So they say the London Olympics has created about 10 Million pounds of revenue for the Economy but the whole thing is up for conversation, they say it concerns me too and the world is moving on without me, when I know there is no such thing and that it is clearly therefore the fools on media because it is the only way to have a go at me finding it difficult to detach from the prognosis they run my life. The reality and truth in actual fact being that if they had made no revenue from a process where they had a cleared up Phone line to almost all the presidents of the world, the entire world would have seen how stupid they really are besides which it is all still a squandered opportunity because the UK continues to appear to the rest of the world to have a crumbling leadership, the 10 million pounds they speak of therefore being the one where the line was also open to all the businesses in the world. I mean there is the other talk of how the effects have not been felt outside of London of course but everybody knows that would never happen while we were a union of Four Nations but soon we have devolution as well to make sense of the fact there were four Nations and now some campaign for Independence too all together for good measure: about which they would say they want to make the Monarchy modernise and work like most modern governments which is actually utter nonsense because the Monarchy is modern enough as it is and does its duty of collecting which is the best the society and culture has created for the benefit of the people, while the one person that threatens that security happens to be the very heir to the Throne itself, who makes a duty of collecting the worst the culture has created as well, sometimes even making out it is his own preparation process thereof but then again he gets a lot of popular support from Politicians and charlatan popular culture fame freaks, who speak of their success which is the same as stock market robbery i.e. I am not too certain of equities in a transaction at the stock market but instead of 1 company I will get 20 involved because if my feeling is right, the profits could be unprecedented, so the reality is that he will get his money and people all over the world will lose money into the global market to cover for him and that is perfectly fine and therefore something you can do everyday too but most of all which is where the problem here begins, other people’s property, in fact the equities of their companies must be deployed whenever you do so to deceive people and hold out until they lose such money to cover for you and your big fake stock market deals and of course Politicians support this Policy against me which is why I will have their Hyde and that of their followers as well. They complain I sleep with peoples wives of course but nobody will ever know why people must extract and deploy equities of other peoples Companies to secure decadence and allow popular culture idiots to attain an opportunity to make noise about replacing others as Princes, nobody knows why anybody would extract and deploy equities of another person’s business to secure deals that should never have been made to steal from people at the stock market never mind the fact the stealing was bad enough as it were in the first place and nobody knows why Politicians would attack such a person because he has refused to make his property available to people in order to help them steal from others in such ways but of course it is clearly one of those reasons for the things I do to deserve what people do to me, so that I might do other things for deserving it as well. You know when I mention for example the importance of cashing into what white boys in the business world are terrified of about me since it is the only way to stop the threats and they suppose I do what I do because it is a worthy cause. Why does anybody need to extract equities from another person’s company to deploy for some other reason to leave the person with carnage after the day’s work, why do they need to equities to blind and deceive people as to some fresh and high decadence in order to settle deals that would never and should never have been made at the stock market to steal millions from people and why would anybody attack the owners of such property because they do not approve? Hence in perspective their recent media obsession with the Olympic legacy and my position over claims it has something to do with me yet again. Then they say it is how the economy has always worked and I have done what I have done because it has been required of me for change instead of white people. I mean they will give me back my property once they have destroyed everything by crowding me out and using it to find out how to do their own. Nobody knows what is so complicated about the fact that in terms of business with run by themselves they are always directly responsible for the customer but in terms of industry chains, then the distributors work for the small businesses and the small businesses work for the bigger ones and hence there is no such thing as economic recovery that requires anybody to pillage my company. I mean I remember coming back to the same sport four times over what a white man comes to before he turns racist all together but it is not enough for the way the economy has always worked requires people to demand that Princes give up their existence for others to make stock market deals with for it has always been the way the economy operates as that would make things easy on account he is already globally famous and yes that is correct, they cannot get off media as well – so an old story of when people handle them and the economy normally works the way they say it does. As I said, one thing for people to think another person’s company exists to have equities they can extract and deploy to get things done or even think that a game of the past and the present which ensures they cheat those who are younger than they are as their culture allows them to is something others wish to put up with or tolerate, bad as that is nobody knows why any would think the stock market is a place at which to rob the world and as bad as both may be nobody knows why any would want to extract and deploy the equities of another person’s company to deceive people with and rob the world at the stock market claiming it is the way to economic recovery and nobody knows why Politicians would attack those that do not make their companies available for such things either but for me they say what I do I do because I think it is a worthy cause and there is therefore to end in sight to what I will do to deserve their attacks and what I will do after I deserve it.

