Now it is said that nothing I have done has successfully stopped people from targeting me, but it was only aimed to inform and deter as such not put a stop to their activities. The stop process will be the part where I gave time to a process that will help me manage the sense that the implication of their activities are that there is financial incentive attached to a process where I am pushed down each time I try to get up and then came up with a plan to oppress them for money as well. They like to blow off their big mouth on how they will handle and breeze through it naturally but we all know they have no clue what they are talking about since they are never really my main concerns, the Celebrities whose stupidities they serve at my expense are the ones who need be aware of how much they bang their stupidities away at me over some business just business gimmicks all day long and decide how they would like it to stop. Their big mouth on the other hand is making it personal enough to draw up those scenarios where their neighbourhoods buy new things all the time to show they are not trying to steal something from me and then target me when they think the police is not paying attention – likely outcome being one side takes up the blue tag and the other the red at some stage and it had to be settled, especially if I were thinking about oppressing them to make money. Its nothing unusual, what really happens most of the time is that big mouth on whom it is going to handle and repress and then when you do get it into a very difficult place, it will resort to the German social efficiency gimmicks and put lipstick on it to get seen on the streets all the time, acting like a two faced tart. I do get asked why I believe they do it but its an old story about this thing I do that looks like a process of negating my public image which then offers them incentive in the sense a famous person can no longer reach his fame, that their stupidities can get better off with the more insulting their activities were but I don’t negate my public image at all, their insults about my Royal Hermitage and its Literary Empire being a figment of my imagination built up the sense that I did and we can see how it is similar to the way a personals temperament would be if they had an 8 hour shift in which they had done 7 and were tired for the day – so the same way it gets its stupid imagination up by bum for this is the way it gets its stupid imagination up peoples bums for the other and we have now ended up with a mental illness epidemic. The story is that I talk but have not got a chance and yet we know we ended up in this position not because of the number of times I have had to tolerate their stupidities blabbing nonsense to share my literary empire with their communities, which makes sense each time they make reference to the existence of some abstract associated with their foolish culture and society, about which there is no trading or business textbook that teaches people to seek money in such ways – it goes beyond that big mouth I have to tolerate all the time while the process of having to make sense of the insanity that passes on their left hand side and right hand side was the original reason I dropped out of University with public school lecturers that are never aware of what is happening save when they are angry about the smell and have encouraged it thereof themselves, blowing off the big mouthed threats on how they planned to separate me from my right hand side and attack me to ensure I never thought about going down that part of my life any longer and they could claim it as a stand point for competition and equality and we know when it shows up like that somewhere near my Bookshop to handle it in a way that will make me cross, it involves those stupid comments it makes so I cannot just carry on with my Bookshop regardless of this nonsense going on long enough to show that ignoring their stupidities really isn’t a method of solving a problem, that when it shows up here with that stupid happiness and a big mouth, the outcome is likely to be short insulting videos it claims added up to advertisement and it should never get away with it as such. Their activities means absolutely nothing whatsoever – it will get around building violent lasciviousness, then get it as near to where I live as possible, once it had successfully churned my tummy on it, it progresses to the other stage where it never stops attacking me to point out a smell issue, I will start thinking it is embarrassing and I needed to do something about myself, each time I did ending up with a mental state that looks like their stupid one and each time I tried to recover my stress levels went up causing more tummy issues and incurring more threats and abuses for it – no meaning whatsoever, absolute scum every single one of them, as though we are living in a youth correctional institution. Then we hear those abuses and threats show up all the time whilst the reasons we have ended up in this situation to begin with was their parents who worked in the Industrial parks whipping my anus all the time because their stupidities were geniuses; the outcome is that I have ended up with a series of things that I cannot do because I had no money and must hand over to those who have money, meaning I am unable to run this place according to my schedule and not one which has been decided by the fact their stupidities cannot keep away from others. Much the same as the claim its all where my information ends up while reality is that I use it to stuff the culture and society goons full of what I know so they carried it around like PR, what we are dealing with involving civil right scum who cannot keep their hands off others listening in on it – meaning we are here because of Celebrities and they are now well informed of these idiots banging away on their behalf all day, bearing in mind in case it tended to stop the way that I wanted. It happens all the time with those stupid threats, the abuses are supposed to help the ageists develop some societally grown spiritual power that is used to make me poor, then hang around with gossips and processes of drinking to my health in the neighbourhoods churning my tummy over claims their stupidities were confident I would never push back, stopping it of which would be a problem and then for their case it’s a matter of years spent refusing to respond to their stupidities as a way of solving a problem which has proven to be an abdication of responsibility, now it is blabbing about what it is confident that it can do with me all the time which tended to indicate it has not got a foggiest clue what it is talking about. I do get told I allow the issues to do damage before I looked like I had saved the day which I don’t; there is nothing to do here – they have manufactured this sense I dreamt up a Royal Office to fool around with and made sense of involvement with quasi criminals that have built up my concerns so they might tell me that my life was over, meaning that what I said and did ended up in the hands of media fools and civil rights gits to show me they were the daddies; completely detached from a process of just showing up here to read what I have written or keeping away if they don’t like it and I have had enough too. They claim I try to seek power and influence in parts of the world where people don’t know who the hell I am and its utter rubbish as what happens is people planning business in such a manner as hurts them everyday that trading happens and their way to handle that is to seek to earn my income instead of their own, make me into a character peoples pick on to such up to those who had money, in order to be friend such persons and bully me and on a scale of one to ten measuring stupidities, its really impossible to settle how high it gets but they are now fully aware I have had enough of them too. It continues with those foolish plans that work when it gets its imagination up my bum because it is obviously incredibly stupid and it wants a process where it will keep its eyes on the shop floor and tell its minions to keep the imagination off my bum, to be enforced manually.

