The story of how I do what I do because I miss my mother is not an emotive one; I never say a thing about it because of what I will lose from what I have made a good job of i.e. having friends that are able to set out a lifetime of campaigns for self improvement and self preservation, campaigns for self progression and self advancement for idiots that get on their media to attack and burden me with their problems of this form, so I can spend more time making sure the males ones set out as many of these lifetime of campaigns for the females and fathers and they possibly can bearing in mind popular culture means the females were already due to their complicity with wickedness notorious for being burdened with these campaigns. The point of view is that I do think about whether or not I am blaming others for problems I create for myself or do act in ways that damage my own life which is really stupid and for people who know they are incredibly silly but if they get it involved with other people’s lives will do some damage and therefore think it to mean power over me to tell me that I miss my mother does not need further explanations to express publicly why I find it offensive; it may be a complement to them and others like them but not to me and this is where they need to zip it. The Politicians think nobody knows they give signals to their community croons to keep an eye on me like others spend time studying subjects in order to be good at it, that they might move into the feeling of any progress I make with anything I am doing, hence they still find it in themselves to tell me I miss my mother and that this feeling is the reason I do the things I do because they expect a reaction that will force me to solve the problems of their stupid lives but it is not that funny anyway and I don’t find it so hence mention it because I need make clear if it comes up again there will certainly be more of these lifelong campaigns. I am not innocent in the matter either; when you have stifled the whole idea of media and popular culture and they can get it back when they get off your book sales and you can sell your books and take a holiday from their stupidities from whence you will be solving the problems of their stupid lives thereafter and at the same time stifled their culture until your livelihood is settled and secure and they keep their insolence where it belongs for that reason whether or not they see you as something they must pillage to get out of their present lifelong predicaments which Politicians relish the idea that they might want to and proceed further to stifle that stupid culture and move them on to do something useful with their stupid lives to a point where changing whether or not such a thing has happened using media becomes their salvation, you expect they will cling to you and cause trouble around you like some glue which is not to say their insults get less anyway and hence entirely normal – I am talking about missing my mother and what will happen the next time they suggest it, whether or not they make me feel I am smaller than I really am so they can dominate all the time. 

Now as much trouble as I will get for my actions and words is largely limited to a condition where a collection of fools continue to think that their girls and women can behave in any way they please in my direction on account they will get protected and protected by these men who think of themselves as daddies and believe that wrecking peoples lives and property is sport on account they have societies and cultures hence we are not having nearly enough fun yet. As I have mentioned before nothing they say to complain about my actions is anything remotely like they truth, unless they want to create a semblance of it with claims I stifle the media industry which I have since their disrespect for me of which I want nothing otherwise has led to a condition where I have created an operation stage where I stifle media on one hand and allow culture run wild around me by stifling it as well on the other knowing of their appetite for destruction and now I am running an equities and securities business as publicly as I possibly can – the reasons for their insults is the old adage of how much money they make at my expense and which people are the right people for respect and around whom is the right place to be but knowing I know my literary empire is worth a lot of money that I must find products to release to pay for my own needs, they have decided making sure they are the ones doing so will constitute one less problem of wealth inequality for the world and I need to know especially alongside their fellow business idiots who cannot be told off practicing evils of extortions and exploitation of customers all over the world, even when they know you have set them on a path to decline by rounding up everything that looks like a means of running a business with people’s choice and consent with those stupid big businesses which again has now developed into something about royal allies that they have who will make me behave first of all and then the idea they cannot get themselves off my book sales because it is where they need ideas and equity property for moving forward and so I have done these things with media and culture and the process of running an equity brokerage business as publicly as possible not just to find out where that big mouth will lead since they are always handling my person and property in order to get on public places to build up an intent, an intent that gets violent all the time and the violent gets transferred all the time and no matter how much I get rid of it their media must establish it and then complain about which I don’t see them address their Politicians in that way and no matter what problems it causes here will see them become