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I am told that what people want from me is help and support which I understand perfectly in the same way I have put out Books for people to buy as I do not have told to bump into people and support them all the time, what they have done is fail to buy the Books and show up to continue bothering and rounding me up like I am an animal because they have got money to do it and will get the help and support anyway – so it is meant to be unfathomably stupid. Then they say that it’s a matter of my attitude that brings it on which I understand, save the attitude is a response to being dragged out of University by idiots that need to get rich with the use of my personality preventing me from covering it up with an education and a job, then tell me I must hang around the communities and respond to women so they might get on with what they were trying to do and the result was then that they ended up with enough trouble to make them behave like the women they hate so much hence saying such things to me do not make sense anymore. There are others too; like the part where the Politicians say I must fail at everything I do because my future is really big and there are people who are nearer to drawing the pensions than I am who need to get ahead, knowing this sort of nonsense and the idea I might need it too clashes with my Christian beliefs in the first place but my Christian beliefs never mattered right up to the stage where they will not give me a breathing space, their children will not give me a breathing space, their Celebrities will not give me a breathing space, their media will not give me a breathing space and for the last five years they had picked up Books I have written for these gimmicks too, meaning I had become more determined than ever to ensure that handling my Books was the beginning of the end for this nonsense. There are other still like the Industrial feminism that gets the Women ripping up my health and getting fingers up my bum in the neighbourhoods to sit about talking nonsense as a community of their worst enemies being those who show up to take back careers that had been taken from them, in a process of putting up plans for their own sons – so my attitude was the best response to some life changing insults that never cease around here and yes they blow off that big mouth at me about how much I will have to back up when I talk the way that I do, which I don’t mind as I cannot remember the last time I stepped outside of my door without smelling like what I last ate on account everything associated with what happens to the road leading from my home to let me access the world around me is the main concern of their stupid celebrity culture and their stupid media and their mentally disturbed fashion; it will become a main issue and then somebody will stand in front of me and tell me he is really big over it which will be the start of a really bad ending for this nonsense too. I do get told I never take it as seriously as it is but I do; it’s a matter of being denied sales of my Books for the rest of my life and the daily processes of nauseating financial complications for a Royal Prince that seems to be their most enjoyable practical joke these days but what they expect me to forgive as if it is their right is damage to the academic work which fees their stupidities never paid and damage to the health they are not feeding and damage to the personal life organisation over their need to make money with my personality and public image while their idiocy is not paying the Bills and yet they claim they do so because they have money but will not buy and read Books I had put out to help them solve the stupid problems.

If I met somebody and I don’t know who they were, we would begin by telling each other our names and get familiar from there, what happens with these gits punishing me for my attitude is that I can feel their imaginations up my anus when we do not know each others names – I do not know what I must do to them at this stage having been that they are still screwing around with me regardless of the fact that I had taken steps to ensure that each time they got bullied by culture and society trouble makers, it was not that they could not defend themselves or fight back, it was just the case that messing with me meant nothing they did was ever enough. I do get told when I talk like this I make a mess of Law enforcement work but we all know this is what set out clearly what the main issues were i.e. criminals and hoodlums, the Politicians and Media ensure that one cannot get a moments peace from them, claiming they can read my mind and the state of affairs in it says their barely criminal behaviour is something that makes me uncomfortable, about which I need leave University and deal with financial problems so I might not become a threat to them. The Media ones claim that people who occupy my position should be clever people while I am a dunce and The Queen is not happy with what I am doing – for the latter issue, Royal Politics was always full of deceit and it had taken sometime for me to settle up on the fact HM believes I will be more effective at what I am doing if I am calling the shots over it, which I have only recently realised is what is required of me and as for the former people who have gone from being layabouts to getting into the academic environments and passing the exams during which time they realise I tire easily and their main preoccupation was to churn my tummy, bearing in mind they were so clever having passed the exams kept the hoodlums and criminals from the career and finances without looking like a whore that trades in violence, telling me I am a dunce is just too disingenuous to take seriously but for my part, I do not yet know what I must do to make them stop it, I know I had written a Book that solved problems associated with hoodlums and criminals and they had built me a 6 year history of insults and abuses to ensure I never got a moments peace from the problem, then told me if I described them as stupid I would get into trouble with a big mouth and since I must rip up the Celebrity culture to ensure they understood the damage they have done here, as we know when they don’t have money they hate British but this is usually their main preoccupation when they have money, it is about to stop over a fight with the media.



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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Tuesday, May 14, 2013, In : Public life (living it) 

On the matter of racism, the main case is rather simply that of the fact that besides those who take the risk of solving a problem of being provoked by an ideology of racism (where those who still go off to provoke them still at that state are taking a risk and know they will face the consequences and the racists will face the law), everything else is clear cut daylight robbery with all the optional extras that will not be tolerated here either and I don’t care what they will become for my ...

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Monday, November 14, 2011, In : Public life (living it) 

Those ideas I create my own problems by working too hard are a load of rubbish as well. I don’t work too hard, I am just being stalked and abused by a collection of greedy violent idiots that want to be me and believe they will be if they only feed on anything I take closer to my lips; it means starving me of course but nothing should dare stand in the way of what they want. After which they claim I need their money and will claim such things because they want to ensure their daughters do n...

