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These Books are not to be regarded or read as commercial literature, they are Securities and Equities from my Royal Estate. The prognosis of which are dealing with Mad men as they identify that my books are the only thing that could bring them sanity and healing in their Mad, evil, greedy world but will not buy a copy because if they did, I would have some money and they do not want that to happen for some reason-which has also created a clash between what happens in the media and what happens here at my market place.

The insult am lazy however and that these pieces of work leave things to be desired, is not only a factor of the rich people and businesses that want to use my securities without buying them by which they have recently made friends with via that process of lucrative enmity with me but also just something foolish old men do and I respond to it because it will affect my book sales in some way (one of those things that make me ask them how long they have been stalking me anyway).

My books are not perfect pieces of literature: they are bundles of packaged Intellectual Property and are the way they are because their efficacy will be lost if I do it for people then sell them books to read-thereby corrected every single mistake I made in them, hence the books are imperfect with respect to diction to keep them pristine the way I created them; these imperfections have all occurred at the point where sexual bullying by evil women happens to instigate violent familiarity based bullying by men, which is intent on causing mental illness and financial failure. With respect to Economic conditions of which I must mention that all I can do with my kind of work is add more, which will lead to more costs for the consumer.

The seemingly unbelievable purpose of my job however is to ensure other people don't get jobs as well, so men who like to make sure their jobs operate in such ways can fight and all those who take advantage of me because I am a Christian do make good books apparently, whatever is left of those that hate and attack me after these two groups can win whatever they like, for it does do them so much good; this is how I get connected to Politicians-and their violence and bullying will have to stop, one way or another.

On account that selling securities means people giving pocket money to their Wives and Children to attack my finances with using the advertisement industry, I do not believe I have yet caused people to loose enough money to make me popular with their stupid businesses as it stands yet, more so as there will be never be economy or economic recovery if they are not in check.

Arch Prince I. Uno

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.