They claim the problem with me is that I used to be but I am not any more due to lack of co-operation which they practically organised and made happen. Their most favourite royal for this is the Prince of Wales as it were whom they expect to use for the purpose of trying to find out if they can make him win the people due to pity rather than doing the things he has to, in order to win them but by far their biggest problem and what will constitute their undoing is the obsession with what happens to be other peoples personal and private property to bully them out of it and take it or just never cease telling them to get out of it because they want it in public places with media and evil advertisements.

So they have no problems telling me I used to be but I am not any more will be their most recent rumour and scandal, which does mean they find it so difficult to see it is a government and not a club, I cannot remember myself sitting on drink tables with them or something of that sort and can be whatever I like.