The Politicians are another story on this matter, I have been brought lower than a man has been brought as far as they are concerned, due to a business of being a character who sees the world visually and cannot stand people who see the world kinaesthetically but now cannot manage the problem and have resorted to their own version of bullying to make me do it; earlier in the day we appear to have ended up with a scenario where this business of getting involved in that plan to oppress them for money caused me to open up the can of worms on the way Celebrities and media always needed to get along with hoodlums and vice versa, so public workers always tried to ensure they did not acquire the worst kinds of alliances as such but even then one tends to think about wholly; that they are usually the worst things that happen to Celebrities if they felt cheated and Celebrities are usually the worst things that happen to them over their abusive behaviour, so freedom was at stake whenever government intervened. Yet, knowing that I had adopted a position where they felt I got them kicking the thorn every time they set off to get corrupt on Government property, the same way they want to get me kicking the thorns when I need to access my public image, the Liberal Politicians still developed an alliance with them and it seems it’s the one party that never learns i.e. the Labour Party, thereafter the goons had created a scramble for Parliamentary interests shortly in order to improve the prospects of their party winning the next election and Parliament was a lame duck again for the day, which is the reason we are talking about it again since it is evening at this stage and the idea that it was a group of people that had not learned what stealing is like or does and will be dealt with accordingly has proven to be a promise the Labour Party is unable to keep – so they have seen these gits behave towards me in the manner mentioned above but have done it never the less; so Corbin is no longer leader of the opposition but they continue still and will claim I deserved to be caught up in it due to the damage I had done to the party but despite their bread winner insults channelled in my direction after I dropped out of University becoming such a profitable disposition on a global stage, they have never once paid my Bills in this place, such that I dropped out of University on their account in 2007 and I am writing this in 2020. It becomes thus a question of how good I can be at handling National level gold diggers, when it blabs at me but its media fools picking up service processes of my Bookshop and Public trends associated with my earnings to run off while they are doing their media jobs is still the main pressure point here – I brought it to their attention something they started in 2002, about any arrangement I had with their female colleagues being something they could involve themselves with anyway they wanted and if I asked their wives about it, would find they always got what they wanted and I even pointed out, the insulting part where they made out that pretending to be me made their journalist lives more meaningful and it has not stopped wrecking my finances in 15 years about which they are able to stop but since their ego is too big for that, must now be shown that such behaviour are really supposed to be ended at the convenience of their victims and not their own – so I am starting to work towards a process of interfering with their incomes too and the other Germanic goons are starting to get on my nerves in a big way, such that should I find out I will have to do more work for the time need to plan my pension, there is every indication now, that I am likely to plan my life on their wallets.

The eternal question however is that bearing in mind that stupid insanity of what passes on their left hand side and right hand side which people are forced to make sense of, it really does need to be addressed what it is exactly that their stupidities are in charge of. I am told that I really should take up the issue and run it the way I saw fit but there is nothing to do; what they have done is tell stories of a Royal Property and Literary Empire which exists in my imagination and now they dream of me developing a new public life to run a Bookshop and with that will build everything associated with public dissention and a process of getting to tell me my life was over whenever they wanted; it should have been the end of the story but it wasn’t because Celebrities got involved and now I want to know what famous and stupid think of them banging away every day and how the very important persons who are our public life overlords now believe it should be stopped. They do say that one moment I am on the side of locals while the next I am not and its utter rubbish naturally – what happens is that the bottom hurting this is something that buzzes away at the background of your life at all times but it’s when the Celebrities get involved that you become smell person obviously – then there are the other goons with public protests that upstage me to claim Police treat the ethnic minorities differently from the white people and its never clear who the hell gave them such information or indeed whether they have had it verified. Then there is the part where they point to what Celebrities got away with of which the Celebrities have gotten away with nothing; it’s the Industry gits paying them to ensure they are not making trouble for the public but what the industry gits think they are doing is building up structures to put pressure on the population and Government whenever they set up business and hang around in their bedrooms thinking that business is usually profitable, which they can only achieve when they had successfully taken down absolutely every person that gets an income from the treasury. Here they will say the Celebrities still get away with it but that is precisely the point as peoples war on female social life can now come to stop if they may. It happens all the time; in every generation there is a tale of what the deal would be and in my case I really got to the heart of this issue where a handful of ageists get on the behest of Politicians to round up younger peoples like sheep, wreck lives to make sense of how they have lived their own, tell tales of which will become like them and we were left making sense of child abuse and child neglect among other things with State welfare, the question that must now be answered being the exact problem that people have with the Books, more so considering they don’t cost an arm and a leg. I for my part have spent enough time on the state welfare for people to think that it is good for their personal dignity if I got off it, so they cannot now tell me that I don’t know what I am talking about. The concern that this ageism is now to end in the current generation of middle aged men is a discourse that turned up while I was at University in 2005 but they will deny they played a part in wrecking it for me.