It is not true that I am terrified people will not buy my books. These books are packeted written down Equities and Securities and depend on my fame to get sold. The only thing I am scared of is not being able to explore all that I must before time runs out for me to do so, in order to settle in on what I really want. I have the power to govern by fantasy and am the only Royal in the Country to do so, I also am aware despite insolent men that these powers are meant to help me with governing the financial sector and not for their stupid sex lives, so there is nothing to be scared of when they do not buy my books. All they know is how to make noise with their useless lives, they wreck my work and income for all the time all the way to the United States as well, about how I am scared they might not buy books, from which they are all already extracting information to better their useless lives with and I will clip them really hard over such noise making one of these days.

Otherwise they will be busy asking me what I can do about anything which so far is a case of overworking African men and Republicans in America and other European scum; who basically think they intend to pass my income among themselves being big boys with their stupid girls making sure I cannot find a way out. Just like they think I don’t know financiers are more interested in these days in having sex with a girl that carries my energies than they are in their jobs, hence think their claims I am using my work to make them rich rather than try to sell my books which they all get together to believe as well until it goes badly wrong for them with their blocks and blocks of men all I own is to be wasted upon, who think and spend all their time trying to create a story of the boy who got involved with the Queen and got into trouble that will never will find its way to Popularity as if I am their mate or something.  

Of course they claim if they get hold of me I will suffer immeasurably. I wonder what they think I have been doing, bearing in mind all these while that when they do not get go ahead from their Political idiots to attack somebody important as a privilege they can gain, that their stupid violence is completely useless. Put their Politicians in their place and beat them up daily?

It is the way it works-always the way it work: their violence is always completely useless especially when you hit them first whenever they have no political idiot making them important by giving them some kind of insolent go ahead against somebody important and since I am a Christian will never go around hitting anybody first , all was well until an idiot started it because he wanted to be the one who successfully detached me from God to have power and having failed on that swore revenge and is run on grounds they wanted to be important men and do not know where or how to stop, like they are something, so these idiots can get off saying whatever they like at me especially with their stupid media.

I will get off stifling their lives (whatever that is) if they get out of mine, my property, my fame and income-its not a difficult thing to work out; so they can tell me I will never sell my books from outside of it. How am I to sell my books when most people will buy it because I am a Royal Prince if people are borrowing my fame-so idiots can tell me I am scared somebody may not buy my books. Personally I think they will all set out their mobility issues first next time they issue threats so they do not get themselves into such problems again (the real issue here is that they have not worked out how to get out of my life and I am completely unwilling to spend anything on their mobility issues, so how they feel they should deal with it, is issue threats, bearing in mind either way they would have made themselves financially comfortable at my expense at it stands)