I do get told the way people channelled hatred towards me was unjustifiable but I do not see them as threat at all; it is a life I have lived reaching an arrangement with Celebrities and Media over involvement with my Public image, social life and what I did to campaign for marital and family life, once I get it out of the way, I think I am going to draw my own battle lines as well, about those gimmicks where their dreams of being rich and powerful were built on the idea that if I were allowed to have a career, I would not see the importance of covering their arse for a living, therefore they set about ripping up my Bookshop after they had a history and trashing my studies at academic institutions. They always say that the tummy and bottom chasing issues was the main problem, while we know it is a product of something they did unfailingly i.e. the ones to make money in the neighbourhood and set about abusing people to work a social disposition that gives them access to media, where they got into a social partnership with criminals backyards and there spent time trashing peoples careers to pass off what the victims did to recover not just as their own career but also as something that helps them sell products for companies. They will run it off until homosexuality became an issue and then claim that it was a ploy to tackle illiterate people that regularly take advantage of others, while we know the hierarchy for this nonsense was their famous stupidities at the top and some character in handcuffs, asking the Police why somebody who stands up for themselves does not get arrested, considering that in their view the person was bad. Beyond that it is a generic gimmick where they were ageist idiots who always had dreams and never stopped hunting for younger people they can take advantage of to do what they could do, while their children were raised to seek out instances where people were facing battles, to get such persons stuck in it over and over again, as a tool for making money instead of getting a job. I have given them the exit but they will not take it, so the main problem now has to progress from the risk of cornering them around the streets to attack them and put the blindfold on, so they could not tell the Police, to an understanding that it is what my temperaments look like after 15 years of famous idiots assaulting my career, that is the main tool for those gimmicks that allow them plan their lives on my patent margins and income prospects at the markets. The main problem being that I am working intellectual property administration in property that does not belong to them and in a life that is not their own which provokes them because it gets in the way of their stupidities making money without having to do any work for it they are not a threat, just a handful of incredibly stupid people who have never taken anything seriously in their lives and I am tired of their interest in me and the stupid mini wars that emerge thereof. I have lowered the price for my Books many times, although their interest in me runs in terms of several times every single Hour, nobody buys any Books, so I have brought the price back up to the normal and plan to step up and sell it to the professionals, I had no idea why they kept trying to communicate, they have never said a thing which makes sense but still will not get out of what is clearly causing them huge discomfort. I cannot remember a point in my life where people built communities to get imagination around my private parts, which actually got to me, it has only happen in the time frame that famous people have expressed an interest in me and I have lost my University studies, years after that I am looking at a perspective where people expected me to lose my mind. I do not think the matter will move on soon, they need to pull my legs and tell lies, without which their lifestyle would prevent them from having any kind of social life, in fact being able to step outside of their door at all; I want them to make sense of the fact when I step outside of mine, they need keep their imagination off my bum, stop trying to find out if it can go badly wrong. They do not believe I am at all at threat, so instead I lived in a world where I could do what I liked, its clearly not a business of beating down poorer people to collect sales and tell the Government to help you out with tax payer funds while you trash the livelihoods of those that are doing it by themselves, only to suggest the Government ought not to change the deal in the Country and get them paying more taxes thereof.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland