On the matter of racism, the main case is rather simply that of the fact that besides those who take the risk of solving a problem of being provoked by an ideology of racism (where those who still go off to provoke them still at that state are taking a risk and know they will face the consequences and the racists will face the law), everything else is clear cut daylight robbery with all the optional extras that will not be tolerated here either and I don’t care what they will become for my part either. I mean how does what we recognise as tribalism in Africa end up in White communities in the UK, where we are already ridden with racism and that in itself comes with optional extras as well mostly? So it is the Labour Party at work as usual, wickedness and evil of the highest order applied with a down to earth sense of personal humility looking for a piece of my own as well which is why it provokes me and my Christianity all the time; it seems to get around the world collecting the evil parts and returning here to practice all of them at will – I mean in terms of tribalism their actions in Africa will have been seen as wickedness, something grownups do to others and likely carry on if they want their mates to round them up and beat them up for it and something children do if they want to be spanked by their parents. There is no such thing as me in danger at the hands of the Royal family; it’s a thing about HRH The Prince of Wales; he does it all the time and I have got to do something about it as well because it will likely get worse – it’s something men do you see, when they want to sit around playing arts of power in a condition where a boy cannot have an opinion as though I have ever had one around them anyway in the first place, so the fact remains that of how they are not required to turn up at Church and need to leave me alone. They always say that when I say it, then I have said a cliché but the reality is that I only know that the Church is a contract that comes together with the Crown of the UK and one cannot be separated from the other, however I was not raised from child hood in an understanding of it like The Prince of Wales was, the things he does therefore to attack me happens because he is completely mad and I need to stop him because it will never get any better either from facts we can see here. They are wealthy and powerful and do not have to turn up in Church as it were, I am not necessarily and need my Christianity and my Church to exist and to survive as it were and cannot see why that is such a problem. As for the Pop stars and the Prince’s trust; the reality of it is that when I stay up all night to work for it, they go there and get money and get rich and famous and so if I do not find something by which I can abuse them to make millions as well, it will never be over as it were because people know what they are doing when they buy those music CDs and they know it is the worst possible feeling of insecurity ever to endure at public office while it happens, besides being a plaything for really stupid and mentally ill women which is supposed to damage your quality of life through great and intense personal suffering that they can never have enough of inflicting as it were, besides which it wrecks your finances because it means people do not want to associate with your work especially when they are royalty – so HRH does it and then sets up the trust to do that for an existence as well and then they all pretend they do not know why I say or do the things I do or say about it – I mean they are not his mate and neither are they mine and I don’t want any nonsense from them either, famous they will be only in hell, for people get famous when they find cultural evils and cling to it in order to spend other people’s property and once they get rich from it spend those persons property to create more as well; that Princes trust will be put in order by those who own it or I will put it in order myself. I am not contrary to popular claims all over the place winding people up over money, there is no such thing; the reality is that when people wreck your literary empire and you rebuild it, then you are a genius but when they wreck it again and you rebuild it again then you have simply got things and there is no way of convincing anybody that you have not got what they are asking you and so I need to beat them and beat them down right down to my foot down and then ensure they leave me alone as well, especially for the Politicians and their supporters. The part where some people feel they want revenge on the British for slavery and slave trade is something that happens because greedy people think they are angry but I know when I get my hands on them I will make a new age out of them all the time so they can kill their fill of it too as it were anyway – reality is that none of the things I say is all talk and no substance like they suggest I am still arguably the one person with the most amount of extreme culture support in the world and do put it up with sub headings on my websites so that people can understand what it is about. It will not be surprising story for them to go to some strange land and then have some girl from savage island remove their heads for them because they did not talk the right language as it were, hence they might want to take note and try to get off my television as well otherwise they can appear on it without seeing it as a means by which they can talk through to me, so I don’t have to start collecting pictures of their silly cities bearing in mind what being the royalty whose property is never respected by idiots who have their own ideas of how to make a living will make of me as it were. I was under the impression for my part that the story about the Falklands should have explained it all anyway; I mean the most level of extreme culture support in the world and Argentina wanting the Falklands – it’s a no brainer when you say it could lead to a process of carving out more of Argentina itself and the referendum there did set the issues out clearly as it were with the three that voted no ; why did they do so and what is a country, that I should have such things and then return to the UK to deal with such incredible nonsense as the distinction between British Nationals and British Nationalists? We have referendums and promises of it these days in the UK like it was water to drink – in out in out its incredible. There is of course the matter of Germans getting up to all sorts but I believe I have set out all I have done to rip it up as well, especially with respect to the matter of those who are complicit with it on grounds of establishing their own economic connections, I mean I have not currently begun collecting pictures of their cities on becoming royalty whose property can never be respected on grounds they want money as it were so far anyway, what has happened is a lot of talk about Americans causing trouble and of course we all know its Germans and sometime Italians at it for the most part; I have lost my temper on this matter and cut it to bits all the way top pop culture and homosexuality as it were, completely with a re settlement of Democracy and Communist relations and so on. The reality of it for the most part is what draws up the story; I mean it’s not yet 150 years since the first and second world war anyway and I am having to do that already on grounds people like to tell me I need to be scared of them due to how they have a history of Nazism in their past; in the end it seems that some people are just so detached anyway, so that the same territory bearing the same name with the same people in it has been responsible for two world wars that took with it over 50 million lives counted in soldiers alone and yet I do suppose then that their actions suggest that those who