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 I do not think I have any real problems to worry about with respect to Men and Socialist goons and their games as such; the reality of it is that most of them like to think they need and know more about greed than anybody else needs or knows and so nothing done anywhere in this world tends to satisfy them and as such they are always rebels – rebels who think that you are scared of them on grounds they are older than you and it is a starting point for all kinds of privileges their foolish children will have from life as well, rebels and idiots that want to be leaders and want to be powerful and important which is such a huge burden. However to clear up this matter of being vulnerable to them or their point is the stage where I am beaten the reality is that with respect to big media bosses who are scared of their own shadows, I have no idea what they want from me anyway and need to leave me alone, the rest are society fools and their Politicians and tolerating them cost me my finances first and it took five years to do so, then it was my academic work next which took another four years to happen and now they are after my books too and they say I work and act and do things even write books that I know is likely to be provocative to the fathers, which is also utter nonsense because the only thing that provokes them around here is the fact I am a Christian and at a stage allowed them to wind me up and get off making up their own stories about what really occurred. I am not saying they are a problem for me because what will happen soon enough since I do not know their names and will never sell my books while I have decided to keep my personal life to myself, is to open them up and establish my business inside their affairs and find out how they intend to move me from there, in order to make sense of how funny it is that my right hand side has been wrecked and that theirs is untouched and that it is a sign of the decadence they need to be rich and famous and important – since we all know that even if I did not give thought to such things and how much it has cost me to tolerate their foolish rebellion this process where it is funny would have furnished me all the ideas I wanted eventually and it is the same all around as they are always doing things to me that will require me to beat them down and right down until it becomes a matter of opinion whatever they say and do about me in public. The most important fact about this issue seems to concern things my fans and people do, of which it is the case of the fact and truth that the only thing anybody really knows about me is the content of my books and if they do not buy the books have nothing here to do or say or get involved with or bother themselves with; it leads right up to the claims and complains they issue about how my books provoke people and of course it is one of the great bafflement we have around here, that when I write books and they are difficult to understand by those who need it and therefore provokes them as such, they will attack me and make me take it out of the market. So my very existence has been provoking people in the same way as well and that is because they think they come from a very privileged background, they think they come from a very lofty world and the next time I walk around their city like I am superior to them and need to be cut down to size, it will get a lot worse. For now it seems the back stage parliament idiots can always climb on media to try all sorts of nonsense to determine whether I get angry or not for them but it will change nothing about the reasons there is the need to create gang problems for black girls and racism for whites because it is the case each time people see you and get off to peddle you to do riches and fame and you tell them off, it is these age group that are very fond of getting publicly happy for the violence and dancing around old idiots to get money to buy the Music CD when the fools that have been warned get off to do it singing me anyway instead of a song in order to protect their boyfriends. I do not expect people to force me to fight to restore my own normalcy in my own life with my own hands, since it will never be pretty – it is important the fathers get off my book sales.

Now the idea I am getting myself into a lot of trouble with these guys is utter rubbish; no such thing and not a chance and they would not last a day if I did either although they are rather full of themselves which is good so I don’t have to attack people’s human rights. The truth is that the concept of mine and I am not sharing or cannot share does not exist in their books unless a thing belongs to them and this is what it is all about; all that crime of passion and all that hounding on media until racists bay for my blood and stuff with a big mouth that I guess will do it more like relax don’t do it when you want to come or something like that. I do not think it is a major crisis provided they leave me alone, these insults continue because they think what I have done is an act and a show but it really isn’t because their days of glory in the 1980s was a time when I was a child and their days of unbridled economic and political wickedness in the 1990s was a time I was a teenager and everything I had created to ensure I always have some spare cash in the bank should they think that a homeless Christian is funny and there is a link between it and getting rich has been taken away by them in conjunction with their Politicians who now claim they have seen me do my worst confirming the assumption they make that they are really in charge since if they were doing public work for free it is only then that all these nonsense would have been perfectly alright – so I still have no idea where they won that great fight they boast about either. All I know is that they have taken away everything that was meant to ensure they do not get into a fight with me and people are able to hound individuals like myself who have such a strong sense of self and self security if they have government that is providing them with funds while they spend time with which they should be getting a job to do it or they have spare cash put away somewhere while they spend time doing it or they have got the energy to do it and hold down an employment all of which does confirm they have nothing to fear from the fight they have instigated between them and myself and of course I have had enough of them as well; it is much too late now to try and have homosexuality in peace; these are examples of good and acceptable impetuses for people to get off and wreck my life like that, get off their modern foolishness and politics to seek ownership of every aspect of my life from personality to upbringing which suits their purposes, then tell tall tales all over the place for it, in order to seek trophy fights and trophy victories. 

They do claim all the time I am big on words but really cannot take them on of course but I believe I have made it clear that it must be that they can use their own stuff to do whatever and anything they want to do, especially black people otherwise they will be fed up as well. I mean their sense of what people think about them is actually thoroughly flawed as it were, where two people attend University and have never seen or met each other before and do not even study the same subject but it becomes important for one to ensure the other drops out just so that while he recovers and gets some therapy and returns to finish his academic work, something like his furure might be built up for somebody else on media - how much wealth gets created from this to satisfy their stupid greed and how much of it if any is created becomes their own is what I mean when I say their sense of what people think about them is flawed with all that boasting of how much I will get beaten up etc. I do not think it a major crisis, I have been clear about black idiots using their own personal life to do relations with society and with people and not my own or the various other things they want to do with their stupid lives using my property etc and if not so will I show everybody where they keep it as well and then find out how many celebrities and politicians they will serve with it to get important - so we can find out how much of them I would never take on. They do say these things but where we are now is the point where I prayed to God from strength and he gave it to me to build up my own blessed perceptions and his presence all over that stupid culture standing up in the atmosphere, bound in heaven and cannot be undone, so that the purpose of that stupid culture might be a state of affairs they can make use of to attack me at any time which says that anything I own was what they created and anything I do was something they thought of first.