and so it really comes down to some of the things you need to do with the equities of those who do it just days before the business cycle on account you have become determined to ruin them and ruin them properly and finally as it were, so these things are simply the beginning for the media bosses however it will continue to be a thing by the way side of everything else I say and do so that it become really cheap to handle them and people take note but it does not take up enough attention from them to be significant, so that media bosses can be my bosses. The journalists themselves however can run their insults endlessly like their celebrities but I am prepared to deal with it in my Christian and Church way provided they shut their big mouth, not doing so will mean that just as the Politicians have realised we are paying enough taxes to afford them good personal lives with which to get around with crime and threaten people whose personality they want to own, they will start to become more convincing with that stupid news using their personal lives as well and then it will become a little bit more serious like it is for the celebrities at the moment the celebrities who turn up here to work their links with organised crime that has as a result of their insults become less and less profitable on account of me and they will not shut their mouth to keep off pulling my legs and I have no idea what makes them think they will extricate fame from these personal life issues I talk about all the time as a result of my involvement with real celebrities who clearly needed me rather than me striking up a conversation where I am not required: so this conversation I were to have struck with them makes no sense whatsoever, what we do know is that they are idiots and complain one moment but chose another victim the next and these days they are doing it better by making sure it is celebrities that stay out of organised crime that are paying the price for it too and that is not something I think they deserve to have as well so big mouth yapping when they know there is absolutely nothing they can do will only serve to make it a lot worse for them than it is at present. I dont care what anybody says or wants, I need to be able to reach them on the worlds biggest media system and tell them what I do not appreciate them doing with my public work and or possessions and take steps to stop them when they had refused to comply nobody here wants a stupid senseless conversation with clowns like these ones.

Of course we hear I have been taught a lesson by them because I provoked them and they became determined to wreck my life, which is never what they say is what they are doing rather conveniently the reality is rather different i.e. when they stand up on public places to gratify themselves at my expense and I let it go over and over and over again it becomes an atmosphere because it is violent i.e. it is violent because they need to show their community croons if I use their lives to do anything while they pillage mine to get rich and famous I will get into trouble; so it does appear they will have to beat me up one of these days as well and when I say it the bullying from their community croons gets worse as well and so it does not bother me because they would say such things on account of feeling it coming as it were since they have no plans to keep off my finances and book sales it was always going to end like that if I had decided to do what I have i.e. let the public decide how important they are and how much of a low life stalking them to make noise about his ideas being stolen when they have never seen him is true but what is also true for me is that they have no plans to stop telling lies that ensure others cannot tell them off doing anything they do in public by referring to me especially ones involving nudity because they really have difficulty controlling themselves when they want money and have no plans to work for it as well its why I tend to make sense of their stupid threats which must in itself be stopped i.e. he is hot and good looking and cannot attend the toilet which serves them right with those community croons they cannot let people be with but it is never your business until it is all about your house and they need it like a drug and can overpower you every single time whenever they want and need to groom you into such a condition. I have come up with this really simple way of doing what they do and avoiding trouble with me in the process, but they will not take it and it has been 14 years of my time with them which I think ought to come to a conclusion. I have never considered it a problem; it was supposed to have been a few years of messing with my earnings and personal life to make fame and fortune and then finish it off by provoking me to a point where I mention something about it and get threatened or attacked for thinking a low life like me can rub shoulders with them; since they are not any half as insane as I am it has now run into a decade and counting and the White House cannot get it done for them all I am saying is that they need to keep off my book sales or threatening me will lead to the real deal even though I know they do it because their community croons are putting very violent pressure on them. When they started I was about 21 so it was not a matter of controversially messing with somebody, it was a matter of aptitudes concerned with personal and family life and career being messed with so I could shut it down but that would take years and the pressure to pay the bills was still on, so I always think they do those things to cause me the most amount of distress not just stand up in public places to explore how much money they need to make to get some respect from me that is amount to a satisfaction of nepotism that is necessary for their health and wellbeing so I do not think they are anywhere near as insane as I am yet as it were. I do not believe this to be a complicated matter as such; it comes down to the great old case of how I waste my life and blame others who simply take it up where I have not because they do not have it and therefore value it - utter rubbish of course because we all know it is always engineered right up to government offices, having said so, the reality is the process of threatening me to make fame and fortune with my possessions due to pressure put on them by community croons for not doing it and so I broker equities with Companies and end up where they do not buy the products unless a piece of my Public life or Royal Estate is accredited to it; take the part where they know me and where I live out of the equation and they would buy the products without a hitch, so its a would you could you question and I love to test people as well myself: I mean they do say I am not actually expected to deal with it of course but it remains the case their answer to everything has become dressing in fine cloths to turn up in public places to threaten me and it will get serious as far as I am concerned as well. I am fed up with it; business is okay, products okay, only people turning up on media in nice cloths to threaten me - do not think I will get into any trouble, trouble is as trouble does, I mean it gets to a point and if I told them to stop and rhetorically asked if somebody can make it stop they would say I am an extremist but it seems this is what they want to do every single moment and I want to get them to that point where they can touch me for the last time as well like Celebrities; they do say its what it is like for those who have to live a life of abject poverty but this does not play up for me at all - evil people come in very many forms and I do not think I can be so easily daunted when one enemy is exchanged for another - I think wearing nice cloths and getting on public places to bully me and make fame and fortune with the perks of my job pissing me off is good enough for anybody - I am not justifying myself and do not feel a need to do so, they have themselves made it obvious they needed to wreck my life to teach me a lesson and it has always been a matter of the different rates of tolerance when an occasion exists whereby people cannot buy what they need all the time of which theirs is the lowest and everybody else needs to understand the reasons for their bullying; I have had enough of it and am not trying to justify anything I do when I already know it is right.