more and more and more and more inconsiderate. The part about royals they have as allies is very well understood of course but the reality will always remain what it is i.e. certain members of the royal family like HRH The Duke of York likes to ensure he makes sense out of the destruction of my work and I am having enough of it too as it were; I mean he speaks of keeping me away from his daughter but if he did allow my finances perhaps he would never have felt that way about anything in the first place, never mind a condition where she plays around with my work and an Americans feels like getting into a relationship with her on grounds he thinks he likes or loves her as it were and the result becomes the same old case of American idiots and a problem with my book sales who will marry into the British Royal family as expected, just like he gets to make sense when it makes no sense whatsoever to act in order to wreck my finances all the time. The part that is being done by black people is the same old story; no matter how clean and good their reputation must have been in the eyes of the general public as it were, they are always keen to play their tricks with everybody; tricks where they send out idiots around them to get along with people forcefully so that in the end those people tend to behave like those idiots which will give them the means of becoming more and more and more and more important and so when I ask who the fuck Nelson Mandela seems to have been they make noise about sacrilege as those this is their own lives but that statement of insolent intent I take away from them all the time about which they will one day come close enough to make and establish them on that stupid media continues - so any normal person would have realised that the way to take care of them and what troubles them thereof is simply to ensure a state of affairs exists that determines how many music CDs can be sold by them per day, then pretend I do not know it is the reason they attack my books and finances and get all over the media so I can do them again along with their white counterparts but again as I said most of my actions are developed around making sure these stupid men are under control so I can return to my academic work and it will lead to pure attrition with those stupid big businesses as well, starting off from such things as when we find their personal lives in public for people to play around with and I review the equities of those stupid businesses on a daily basis and rip them up; the same old reason I hate popular culture so much since a country and living in a real one should have been about whether or not I am doing a job somebody paid me to do for them or doing a job that I created for myself unless they exist and then there will be all sorts of problems thereof. I mean how do you lose all you have on account you ignore a certain group of people about whom what they have does not interest you and they will never buy your products in hell; pay them any attention and it will not just be a case of perpetually bumping into people in public to tell you they have been claiming to be your boss, which is something they do as a follow up to those claims I make complains when I have no enemies but just too many friends, whereas the truth in actual fact is that they attack me all the time in order to become me and that is why I do what I do to their stupid societies and culture and civil rights and media, so that any attention you pay them will be commercialised lending you pure agony and yet it is the process where you pay them none that will constitute the problem with that big mouth. My point is that they never tell people this is what they are doing and that it is the reasons I harm them as much as I have and take away from them the means to those stupid insolent statements of intent about which I will one day do so while they are on their way to the next life as well; what they tell people instead never ever takes a semblance of anything that is remotely the truth; I mean complains about wealth distribution on one hand and the process of claims I miss my mother while they do it should have been unfathomable to people unless they control what people think with a media I had dared not stifled with that big mouth, which only has propelled me to doing my equities business with publicity so I can get the opportunity to crush it which of course is really what anybody that is serious about taking care of them as a problem needs to do – that they round me up like an animal and wreck my finances because they want to be the ones cashing into the millions in my royal property claiming it is one less wealth inequality problem they have to worry about with that big mouth and it is like that old case where they tell me that it was on my watch that Europe because the economic sick man of the world on account they are doing some secret vandalism somewhere which constitutes the means of a public declaration of an intent because they think it is the power to do and undo and cannot leave people alone.

All together I know I am winning by controlling the part of the economy that operates by consent and choice and they and their big businesses we will find out how long they will last as they continue with a policy of taking what you like, while their media and popular culture idiots continue with a policy of if I cannot be you I will be the thing that you created through as involvement with me that I know does not exist but I forced on you because we and our women have a plan to make a living extracting an income from your property earning the perks of your job and spending your money on ourselves with a big mouth and publicity people give to them and complain later about me too. So this is as much trouble as I will get into with that big mouth.