Now they say the labour party believes everything I got up to was an interference with their concerns and its utter rubbish too – we know you don’t interfere with a handful of idiots who claim you had stolen a personality that was just lying around on the streets waiting for an appropriate Politicians to pick it up, by dropping out of University because you could not cope with the abuses you had so badly underestimated. The idiots have now moved since from this to a process of buying expensive cars, clothes, shows and homes, to show that although people think they want to steal from me, they are actually better off human beings than I am and when attention had moved on, they will get down to business with a big mouth, so in the context of how it began with claims of what is left to the imagination if I were isolated and denied human rights, on the scale of stupidities rating from 1 to 10, I wonder where people would put this nonsense. Then again as they say I am always chasing the big issues if I said the expensive cars and clothes and homes they buy feeds into the betterment of the economy, while what I would have meant was an understanding if the money is not allowed to leave the economy it is better for everybody and they may show up here with abuses for it if their stupidities so desired. We see the Media make the same claim as well while we are in a titanic battle to either move on that stupid bubble whereby anybody can grab my career, making a mess of client relations in this place or I will burst it and it becomes a question of what part of the respect that is required for the things people do for a living, the media and its ethnic minority goons have a problem with. It is like a fable of since I left school scenario with these idiots and I have had enough of it too, especially seeing it has reached the stage where they regularly express stick gestures at me, knowing if they did so at their Children they would have claimed that they had done something bad enough to wreck their Children’s’ social standing. In the end I want to see what the ageists wish to do with my Public image, so they are right in claiming my problem is that I handle the security systems they buy for private use as a tool for working my own fame but it is on the back of botched University studies and the practical jokes people who have no respect for my personal space have built up to enjoy and we know they are the first to put labels on me that describe me as Mr smell, the first to get irritated about the smell and the first to issue threats – the entire time, their American friends say Baby will be hungry and homeless with no Book sales, if he does not get into a fight to make them feel powerful and important and the outcome is that I really now enjoy torching everything that is the result of spending time and money to lobby Politicians for personal and Industrial interests, hence the constant neighbourhood abuses. The British say I had stolen all I had from them including the way I speak but we know I am the one with a Court of female journalists and various covens a decade and a half years old, who ends up talking like others needed to get their own booby fun when provoked and they are not – so we saw very clearly what it really was about as such. I have been told the bigger problem is that I am in trouble at the Monarchy but simply don’t know it and its simply part of this nonsense where people had series of ideas about a version of my existence that they would most prefer, running into the part where I fell in love with a Princess and got jilted, because their stupidities wanted me to be homosexual and there is no stopping them or the carnage that they can perform with the stupid bubble they had built up around my concerns on Media to run off all day abusively, claiming also that they hated my activities because it interfered with their prized stupid careers. The same applies more or less when told it would be nice if I reinstated what I had with the Court of female journalists which then expresses the fact it might be a matter of face value only to say a Court is female access only and those who are complaining about the smell that is the result of their involvement needed to stop doing so but then is the question of whether men make people smell and the truth of what their stupidities do and is all about all together becoming rather obvious thereof. So I have been asked about the China question, if I would like the situation in Hong Kong reversed, issues brought on about the fact the same fate befell Singapore too but I do; we all know it’s a product of Polities that fail at their leadership and duties such as Germans and Americans, while they got attached to this idea that picking on the British was the way to get matters settled – they say we behave as other we have got landmass and men to back the kind of power we chase but we all know once British Interests have been developed to a point where it is possible to build appropriate publicity for it, in Asia, South America, and Africa, for instance, coupled with responsibilities owed to Americans, we find that the circumstances which had created the intended annexation of Hong Kong is fabricated – while the Americans had failed to protest Eastern Europe alongside NATO during Obama, suggestion being that of a need to avoid creating more racism by giving them an advantage, so we know Mr Trumps wife comes from Eastern Europe and he has handled it in a small measure so far all together, the Germans on the other hand making a total mess of Europe fooling around with what Hoodlums want to do with Industrial backyards, then realising how much of their interests in South America and Africa