We see these matters express themselves a lot better over the claim that I am never really interested in what concerns people more because I prefer the big stuff but in actual fact what happens is that they get their stupid lives into a lot of trouble via their stupidities and because they will never accept another person’s leadership and actively punish those who find ways of providing solutions and answers to such problems as they have created for themselves, I am now being bullied by them to a point where they want to institutionalise it – so there is nothing to say about it save the truth which is that they can carry on and if they want the Police to push them into a corner and shoot them they know how to make that happen too, all I want is a process where they leave me alone and get lost as the fact I will never accept racism or Nazism as the under belly of society means I must tolerate the idea they want to be rich and famous for the most part. Their Politicians say I am a perfect example of how the worst society has to offer hold positions of leadership in the UK but the truth is that you are not the worst a Country has to offer if the Head of State gives you a commission that is actually sweetly forced on you when you are 21 just because a group of self harming and incredibly foolish men have continued to think since then that Parliament and the civil service exist so they can wreck your finances – in the end the whole idea of turning up to repeat wisdoms they hear from me to me and make out it is their idea is becoming more intolerable as these insults abound in the same way their fools aforementioned know I do not like to be peddled by anybody but do the things they do in order to extract some poetic existence from me with which to ensure that doing things is easy for them; it is not largely a huge issue, they are lower classes who always live a difficult and or violent life, so it is the same way I put up with those that care about me that I put up with them but in their case they expressly want to extract from me a very violent and distressing reaction to their lives while they get the benefits of my work never the less at the same time and nothing actually works that way – I mean for example the fracking debate in the UK about which my initial prognosis is that of how I must oppose shale gas exploration when it is their insolence that wants me to on account they can campaign for things, hence I support shale gas exploration but I already have a project where I work with companies to help them clean up past and present forms of industrialisation and therefore this means ironically that these idiots have got me over a barrel and so when they chose to mention things like Farmers and Rural Areas I am caught and trapped and used and abused and they have had fun hence the question of which is the Farmers that are their Farmers and the Rural Areas that are their own as it were. I believe I have made it clear to them they need stay off my book sales or it will blow up over it – the part of questions of whether I am being bullied by them will be answered when I have settled up on my idea of what I want for a public life all together.

Now the idea that ‘African-Americans’ are painted with a broad brush is wholly without foundation, the truth is that African-Americans are not poor people; they have enough money to afford things like weekly parties and we are not talking about individual households and a drink or two, we are talking about communities getting into a party every week, litter everywhere, people loitering all of the time etc because the funds are there to support them. the problem is that they are incredibly destructive and as I always say need to live with the consequences of what happens when others deploy it for power; they do not have that free range to get around making money anywhere they want anymore with their insults and abuses everywhere and this is a fact they think they have got power to surmount and like to make noise nothing will give them satisfaction better than seeing me dead. Trayvon Martin thought like that too in the same way his parents raised him to think and having been he was invincible has ended up very well indeed himself. What are the chances of that anyway exactly? It’s the same old story; with our insults and abuses everywhere we do not have the free range to just get around anywhere getting rich anymore but we think there are enough of us to provide the necessary power with which to dominate everybody in order to do so and nothing would be more pleasurable than the means through which to murder a certain British Arch Prince; so when you hunt them as well until they die and Police Helicopters hover all over the area and Hollywood tends to glamorise it.


Of course it is said the truthful facts about all these matters as a whole is that it is all about money while people hear it is about religion and about faith and about government etc and the reality is that black children are getting killed over it, especially when they want some of it too. But of course we all know it is not that simple and that what they do is express their uncontainable appetite for harming people over what they own and destroying what other people own along with a difficult conundrum for the law that they believe a Prince cannot create for them as well – hence we hear the complains and they do not in any way make it better by continuing to make it up.

It’s like the story about fracking in the UK where we know it is an Industry that is coming up as a whole and that we have legitimate concerns and the risks are air and water table contamination while the benefits are cheap supply of gas for British People during a time of austerity which others which venture into with and this is very important, ‘with their own money’, the income from it of which a certain percentage will be paid in tax. So when people say the government did not have to give tax breaks to the Industry thereby giving away tax payers money to people who really need to venture out to work and make their money, I am not scared of ashamed to say the UK Government as we have known it for the last ten centuries and beyond has always been heavily dependent on tax revenue and so the relationship with businesses and working people is very important to the Government; hence the government would have made a mistake about the fracking Industry at its peril due to what the tax payer and the general public will make of it. Hence the other side of the argument based on facts we are aware of i.e. the government and these companies have told us that they are given tax breaks to ensure that their costs are low during prospect so that when the business gets underway the tax payer does not have a big bill for services which in actual fact sounds like a really good use for a tax break, so we must now look to the government to manage the relationship with these companies that we have as a Country which they will not want to fail to do if they want to get elected as such. The idea then that people should be allowed to come in and break their backs fracking for everybody to see can become a much biggest risk to us as a Country than the idea of casting risk management to the fundamental worth of the Industry and whether it can raise enough money to clean up any mess that would have been made, because any right minded person should expect when they find their gas they will sell it to us as break back prices too and will laugh like we laugh at them. I am not just getting involved with random issue here either as it would have been suggested; it is much the same issue with food production – we wake up to find ourselves in the middle of a fight between food producers and a collection of Americans who depend on the power the American military exudes around the world and when they know I am likely to become interested in where they have placed themselves on an occasion where food producers want to start controlling seed availability and therefore food availability, they find out that all those days where my books turn up on media scandalously will pay off as a means of attacking me to make me do their civil rights for them. So it is on the whole the nature of the broad brush by which African Americans are painted mostly. The reality is that I am a Black Prince, interested in the underworld of course and always have been and more so I am one dubbed a Golden king therefore as well; I have always known for as long as I live since the day we were children that these fools are criminals, of course when they have not committed crimes they think there is nothing I can do but that is proving to be a mistake; if they stay away from me and do not strike conversations with me while they expect to blame me for exposing them as criminals at the same time more over of which I have no wish to have a conversations with them and of course stay away from my book sales not doing so of which will blow this matter up in their faces, then they will be perfectly okay – if they do not comply with this there is nothing left to do but the path we are following, worse and worse on a daily basis to that effect therefore.