lost relatives during those two wars are all dead now and there is nobody left that can have a reason to be intensely angry as it were. So of course they always have that story to tell of a great DNA and ancestry but the reality is that of the same territory with the same name and in the same place at work and we are not talking about a process where they spread around the world and therefore create a risk of things they will later discover about their past which creates the tendency for these problems, no, it is the same group of people from the same named territory of about 100 years ago as it were. So the reality for them is a matter of great ancestry as it were and they say I mention Law Liberty and Morality and they are the Liberty in Europe, utter nonsense of course when the reality of it is not just as mentioned above British pop culture getting in on the action to spend my earnings to brew those problems and spend my earnings to sort them out and carry on like that expecting to be famous with a big mouth, it is also a great deal about the fact that Germany is not Liberty and that the US is – largely settled of course contrary to that story of how I cannot verify it through a simple case of religion and society and fundamentalism and a challenge so to speak of having boring sex with your wife, something they lift from my books and pretend it belongs to them as well and cannot shut their filthy mouths on my television as it were because they have access to it, much the same with the Prince of Wales and his idiots and his Prince’s trust and how I always feel that whenever people do not do things by the book it is a laughing matter not because I think it funny as such but rather because it is trivia and so they decide that their trivia cannot be ignored by me because they know where my books are and we therefore have a serious problem here as it were; Germany is not Liberty and even if I was assigned to broker equities with all the Companies in Germany there is nothing anybody can do about it no matter how racist they are. It is important whether or not they fail to see how it is the case that each time they come from a superior ancestry what it means is whether or not others have the right to life, wherefore I have set out all my facts to ensure everybody on this planet except them come from a superior ancestry as well, so it means utter nonsense at this stage and makes no sense and the blacks especially need to keep their insults and sex based abuse to themselves so I don’t have to make them as well. Germany is not Liberty and they do need to do their social and self discovery without killing anybody as it were. The part about how my word and writing is desperate and depressing is another major issue of course and none of it is desperate or depressing as it were, the reality is foolish parents barricading my sales because they think it is fun to and secures the future of their silly children as well and with that set out to make the lives of others a misery in order to try and control me with all that public support I get at their disposal and the need to create me some violence that they need and I have said before they need to stay away from all effects of me, public and personal, private and career if they do not want this to get worse, stay off my book sales and wait for their media fools to do their own and pop stars so sing their own before they buy the CDs because I have really had enough of them – I am not a sales man and there is a way their stuff normally looks so I might have some peace around here, bearing in mind telling them to shut down the advertisements and the media and the politics and the society around my books is not good enough in their view. If I did say they were businesses and entrepreneurs and therefore some of the most successful citizens of the world and nothing like me, they would claim it is insulting and their ego which is a worthy use of other peoples time would have been kindled and yet what they claim to be a life problem is to me something I experience momentarily only when I have done more than I should at any given point and even if I do share such a fact with them there is no way of going back n history to change who they are anyway. It’s always that way and then all these nonsense around me because they claim they are never denied what they want and have means to hurt my head and my chest and my body with their cultural powers if I do not comply and they never ever, ever listen no matter how much complains about how much it hurts I have made mention of, they are much too busy with media and having fun. How on earth am I supposed to sell public place equities and Intellectual property adjudications with companies that have brokered equities with me when they can handle the products at will?- I am saying it is all about my renaissance and who I am and all these things and do very easy to damage and they like to damage it several time every given 24 hours and I will soon enough had given them the kind of competition that is fitting for them as well – this world or even this country is not made up of parents and their foolish kids that want to control me and by the way fans are always nice and I do not have a problem with doing anything I need to do to get it out of them. I am still keeper of heart disease around here too saying these things I say into people’s histories and personal life because they have access to my government provided security as it were and wish to use that to simulate their stupid lives around here and set out to simulate my life and claim it – things people believe my time should be used for hence my warning here have been made very clear and they understand it perfectly. I mean when they say it is all depressing and desperate how on earth do I face an audience and talk to them about my books? It has got to stop; I want it shut down, shut down dead. They say it continues because I do not know when or where to stop and it will never stop, next time they will locate the correct route to fame and fortune and not pretend that I am so irrelevant with their insolence, so irrelevant that I will be made to pay any price or can be. It will never be over until my finances are sorted out. I mean I do understand it is said I have got some book published and therefore sit at home and expect to suddenly find money in my Bank Account and it is a laughable matter, the cheek as it were - of course I will do them again provided it continues; I mean as it stands when was the last time they were really able to impress their friends in the UK anyway? I intend to extend it all over the world and put an end to the onslaught or really stupid and terribly lucky bastards around here for good as well. I am not being manipulated by older people either; for those the first problem was that of teaching me how to pick on those that are weaker than I am while I get picked on and they always knew I will never go along with it because I am a Christian and hence are still trying to make sense of manipulating somebody that is determined to wait for them and get his revenge during their retirement where they will return to being like teenagers and young adults that are not in the workforce; they speak of these responsibilities but I am already notorious for being selfish on account people decided they wanted to get in touch with the characters I criticised in my books because they liked it instead of buy a copy of their own and for that I took away their entire future and institutionalised the process by which I did and I have no idea if these fools expect me to kill them as well anyway - it is to be conceived therefore that I cannot apparently teach them a lesson they will never forget because they have got jobs to protect themselves and perhaps their insolent families as well with.