The idea that on date 2/5/2011, that Osama Bin laden has been killed and I am the next problem is a load of big talk. I mean let us get it directly from me here: people will never get back their sense of mobility and will just have to imagine what they want to do about me and get ahead with it. They can imagine a new sense of mobility by getting the fuck off my Empire, getting off my income and my property, I personally don’t want to know they exist and will blind them to my existence one way or another.

I mean I spend a decade putting up with people tugging on my income daily issuing accusations after another that is threatening and useless, while I issue self vindications to tell yanks this is not their property? They will just have to go away and imagine a new sense of mobility, not get somewhere popular to talk rubbish that will wind me up as well. Royalty are being made to teach the Politicians how to do Politics these days because I am a writer. I don’t know if it is discriminatory to say all Politicians are thieves but it is what they do. So they will just have to imagine what they want to do about me, I personally will fuck them all over yet again.

Apparently when they do these things I don’t get bullying from extremists ideologies as well, even though they are bred from the fascisms by which all politics originate. Being American does not necessarily mean people have to be stupid; they need to sell their souls to the devil to get rich and turn up here to win a fight over getting good feelings first before they get optimistic about their boasting, not get around winding me up.

I need to have my own life marked up along the lines of friends enemies and other people and do not want to know these idiots exist, for which I intend to blind them to my existence as well one way or another. As for the 'did we do the right thing by killing bin laden'? insolent question, they just need to get their own.