The activities that have become more prominent as practiced by Americans, either for reason of their civil rights disposition and forcing me to care about what happens to others because they want to make money with it or indeed a case of freedom and a Royal estate they can confiscate has always been met with the same feelings and reaction around here i.e. it does not trouble me in any way when we know the primary prognosis for a Politician to hold a government office in the US is that of being able to practice some power witchcraft and this is our problem because they cannot keep their eyes and feelings off peoples private parts - they day it is democracy and freedom I say it is the means by which people get murdered, all of it right up to popular culture fame and fortune where the most stupid of them who link the need to do so to a process of getting rich live out their nonsense and believe they can threaten anybody. In the end confrontation is always developed around having a cause that belongs to somebody else at a point where you were meant to start gaining from it whether it be financial or not or a moral disposition that needs to be made to get past its sell by date because everything that catches the attention of the public within it has been extricated and deployed for another purpose which they claim is a sign of their democratic power and all those nonsense about civil rights to ensure their alternative lifestyles are tolerated when it is actually a menace thereby brewed but their need to ensure you provide a service that people want but prefer something else at any cost takes it to another level because they will chose no other mode of existence and they cannot, all of them from celebrities to Politicians and popular culture idiots achieve these things without actually handling my products, so it is always a crime every single time it happens and conflicts with their need to be famous while they make noise about those who want to break through democratic markets which for me does not forge a good enough excuse for it either hence the reason I handle theirs and keep the matter out of the law Courts all together as their big mouth leads them to make those stupid threats that need to be proven all the time. In the end, even the problems I case that encumber my academic work and office are the problems of the Politicians and celebrated idiots and I do not have to, which is why I have to have a certain management of it and use it as a means of bringing them to heel any time I want they are not famous, none of them are; I mean I can only tell a customer it is alright if I know I can handle their companies and celebrity careers and Political offices each time they do mine they just like to think they are, especially so for the Women they unleash on everybody else on account for whatever money they have got and the Industries associated as such. Even now Racial cohesion cannot be settled on anything other than blacks and whites coming together to give the British a Bloody nose in the US and that has again been developed around crushing my book sales and the assumption they are not looking for trouble which is not surprising since I am already ever so well informed about their twisted and evil nature all together.

I. Uno I

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