The main position I have on education is not about making exams more difficult, it is simply to recognise how fast things operate these days and to prepare people to fulfil some requirement that their employers want from them, so technically therefore education should be provided by companies and employers directly but if they did that the cost would be incredible and the gains will be so small but worse still tempered with a sense of ‘selectivism’ – so the government must now intervene and ensure that what the employers need actually the means and process by which people are educated. Some ask why I suppose it is the better way as opposed to waiting for the Isaac Newton of our generation and so on but first of all the problem is a less academic localism that we have in the modern world because of technology and how fast it makes people work and the proximity it has therefore created between employers and general economy trainees, hence it is important the government gets involved and finds a way to standardise it for everybody and then leave them all to their talents and what the employers decide to do thereafter. The other main issue is of course that of intellectual property security in the sense that somebody does not need to spend days travelling from Scotland to England to confront somebody from whom he stole a breakthrough so that the person can have some time available before he is forced to lose all that is left of his dignity and mentality as a person because they have got the internet and can make whatever they want to do happen in seconds, as well as the telephone and several other means by which such things are possible. So of course I am accused to suggesting a means that will not be favourable to those who depend entirely on an academic qualification for what they need to have or become but of course if I said they need to tone down their insults because of the changes in the world and learn to respect those that can do what they cannot, then that would have been selfish so what I choose to say here is that if they learn to become intellectually honest they should have no problems at all. Of course there is the media aspect of it all but that is really of little consequence than it is given credit for; the journalists will say people need to exist in a place where if they do their jobs on television, their homes and privileges they get from their wives and women are safe and undisturbed but of course this is precisely the point, that if politicians say such things we notice it but if journalists do it does not matter because it really doesn’t. In the end of which it is their lack of respect for the matters in their careers and jobs which limit their means of operating unethically; so that if you have a process where BSKYB sends out people to talk to people are the local communities in order to make news and things of that sort, it will basically have been impossible because BSKYB is a corporate entity but if the BBC wishes to, people will co-operate a full 100% - this is the difference between the advertising industry made up of real students and real graduates and real employers and real doctors and real architects and real nurses etc to create an environment where people share and exchange services and the main stream media. As it stands, there isn’t a single problem in the business of broadcasting which is not fundamentally invented by the BBC because of course while it is possible for the BBC to speak to local people to make news and profit through information but not so possible for others, all that the BBC as an establishment spends all the time they have with is career piracy in a grand and institutional way. Then they will tell me I figure out facts and then present them like they were my own ideas but there have never been facts on this matter but what people are predisposed to get corrupt with if they do get corrupt: the BBC is basically an establishment that believes that when it comes to rules around its profession that makes its people behave ethically towards other human beings, they are above the law, the complain about other private broadcasters and perhaps their backgrounds in advertising of which does not make any sense whatsoever as explained above i.e. that if privately owned broadcasters were to be corrupt and the BBC were to be corrupt the threshold and destruction is higher for the BBC but what is happening at the moment is really that there is not a problem in the industry that affects people, which is not invented by the BBC and nobody knows exactly what it is they want either. Like the old stuff about things I do to Landlord I rent places with and stuff, when in actual fact some landlords are more interested in what privileges they can have and what futures their stupid children can get ahead of you with, on grounds you sit around a book and read it for a qualification and a career; such that when you rent homes with them it appears to them that it does not matter what they do with your space because when they bully you and have a laugh with their friends or even claim your reputation as their own and make noise about how they have reached an aesthetical state of bullying you as well, you have become weedy and something people like to try and cause pain or suffering, while they themselves have a strange relationship with money and the end product is that renting a home means you have no energy for study or work – so it is the surprise bumping into me every day in a condition where they have no regard for my space and in my mind I am paying them for a space but in theirs I might as well not have lived in that space so their space can be bigger etc that leads to a process where they are in trouble as well, soon the worries mean they have no energy left to get to work and then I can play games too; stay up all night to play video games or just stay up all night to work and sleep during the day and so we hear the complains as well but to me we are nowhere close because of course it is a matter of when their bodies hurt like mine does on those stupid things they do that we will find out how much of a laugh until their sides hurt they must be having. These lower class idiots are completely convinced everybody thinks when they do evil things they do not know what they do as such as evil things and for the middle class ones they have got the price for insulting me to pay and I cannot have enough of getting it too for my part. It’s like when I say there is no problem in the broadcasting industry that is not invented by the BBC and people do not understand the full gravity of what I am saying as such; I mean they will take revenge on me for messing up the social class of their plebs but how jumping on the civil service to wreck my finances and handle my personal details to keep it so helps to ensure I have no excuse when I damage their social class I have no clue. It remains as it has always been therefore that they should be getting on the popular culture industry to make money that can be used to apply revenge for activities of the upper class on me and I am already showing off my badges for my plebe based activities, important fact there remains they need to get off my public work and off my book sales so I do not have to deploy the office of state as well, by which time they will then have told me where I am supposed to be to their hearts content. Projects remain the same therefore; collect civil service for female journalists and that popular culture industry for strangulation.