they neglected only when they had stopped making out that British interests were debatable while their own was untouchable but the situation becomes that the British will not give way, leaving the simple fact to learn as a lesson, that if you had not gone to work especially when self-employed, you are meant to make a loss and not a profit. The conditions in Hong Kong being such that The Obama Administration had set out a series of unworkable diplomatic positions with respect to China and the question for it becomes whether what Policies Americans came up with where their allies were concerns affected China but then again, if it was this bad and this unworkable, we see that not only have Americans gotten the Chinese to think their Policy of a version of China that the rest of the world sees being different from the one that people who lived in China saw because it is how they run their affairs was under threat and that Hong Kong was the main point at which that threat operated, while the Americans had upper and left Hong Kong because it was no longer the safe place to go and put the feet up for hospitality while passing about insults that will change the lives of those whose property were abused to make the money and had moved to the UAE – the conditions are still good enough for the Hong Kong problem to be reversed currently i.e. China wants to keep its position as a Trading block for the world, Hong Kong has always been a crucible if you like for service workers in the west and they all have their roles including Taiwan and Japan, no need for one entity to rob the other of autonomy – the Diplomatic effect of current conditions being that China must now consider that what the Americans have always feared concerning their unwillingness to sign up to diplomatic treaties until they had built up enough arms to be a threat in the region had come true and this will then mean the question of whether people continue to work with Chinese Trading block or not – so it is 10% reversible and we hope that we might get the same results for Singapore if we tried. For me I have always had this process of working the parts of my Office concerns fans in Europe and Asia through the popularity system where equity built up such that popular culture industry wants to get young people off school and involved in the business because they were involved with me, added up to a process where I am abused by Industry goons as long as they were paying the young people for it, especially the Girls or they might simply allow them complete their academic pursuits and we know that is what I am now working and fighting so hard to restore because American Celebrities had trashed it seeking social privilege.

They make their point all the time with respect to the idea I am an affront to British USA relations and I suppose it wouldn’t mean that much if I said the world was a batter place without them in it but then again we know this is a classic representation of the exact size of their ego – the part where it’s a matter of that thing that I complain about all the time being what they wish to engage in as their most prized past time bearing in mind the way that industry trouble makers are pleased by them doing so but the process of being an affront to US UK relations in itself was largely a matter of how they became irritated by their own lies, bullying and sense of entitlement, whereby that thing that makes me uncomfortable is on again for industry goons, such that they suggested that it was all another person’s fault and it didn’t matter if I were at fault and the victim at the same time. I do get told that saying such things harm my Bookshop but it doesn’t; I am one of those free types, when they come across those that are not, the story will be a matter of what people are willing to give and what they will put up a fight to ensure they did not lose but in my case, it’s more a matter of the fact that I am completely unwilling to co-operate because my position is not unreasonable i.e. if these guys that created us a recession are the money and we ought to behave as they saw fit if we wished to enjoy some recovery as a result of it, unless they were willing to spend that money on communists, there is no need for me to engage in any lifestyle changes – the Politicians however operating at the heart of the scenery in which matters are created and evolved, expect me to think that they are completely unaware of this. What I say about it which does not in any way affect the way people engaged with my Bookshop save the way that they claim the extras are relevant and yet the ones I provide are causing me suffering because it appears my Books cost an arm and a leg when they really don’t; here they will say that the getting imagination up my bum to secure deals and as a matter of the fact it’s what happens to those who work on high profile economic matters is not unusual but it’s as I have mentioned that I am one of those free types who is aware of it too – they plan apparently to pair up social immorality with what hoodlums think should happen at Industrial backyards and believe that as long as they are able to drag what happens at the background of my life into the mainstream, they will be able to convince people that the consequences were my fault, while the result of the way they are convinced it is in all our interests that they got what they wanted, was built on a platform where giving them anything generally meant one must now engage in a lifestyle that showed I had given it up, giving them anything means being violated to make sense of their position – it is of course the source of all problems.

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