Eventually they do say they await my marriage so they might do the same as I have done to peoples marriage naturally but it does make me wonder if they regard their insanity as marriage two people in a Union which sole purpose is to ensure I do not live up to 60 years of age think that is matrimony all together and we are not talking about their stupid self-destructive nature that finds an exit for its madness of public image of others, that was the one where we were worried about one only but now there are two who sleep and eat with each other so I can assure them such a thing will never happen, by the way of which they are not divorced yet so its all good blabbing like that all the time. Its like the other case where they say I stirrup sectarian behaviour whereas setting out media to try and be more important than I am Arch Prince does not in their opinion, it is only my party piece of all their insanity, never mind setting out their own version of my public image because they are worried about being led by a kid. I do not think it is an issue, what we have as the fall out is not the suffering I inflict because they take up my time when done with their own it is the fact organised criminals are telling me all about it these days i.e. I was good for erecting structures that allowed people they know to get involved with them and make money via popular culture, now look what is happening and they are going to go off and sell their drugs and if I cross them again there will be trouble; which makes me wonder for their case whether in a world where people might not necessarily do what you tell them to since you are older and know better, some human beings really can be so stupid. The one they are worried about is when I ensure schizophrenic community croons are chasing them and bearing down on them sexually so we can see what they wreck peoples finances to teach lessons on the evil that women are was really all about and I want to see them do something about it in a legitimate way. They love to claim it all happens as a result of the content of my Books of course, which is not actually true it happens because I own an Intellectual property administration business and run it by putting my information to culture and society as I write the Books alongside; so their insolence have decided already, information ends up at culture and society, they have media ready to pick up anybody that wants to help flush my life down the loo whenever people have money and publicity and it hangs out there completely unnecessarily every day to complain of the kinds of gender equality I create, which causes them to want to use me like a piece of meat whereby I write Books and they want to make use of me instead of the Books until it becomes a frenzy for their stupid media, where they think they are better men who know more about jobs and careers and money and looking after families and therefore have what they need in life to be as disrespectful towards other people as they possibly can; the gender equality being the part where women have to support them at gangs and crime, while sorting out own problems as well, only to have careers where they are paid less for the same job at the same qualification as the Men and as for me, simply because I do not think they should be approached violently as well, I have my finances ripped up by idiots who are teaching me lessons about the evil that is women. So, I had to see to it that everybody had hurting bottoms due to the fact schizophrenic community croons were chasing people around for their private parts and bearing down on people sexually, so that they can support women career as well and know what it feels like if it were to exist by itself without confusion associated with women getting around every part to help and aid etc. and as for me personally, I am going to get silence from them over the concerns of this Office and my Books and my sales or there is going to be an ending through a fight with famous people and celebrities all together. I mean the whole process of being cash strapped and hungry and nauseated is easily avoidable when people get involved with your concerns and intend to go along with rules that may ensure you do not run into financial problems while they have their fun but not these goons; before long they will challenge me to the nasty lie I want to live off their wallets as well, with foolish women that think I should be made to behave on grounds they were better human beings showing it all over the place which tends to make me very angry indeed.

Following the 2017 Manchester attacks there have been these questions of how important I suppose what I say is on one hand and on the other how well I think the Government is managing the terrorism crisis; of which I should display here that I think the government is doing okay since its a matter of reviewing security considering unarmed people have been doing it by themselves and tens have been injured, scores killed what we have therefore being that apart from the foolhardy process of handing National security to FBI and CIA, the main pressure point since the trade routes are well secured is the new Communities that have been created in the UK by the Politicians, fool of goons who hate living in Britain because there are too many rules but have decided to as a transit stage for them to get rich by making use of moral people, when they have enough acumen and support, move to the US where there are no rules to become super rich and are always showing up around my concerns to pass questions on everything I do, showing up at the shops to help the Politicians with power issues as well by working blame culture that helps to drive sales and so on, which I may be told has nothing to do with the terrorism as a whole but we all know it is foolhardy to assume that although this was a pressure point, the only place to look is the gimmicks we see at areas where there are large Muslim Communities; where it is a bit off, it speaks of how you open your heart to the world to assume you are leader of Men, if it is being nice you are fart guy who thinks he is better at handling vices and bad behaviour and when it is insane you have no idea what it is talking about but when it chases your private parts you want to know which part of Islam that was and get about disproving its theories of superiority, preserving the Islam for it, which it has to keep practicing or rather burn in hell instead.

They do claim that these matters were a product of the times that I had lived on Government support but I know it is, the problem is that the same individuals that work the misogyny that will facilitate access to my concerns and improve National wealth, were the same characters that have always dreamed of such nonsense and therefore showed up at University to sulk around me until gangs followed me around to an extent where I dropped out and I would not have lived in Government support if that did not happen. I am certain that the Politicians who engage in such things understand there was real risk that I will retaliate.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland