Now they do claim I am ashamed of what I do which is utter nonsense; I don’t need publicity or to show up on the left for any reason, the behaviour of insisting otherwise and the disobedient insults is what they claim does not churn the tummy but that the way I talk does – their need to stifle my Book sales because I had given away its contents when I thought at strategic points it would save lives does not churn the tummy but what I say when I describe their like stupidities does – the business of spreading me around in order to steal by making me do my Book work over and over and over again while they gather around at popular culture lawless relationships to take advantage of people does not churn the tummy, when I say when I describe it does etc. and so it creates a sense that I need to clear issues with them even when I know they understand perfectly what I am talking about and didn’t have to.

I. Uno I

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