I am not like the wizard of OZ anything and I suppose people make such insulting statements because they expect Ministers to protect their jobs from me later on when they are finished and of course expect the international community to be able to protect their human rights if racists and multicultural freaks pick on the things I do to them.

I mean it is the same story with fame freaks, get rich quick freaks and incompetent diplomats and or Royal subjects and their families. I do the fame thing while they get rich and famous making deals with the media; and this is what needs to change, so they don’t get to tell me I am like the wizard of OZ which they do so the worst elements in their society can hear them. Of course we are not saying anything with reference to their fellow silly incompetent commoners all over the Civil service and the media (who do nothing but invest in problems and serve themselves with other people income) looking for the most prestigious Political party to be seen with, those always hurt themselves and then have somebody to blame for it.

Surely no body will tell Her Majesty the Queen the things I have said to them on a personal basis refers to The Queen and the opinions she does have about my failures, it wouldn't be sporting anyway.

None of it annoys me in a real sense unlike they would claim it does, the fact of it is that these are very useless and incompetent states men so when they hear me say anything they want to tell people I am American, when they see me do anything want to claim I don't know what I am doing in an academic sense; it helps them catch up and is the most insolent and abusive way known to man to learn from or get inspired by somebody else. Not to mention the big boys otherwise racist except they are not all white, who want to get better off than others are on their own property lest they ask people for something people have got to find out whether or not they intend to share which will mean inferiority. if they are women then the rule is to get about insulting the person to disorientate them and disillusion then, if they are men the trick is to turn into a public essence their private property so everybody can access it and if they cannot do so their lives, while politicians help by exasperating the person to make their opinions available to play around with on the media. the trouble here is that when I do their society and culture and Politics and media as well some idiots get off to round up my market place and seek to turn me into the millionaire that never was in order to make me a frustrated old man like they are while they bounce back and theirs of course has its own time with their silly country men vandalisms (Naturally I would move on but everybody has seen the spread that stuff around the world and deliberately do things to ensure I cannot get a job too, besides which they also have media scum waiting with problems somewhere I get a break to bounce back, while I loose everything to them-and it will not do).

Of course they tell me I am a narcissist and like to make people suffer; rubbish-it is about the democratically inconvenient things people make you feel and how they make you feel it when they need democracy at the other end after they had done it to you and the fact others like you friends and family do not deserve to pick up the tabs for it. Its just my job, too bad they placed their personal lives along the lines of it because they think the world revolves around them.