They speak of how they have dominated me financially and there is no way I can escape the domination and repression they have set out for me, which is utter nonsense; it always works like this with their intrusion and big mouth all over the place until you assess your products and assess what people think about it and become the go-getter they complain about all their lives who steadily gets worse, otherwise they can show up on people’s public image to make fame and fortune to move on thereafter but as we can see have chosen to stay and express regularly the idea they think themselves other people’s personal Gods. They do love to claim they are not doing anything racist or discriminatory but we all know it’s the pitfall of UK civil rights system that every scum with the same skin colour can get off on public places claiming to be associated with you and tell them not to do it simply encourages them to make it into a main preoccupation – they are not being racist and discriminatory that is obvious, what they are doing is squandering people’s property and calling the attention of racists and discriminatory people on it too, leaving with statements about how the racists and discriminatory people need to have something new to damage and abuse like they were. So the point is that I am a writer and I am fed up with their stupidities follow up absolutely everything I do especially that made up nonsense that sets off the idea I have enemies at the Monarchy as well; they do need to stop following up all I do and buy a Book – it is an old story where I will not let them keep the bits that end up in their minds as a result of getting involved with my concerns, since it is always clear I might be confused about their actions but what happens at the accounts Books cannot be argued with, since it tells all the necessary truths about what they are really doing, which will likely continue forever if action is not taken to counter it. They love to accuse me of sponging off other people’s hard won civil rights, but we all know I am here stuck with their social and moral corruption civil rights, which also does not believe the Church plays a role on anything save providing people that should be getting killed on their behalf – trumping me financially. It’s an old story where there was no way in the world that they could become more important than a Royal Prince with success of insults but it has become the only thing they want to do and talk about and we are here because it is taking up my time as well; it goes right back to the time when I had recently dropped out because they were getting to my place of study to make fame and fortune from my public image and it was when the economic crisis hit the global economy and they said they needed to keep their money for world domination but also said I was the character they could get self-improvement from abusing and oppressing if they wanted, so I appointed myself as well to ensure they understood all they could really do was decide if they wanted to be job seekers or job providers. I do not have an issue with which ones I started first, apparently I cannot escape their stupidities because they share a skin colour with me and have worked out a way of making sure that since I have talents that can make me rich, I have no human rights so they can make use of it; everybody has heard me warn them about measures that can ensure they are listening to what others are saying to them as well, everybody has heard me warn them about the fact it will not make sense to people when I borrow those stupid jobs they like to make out is what they are paying attention to; it’s the same old case about keeping an eye on the situation, where if my people started to spend money on their stupidities as well, I will get off the process of making mine by following up routines I need to follow to improve other people’s lives and get paid for it and rip their world to pieces in order to make money as well the way their narcissist happiness that brings about sales does to people’s lives to get into the good Books of civil rights goons: so they know where their millionaires who spend money fighting other people are located and need stay off people in the world that may end up with nothing at their retirement because they have always stood up for the right thing all their lives, keep off my Books unless they are handling it to get a copy before I borrow those stupid jobs as well and give it back only when the Books have been sold; none can argue with the accounts Books where their civil rights is not king basically. It’s like the old case of currency valuation where they say the first world has completely torn up the third world and so on but reality is more a matter of the fact if a Pound is worth 200 of Ghanaian Currency Units, what a pound buys in the UK would be bought for the same amount if there are no extra costs associated with infrastructure for instance in Ghana but if somebody were to be paid in Ghanaian Currency for their work here in the UK, for every pound, only 150 of Ghanaian Currency in real terms would be expended and that is because the pound is cheaper in the UK than it is in Ghana due to quality and technology issues – what these fools usually do is make a statement about Countries that have been damaged and start a global price war that they will lose and cause suffering to many; very, very, very stupid incredibly and likes to want to blab about dominating me financially for it all the time as well.

I do get told I wade in to get them out whenever some serious Political decisions are about to be made, it is not meant to sabotage a process of making them suffer like it assumed either, it is meant to ensure they are a part of this world and play their part in it at all times; substitute that nonsense where the need to stand in a street corner and wait for young people looking to be corrupted as a result of trying to find employment meaning they are friends of the US but the bit where they decide which accomplishments are the size of those they want to bully means the Russians are etc, with another process where they get to buy the goods and services they find out so much information about needlessly all the time i.e. if it is my fault that they turn away from a product when the Company brokers equity with me, it is still a loss and we need their stupid money because the Global Economy is in dire straits and they need to be a part of the solution as well; it’s an intellectual property administration business and I mean in social terms I cannot seem to stop people playing the role of my mother on my property which creates this sensation where I am permanently tired to be threatened by scum who fancy themselves bullies all the time and so my liabilities cannot be running around doing whatever it likes as such endlessly. It is an opinion of mine that we are far from the 1980s and 1990s and we could all learn to improve and raise standards around the world; like they say I have not got the whites figured whereas I started writing and putting my Literary work out in public because the whole process of making sure that when people cannot steal my ideas and resort to corruptions of involvement that help them steal my personality instead, they cannot keep what ends up in their minds because the bottom line numbers on the account Books does tell me what they are really getting up to, meaning I am not as confused as they may imagine - I had it all figured out, all stable, before the American led stupidities that have no respect for anything took hold and they became obsessed with it, fighting for their stupid lives and complaining about the throes of their superiority around here, having had their own case all figured out, right up to some messy business of a black person that supports British Royal Family while they make their stupid narcissist plans.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland