I am now said to be an example of the attitude the British exhibit and have been accustomed to doing so and it is utter nonsense; what really happens on the ground as fact is that Obama spends 8 years in the White House working hard on me because I support women and it needed to be shown that women were a bad idea, once done, he had built up structures for feminist criminals to get completely out of hand and Terrorists to do whatever they liked protect yourself from Terrorists and feminist criminals, Obama is automatically made comfortable so you lose all your money, protect yourself from Obama, feminist criminals and Terrorists are comfortable, so you lose everything, possibly your life, not exactly clear what these goons expect us to do with this anyway but we are aware of the fact they claim the British did have the time ruling the world and this was the turn of the USA, they also have shown they live in a Country where it would not have mattered if they took tax payer funds and shut down Government because they could do anything they had on hand to do, anyway that they wanted to do it.

Then there are the others on the side lines, biggest of the lot being the Muslims the one group of people that show up here to complain about me all the time of which I do not suppose their complain may have been linked to what happens when they are a group of people that will always provide public support for any occasion in which somebody had suggested at National level that another person or groups of persons were inferior? The sorts of stupidities they are accustomed to in the Middle East and Northern Africa and show up here to exhibit at my expense keeping up damage to the academic work that they were responsible for working with Celebrities and Popularity gits to damage in 2008 to begin with? Then there are the Celebrities as well and they are so stupid, they want to meet up with people they know, who control structures and systems of information by which to get around earning the income of an Arch Prince because it was sweeter than working for their own, have never opened the Dictionary at any stage or come across the definition of the word stupid but have become quite accustomed themselves to the business of either threatening me or trying to convince me they were famous and important so this did not go without the notification of idiots at Industry who make their money for the purpose of hurting others, that immediately threw their money at the Celebrity fools.

Its still their main problem and I have pointed it out many times, boasting and blowing off that big mouth about how I could never get out of it when they are not weeping and wailing over practically issues that they are unable to let other people be and to keep their hands to themselves, each time they suggest they want to, it will involve derivatives of my Books making them comfortable, which I suppose means I will have to advise their stupidities that the Books are things people will pay a hard earned money for all together as it were. I am not the problem here obviously far from it. I do get asked about the trouble shooters at the British Monarchy as such but its apparently working at the Top end of British Government if I have a Royal Commission then and they were not thinking it was easy work or completely free of competition; such that stupid dog play with people and those insults to follow, will not chase the money where it is not making others very miserable is always likely to support every stage and occasion in which somebody had suggested I am inferior to them and it was suggested at a National level, turning up here to blow off that big mouth as well, clinging to my earnings and ripping up the academic work, will not stop following me around if it does not end badly.

Now it is said that I could never get myself out of my current condition and I will never know why such conversation make sense to people anyway. Its not a matter I will likely handle at other peoples time as such but its mostly I should say I case of stopping people addressing me, talking through to me or trying to advise me while they have not a foggiest clue what they were doing with themselves or what I am doing with myself and more so have no business doing such a thing all together. I do not see a condition here in anyway whatsoever let alone one that I am unable to get myself away from. What happens with these people and their Celebrity culture is that they are unable to keep their hands to themselves and cannot let other people be, so we find also that they have made out what I spend my time on has tended to explain them away, which is what they have come to believe because they had gotten as many people as possible to believe it and I want this nonsense to cease doing damage to my finances if they wish to stop complaining about me as well. The Complains of which are usually that I make a mess of everything for them while they were first at it, wrecking the academic work and the finances and five years later still at it keeping me off my concerns on Media and Show Business, looking for a response which they eventually got. There are so many ways in which this has occurred; if they buy a Car, they wish to ensure I have no money and then I will deploy a Royal Commission seeking money to a stage where since I am a believer in God, I would end up getting off a Hermitage and spend my time fantasising what I could do with the money if I were able to own their Cars for some reason, a nonsense on which their whole lives are now built because they have been running it off for years on media, their Cars will then become more important than God and that would be a life worth living at last, so they generally always want crowds of people to see that since this is their interest, I must be kept away from financial well-being same as when the Politicians had spent tax payer funds on their financial needs and then spent some of it wrecking mine as well, which was never the stage at which they were in need of money and self-confidence but they had soon turned it into a story about bullying me to feel good about who they are, fulfilling some dream of seeing me become afraid of them when the financial anxiety is then passed off on Media as a fear of successful people like we have seen them perform well at. So we find they claim I would not fare well in the affluent neighbourhoods, while reality of that was rather a matter of the fact that I am already aware they cannot keep their hands off people or let people be because of Celebrity culture, it also means they tell lies all the time in order to keep at it irrespective of what the victims were feeling they always say that its a matter of the price people are paying at the Armed Forces of which I could never make sense of anyway; first of all, they are Middle Class and I am not and the complaint I shut down their Celebrity and popular culture is based on this nonsense; something about how I cannot leave my home without being made to smell like my loo in Public places and how I cannot tell them off for running their problems and media based jobs on my Public image which they have been chasing as if it belongs to them, only to issue threats each time I try to explain to them how much distress it causes me and brag about the amount of food they ate at a restaurant because they get about Celebrity culture and were able to raise the funds to spend on such an amount of food, just in case I tried anything, as stupidly as possible, then tell me I have no respect for them or their achievements, that while they study and become successful I think that I can mess around and keep a public service Office by which to dominate people, whereas what I do was always in keeping with a Prince who has studied the Law doing his Royal duties. The point is, they are Middle Class and I am not, saying so may mean they find some Upper Class friends they can make trouble for me with but I do not think this will bother me that much anyway, need to know their place well and keep themselves off my concerns, stay away from my Books and stop following around if they are worried about the Price people pay at the Armed Services and this was the reason behind most of their abusive actions, I cannot understand why they know I am aware they do nothing else with Celebrity culture save ensure I am always in a perpetual fight for security which the society and culture trouble makers that build private security service businesses can copy and sell to them to feel like Kings and Queens by but will still regularly show up to behave in a way that suggests they want proper government business in my care to end up in the hands of such goons, as if they were unaware of what will happen to their affluent neighbourhoods if that were to happen especially as they are also now very well aware that I am far more manipulative than they are, especially as I have been getting their culture and society trouble makers to pick up jobs at the Armed Services for spending on themselves the sweet bits of my life. In the end I could never understand it personally anyway, what motivates people to behave in a way which means that when I had told them off for running their lives and careers on my public image and building crowds that will help them churn my tummy by, they do it all over again and issue threats at me less than an hour later and perform such acts on the most public platforms imaginable their affluent neighbourhoods have nothing to do with it and I would fancy they left me well alone.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland