They do claim I want the UK to be Isolated in the world but of course the reality is more a case of the number of people who hate the existence of the British State or some parts of it; the communists ones are usually a case of how our existence endangers the lives of normal communists who do not think that if they have a big country it should be used to grab wealth from smaller ones because they want to suffer and use their lives to get things done, which is their choice but if they bother others, then there will be trouble. The western ones are just idiots who have put out some money and expect poorer countries to double it by means of the National Foreign Policy, so that most of our British state existence operations these days are happening in the US, which is the reason the Celebrities are so uncomfortable all together. It’s the sort of talk that gets racists blabbing of how I am showing some pride in my Country which is very annoying i.e. in African goons like them will be causing the government to come to a decision as per whether it will be a matter of poverty and peace or wealth and war but since war is bloodshed and not a good thing, poverty is always preferred – here in the UK they decided they wanted to make them Country prosperous and took off all the safety about 80 years ago to make that happen and are not regretting the bits where it is wealthy and technologically advanced and has got racists in it as well; while the goons hang in a corner like they are waiting to be punished all the time, trying to find out who has the guts to do it and like they want to kill recently which is why they cannot keep it shut on my case.

There is that case naturally where people are more interested in the heavy handedness of security services along with where their civil rights fit in whenever Media trouble makers are keen to push their careers into newer boundaries that are other people’s lives and careers but we all know the Government does not take steps such as putting Soldiers on the Street unless that was the viable option; we all know the Cabinet Met after the Manchester Terror attacks and we know the Police met as well and what both concluded was that the attack slipped through the net because the venue was too big, we all know that the Media reported these facts too. So what we are dealing with is where they ignore their own part in the matter i.e. Politicians alongside preserving their immigrant communities that they have created to help them push their interests - nothing ever said about the Labour Party one and behaviour in it which is a security risk, nothing said about the Tory ones and their greed either but we all know that even when people do not like either of these Politicians immigrant Communities, they rather prefer to talk about the security services instead, so I have made this statement to make it easy for them to tell somebody off for standing at the shops to stirrup blame culture that will bring about sales and persecute moral people for instance. Moreover have I made this statement to set out which facts they need should they find it difficult to i.e. we all know the National Cote of Arms has the figure of a Lion on the right hand side and that a Lion is a really big cat, so we have been aware of the nature and character of British security services for hundreds of years now; applicable where it turns out the Labour Party especially hates my guts because I have torn down so much of the mobility of their terribly insulting immigrant community that has become quite convinced at this stage that I am happy to sit in public Office and think about my private parts all day long - so there is less partying from them at diplomatic circles and corridors of international communities as a result these days and less insults from them concerning the fact they know they are stupid people but will turn me into themselves and themselves into me which is why my financial wellbeing has to be delayed on account I underestimate their retarded envy which is always a behaviour that they are guaranteed to exhibit as an alternative way of working other people’s lives separate from the way that it should be handled and have no respect for their silly mendacity, all occurring as though I do not also have Royal challenges to get about charity activities all over the world too, only the violent ones are making statements these days to which I have made myself clear too, that it’s a really selfish Royal here and is going to likely handle them again - that my grades at academic institutions might drop no further as a result of their corruption of involvement and those incredibly stupid insults linked to the money madness that they are so proud of and the Politicians are usually terribly good at complaining about the effects because they do not wish their own corruption to be disrupted but there is no arguing with the results when people are a threat to others on account they are unable to achieve what the same people they have no respect for and wish to gain knowledge and skills from by means of civil rights ordered by the government rather than better behaviour, no matter how much lies they tell about it.

They do say my activities create a security risk on one hand while on the other claim I make people more dangerous by besieging them. With respect to the first of which my activities do create a security risk naturally but that is wholly a matter of who will spend all day building questions out of every single thing I do, which mostly is not a problem as such, same case of evil people who spend all their time and energy being hateful and destructive, right up to the point where they realise they have not had time to pay their bills, then they need corruption which Politicians always never fail to deliver at, creating this result where I detach them from mainstream living one moment because they love to follow me around and get positive over getting rich with my public image and the next I have to pay them all of my attention; moral of the story being that I should never underestimate what people may do with that evil that always becomes successful at Government Office but leaving a reality where since I know what it is, I can pay attention to it all of my life on a daily basis too if I wanted. This feeds into the second complaint that I keep people besieged, which is the effect of making sure they are running after their hopes as well the same way the more I tell them not to move into my right hand it becomes a main preoccupation - this has put to the rest discrepancies around the assumption that I ask people not to move into my right hand due to fear naturally but when they speak of becoming more dangerous, they are referring to a process where Politics is talking and those who want to work in the security services which does not make any difference whatsoever. My advice is that when people wish to play those stupid bully games, they claim to be civil rights that have to do with how they do not like themselves but always get what they want, they should spend their time and information on those with whom they have signed a confidentiality agreement.

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland