Now as for the matter of getting into steady and increasing financial problem there is the same old and only the same old story to remember i.e. the usual case is that when you have a crisis with your faith you pick on stupid insulting and abusive women that are really intrusive and have a taste for the expensive highlife but love to ensure they are paying for it at random, for they clearly never seldom use their own lives to do any problems they have and do not keep an eye on you to spend any good thing that comes into your life with tall tales to tell to that effect at all – but don’t ask me why as you grow older it switches to something you do to male journalists instead.

The part where Tory MPs want power to be repatriated from Strasbourg is very well understood but I do not think that it is other peoples middle class children that end up there regularly to sort out a thing or two about their rights and the way they have been treated by employers anyway – so I am still at a loss as to why they would want to do so.

I am not troubled about the MPs, for those it will very soon result in a square up between me and them so we can find out if they are really in charge on account the people elected them – they always say this will lead to more serious matters of course I always say I need to say what I say to the Royal Court and my Work Court and my Consortium and those others I need to sell my books to and as long as their stupid children and media idiots do not come around stifling my Royal property and public work and stifling my book sales just because they have seen it which causes wonder what they suppose they think they are anyway, then I will not have to deploy the academic work their stupid insolence should be doing to rectify the damage to mine all the way to the International community which we all know is a sort of story we hear their type tell all of the time but none of it is told in its whole truth. I mean some of them are younger than I am and have not even taken their GCSEs even though they know how to wreck mine with their publicly humiliating intrusive insults that have no meaning or purpose except domination and the parents have no control of them they want to be MPs and control other people which it seems they are so incompetent they cannot do unless they destroy finances and property first otherwise of which it would never have become a concern of mine at all anyway and so they cannot get off the Royal Property and the Public work and the book sales, they want to stay on destroying it while securing the future of their stupid children from me.

Nothing unusual about it of course since we all know it is the reasons they complain about private schools because they think I need to send my children to one in order to protect them with a big mouth but it is an example of the cover up projects they follow up on account they want to be able to hurt people and ensure that conventional revenge does not apply to them and this is how they feel other human beings should be handled and have extended it to absolutely anybody they wish with their industry idiots talking nonsense whereas we are where we are today not just because I cannot get through to my fans but because the state of my public work is still vague while they think the Monarchy will clip me to protect them at the same time, we are here due to a process of tolerating a daily destruction for 12 years of alliances that HM built me which expresses the level of ego these idiots have within them but most of all will have expressed here an expose of the money squandering irresponsible nature of ministers especially Tory ministers who do not have their parents giving them pocket money anymore and will ensure those irresponsible ways of living are funded by other peoples finances if you give them half the chance. They speak of black idiots like them whom they have chosen friendship with to be the main problem who will have the power to drive me into racist conflicts that will end my life or something like that but we all know their black idiots claim these activities are competition which is apt to have over your finances with a big mouth and the witch doctors and the witchdoctors from Africa they have given access to surveillance systems in the UK to abuse me and wonder why I take note of it and seek revenge thereof are the ones with the power that will push me into racism etc. They just get off and do it and boast and that is always before we hear the stories thereafter. I have been clear about the two main facts here; they need stay off the sales derivatives of my books or there will be a chair over it and I will be sitting on that chair, they need stay off the public work and the Royal property and the books or I will be deploying their children’s future to rectify damage done to my academic work with their intrusive insults as well as I will be seen with a camp that does not recognise their electoral insolent mandate.

I have told them about those insults and am only hoping that time will allow them to create distance between me, them and it but such a time will not exist on account they have media and I will never stop taking an account of them so that I can ensure the revenge I have planned for them is executed as it were either. Since it must have been obvious at this stage that its purpose is to get involved with and create bad company then turn out to ensure that other peoples well raised kids are caught up in it with that foolish media.

I have tried to avoid this process of squaring up with the media but it is not going anywhere either; I am not expecting that speaking like I do to a BBC studio full of 50 journalists at a time who work within a condition where it is he who does not do as he is told that profits the most will listen but I have told them and that is good enough yet. They cannot seem to operate in any other way except the one where it’s a rattle, rattle, rattle something chewing up and ripping to pieces the insides of my business every day, sitting in front of a screen in a television studio doing absolutely nothing else but. Everybody can see it is not about the books nor is it about the means by which the books are sold if it can be about the market derivatives of the Company itself and the very profit margins that the patents offer the products; I mean these are the things I am supposed to get on top of to see to the daily management of the company itself all together, so it has become a question of whether I will run the business or not and they specifically want a piece of me and this is the distinction I make whenever I mention what I have done to avoid the fighting for of course I can run my affairs without it as it were. Then we hear them speak of things I do to ensure that my actions and words ring far long after I had said them in people’s heads which more so tends to mean the fact this is not their own lives or property does not mean anything to them and that they believe it is a form of racism as well with that big mouth.

I have heard that talk that I am a coward and it tends to happen all the time, in the same family of course as the Muslims that claim it of which for those ones it is a case of Bush and Blair getting on my career to make their glory and greatness with a big mouth and before I did anything about it since it was orchestrated by black people who thought they had me all figured out and their insolence knows no limits as well, they had gone off to blow up the twin towers, in order to turn up here and do my stuff; so the question is rather that of whether or not the boys around the corner in Islam smoking weed and looking for trouble who think that protection and defence of the poor and weak involves murdering innocent people via suicide bombings and other forms of terrorism to think that a terrorist is a difficult thing to spot, why they cannot ‘zip it’ if that is not what they did? Of course the Middle East Burns and I am one of those who are said to have been rubbing it in – these are things they need to do in order to get by and get to my level, then I can become a coward if I want. For these idiots back here however the question is whether they have been doing my stuff and I am finished thereof hence the cowardice.   

 There are no more excuses to avoid direct action left, the only one there was had to do with the economy and that is fine now and all I needed to do with them over it has been done i.e. somebody will go off and work hard and build something to employ himself and a few other people only to have it ripped to pieces by another who claims to be socialist while they tell me I will never get a job on account they are powerful and seek more of it; so we needed to know and now we know whether or not the economy is a capitalist one or a socialist one as well. They do these things and spend tax payer funds to take care of themselves while they spend time they should be spending on employment to do it, then realise it can only get better after that; those tax payer funds as it were.

The Muslim ones have trouble locating the difference between those who think they need to moderate their beliefs and that the misfortunes they bring others is a history that people want their enemies to wipe out or something like that if those did want to and others like myself who have very little time for those who think that protecting the poor and the weak is largely connected with killing people – so that if I did grab them and stick anything that looks like a Muslim in a corner smoking weed and thinking about protecting things into prison I would have violated their rights, until then I have either become a sympathiser or I have become a coward. The reality of what I say and do of which is largely a function of where I am coming from and what I am doing which is quite different from what others are doing i.e. how do you handle somebody who has a belief that he is meant to kill people and how do you do it when he kills himself each time he does it – what is the point of killing the person who mass murders when he has already committed the act and there has been no issues resolved as a result of that fact; it does not for one moment put me in the same range as them. What is most important about what I say is the fact that a mixture of Islamic and Western culture always breeds terrorism and all that is needed is a bit of time for western culture to take out when getting involved with Islamic culture and Islamic culture to take out when getting involved with the western one, in order to avoid the war but now we have reached a stage, the fast greed, where if this were to be taken up and put into practice the big question becomes what exactly had been accomplished in Iraq. Afghanistan we all know was Bin Laden’s stronghold I am talking about what we accomplished in Iraq. Then they will tell me the soldiers that fought in that war were my own as well, about which I suppose the things I do about a case with soldiers is not hurting badly enough yet in this country – since last we checked breaking soldiers before they engaged the enemy or while they were at it was a worthy vanity for politicians; bearing in mind of which they are democratic and of course would break soldiers while they are seeing active combat to create tall tales about people insulting them so they can make a demagogue that allows them to steal public funds because they also hate military coups.

These things are not unusual, Politicians act in these ways because they come from a side of society where they are interested in the nature and power of whors and prostitutes and vandals and criminals and live in a world where they think we royals have no respect for them whatsoever but even then you can never be free of a condition where a politician has something to say to you and gets local communities involved with you first before he does, you can never be free of a condition where a politician gets up every day to get on National and International media to stir his civil rights idiots to have a go at your finances; in this case my book sales and I think the media hears me when I say they need get off my book sales as I need the money which by the way will end all those insults about benefits as well.