The working man's Equity is The Office on the World Wide Web or Her Majesty the Queen's Arch prince, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Here the Arch Prince intends to and will confiscate, usurp, dispatch personally and spend any of the peoples' social Legally applicable equity that has facilitated a means by which some get rich and get onto a life of not having to work for money, especially when and before it is disrupting the operation of society, Law and Order and is manipulative towards the British Establishment and Royal Family. It applies as it were that they are country men and women that are very violently cultural and no sooner than not do probably have access to copies of books written by HH without paying for them, with which they can try their hands on disciplining he who really is the disciplinarian when it comes to handling "The Fathers".

The situation as it stands is that Americans for example tell HH not to Label their Leaders stupid. The facts rather reflect a different result. According to history which was the Assassination of a European Arch Duke that led to the collapse in the balance of Global alliances and the subsequent result of World War 1 and it was the Economic, Social and Political conditions that World War one left behind which created World War 2, this in turn of which led to the Nuclear age. In this case an Arch Prince is Black to answer all questions of extremism and the people with the biggest problem with that is Americans. 

So they would understand One's line of work but get encouraged the more on claiming they do not believe in God while he does, whenever people make out reasons for his faith to be the clearing of grounds for the development of new evils and he does anything about it. The purpose as it applies recently is to let and create way for Americans to marry into the British Royal Family, which is rather always followed on with insults from very silly girls who have violent men on their side and each time One writes books and puts them out for sale, they make a habit of using his work without paying for them or using them to decide what they will use and what they will pay for it with; that all that wish to have a condition in peoples minds exist, where they can work power that causes bad things to happen to people each time they want something they fancy and cannot get it because it belongs to another who worked for it to make it exist but also owns it and hence intend and show signs of the desire to make use of the opportunity, split themselves into varying groups and while they are and people shoot others and kill themselves too on the streets, including American Streets as well, they make out ideas it is HH's fault and yet they were so powerful controlling him that Media can be used to put him somewhere below them without reason, while they interfere with his job and then make it more corrupt, by seeking to allow every idiot a helping to his earnings which is now available for such things because he saved vulnerable people from such evils in the past, assumed the world was a place where you work for what you want therefore there should not really be a problem but cannot fix it themselves.

So bigotry to destroy peoples health continues in high places with huge financial benefits attached, during and after a global economic crisis. Licensed illegal violence by evil women takes a new evolution and Bigotry for the purpose of violence takes off unattended or abated because it is stirred from the Highest possible positions from the West and HH is guilty of naming their leaders stupid already.

At the base line, first he was the Christian but attacking that was how they planned Political help to detach him from God and gain themselves corruptly immoral moralities that do trade and also do oppression and murder, which while they complain about his actions for this presume to ensure he is a symbol of mockery, as though the tax payer pays people for such things, thereafter doing nothing about ignorance and violence, set off using HH's work to stir it and also give those who work it money to be mobile with, so tolerance might be impossible because they consider themselves to be and want to be at such lofty places that they will never understand what people they have caused such sufferings are experiencing, like they have tried in the past to earn the consequences that makes them to angry today from HH. 

Quite right HH might not be of the opinion it is acceptable to mess about with other people's sense and right to mobility when he talks about peace but an accountable, noble, just and honest society has its rewards which must not be subverted and those who do on account of him are being provocative and should not doubt be assured there will be consequences for it too. Hence HH will continue to work with American Citizens that have given him the express right to work with them and like he has with many other Citizens in the world and will do all he must to ensure minimal interference from their Political leaders, to control the violence and corruption of both the Male and the Female sections of societies in the West and all over the world.

Prognosis being that they are all busy making themselves rich and famous with incredibly wicked and insolent agents especially the females that are tirelessly abusive the greater and important the person the better, on the premise of the fact that One has lost all to that issue here in Europe and all over the world; cannot do his job, cannot finish a programme of study for my Office just because they are stupid and have cultures, without a wife at 30 and cannot sleep well and have to wake up daily to notice it, while my health is a bit of a mess. One really does feel when they have extracted his aesthetics because of it, especially the bit where an idiot who finds a boy that cannot keep his eyes off things that are bigger than him to have anal sex with gets to mean there is less freedom in the world than the world needs and they are making sure there is more, so build some mansion somewhere with it, they will hear from him really too.

 The Question of God? There is nothing wrong with God, God is perfectly fine. They on the other hand are fighting for their lives as we speak. Like HH gets told that he writes only what he has done hence gathered facts directly from, not because it is the way to release equities and securities from his Royal Estate which derivatives he is selling people buy through his books but because it is the only way to avoid putting down his expertise and so having it pervaded by those who need to do good to the world by so doing and believe this also means he is scared of them and that if I did, he would become ineffective at the Job.

They do know that HH can always make a job out of their stupid violent cultural vanities which help them with robbery anyway, so that years from now they will realise he will be attacking their freedoms of association feverishly all together too, which will have become a threat to his personal safety and well being as well by then and then they will have to have a new one. Obviously it does seem that when they do these things they are hurting One in order to find certain prerogatives that they can give to members of the Royal family-at least so they say with their silly media; but then again, what does anybody know about it? It may just have meant they have won some great battle too, which will later become really funny on Public Television provoking people to ensure that it does not because it enables them to distant fascisms which attack other people's health, particularly of a Spiritual context for attacking the church too, while they seem to want One's earnings for a living.

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.