I have been dealing with this question of whether I think the Wars are stopping the Terrorism which is supposed to be a difficult one from what I hear but we all know the reality to be that their insane wars are being waged to allow middle powers bully smaller powers that cause them to complain on a global stage after which they start all over again whenever given a breathing space – hence it never ever stops the terrorism and does not intend to. My case is that while I am thinking about the bit where the obviously wealthy terrorists are killing people who need more financial support without reason save they are complaining about the industry goons and Politicians that are wealthier than they are as well, the Politicians will get up and say I was wrong over global terrorism from that Book that I think they have not spied on but have read all over several times and of course I am not. It’s never really a complicated matter; simple case of the fact while somebody has child number 1 and then 2 and then 3 and you can say they are pretty good at raising children at that stage, another person has been putting exactly the same effort if not more, into greed – so that even when people have been killed and they are supposed to find a way of coming up with a process of making sure it does not happen a second time, what we see is a beauty parade by politicians while the media more than 24 hours since, are still working hard on tackling those who act in ways that affect the second income sources. It’s the other aspects of their predatory behaviour all together, where it’s not the predatory behaviour of moving to the left to get rich quick and when there is an economic crisis move over to the right to target single Mums with garage businesses so to speak, talking rubbish about disciplining me all the time and thinking everybody is suffering the illusion that they are hustlers; it seems to be a better option than finding out an economic crisis means making money off the territory of the treasury and so you need to make a deal with the government and let them use your business structures to create jobs as well, since it is screwed when you keep it to yourself and screwed if there is no public stability and screwed if the politicians screw you over all together anyway – hence they always say I think having children is a pretty important job when looked at in terms of the fact children are never tidy or presentable unless their parents make them for instance, which does indicate that doing so every day for 12 years means somebody is a 12 year old child but of course we all know that if it wasn’t, according to their history it wouldn’t be all together.

I mean it does not just happen; it starts with people thinking they are beautiful when they are not, to a point where grades are not going well at school and business is not earning anymore, then it becomes a case of how all they can do is support a process of putting up with a lot of problems without complaining much with their body type, so it will move right soon enough and set up a small Garage business which helps it look after the Children - so they want us all to think we do not know why they know much about it and tend to target it instead of find a way to work with government to fix the economy they wrecked all together. I am told it does not pay on the whole to only act when people had gotten the financial benefits of their unsociable activities but I am aware of this, the point was to ensure they got jobs and gained a history of securing jobs, thereby being able to get more when required, not the alternative of getting me to punish them in a way which prevented them from getting a job and caused them to turn to crime because they had a sense of reality where I would have to acquire a police record to stop them addressing me, passing insults at me to suggest they were superior every time they made public appearances and finding some higher authority that will make the most of it, while conducting criminal activity that involved wrecking my Bookshop, to ensure I was financially handicapped. So even as they have secured the jobs and become comfortable, it had also become their prime ambition to punish me for the rest of my life because of it, therefore does it apply that they did not like their own creation which begins with a process of working with ageist gits who take advantage of others to get rich fast and spend the youth being tough, only to conduct riots whenever they bore the brunt of it, ending with a business of being seen about criminal and popularity backyard, developing relations with employers who suggest they were enemies of everything good in the Country on account it involved a process of being successful only by making others fail and building communities that get imagination around peoples private parts to create market, market supported by hitting people with cultural indemnity that victims will never get out of, while it picked up peoples incomes margins.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland