It has been running on for some days now on Media, that I have been tamed but I have no idea what people are taming anyway, we all know they love to disrupt everything I do, start a fight with me and send in their children which ensures my situation is worse than or below that of any other person in the neighbourhoods, I have no idea what they have tamed when they have not been dealing with revenge for the fact this tends to happen every 24 hours anyway. These sorts of answers have only proven to get them claiming I am boasting but cannot do anything to look after myself anyway and we all know the best outcome when they had become one of my main concerns since they cannot keep their hands to themselves, is that they will complain all the way to the politicians at Parliament and the worst could be that the Politicians refuse to do anything about it and their situation is worse than everybody else’s for bothering me. They however do speak of Royals who do not fancy me being an Arch Prince as such and it never really makes sense in terms of this anyway; these goons have always done these things since the first day I arrived in the UK and the abuses really started off with them making out I am an activist like it was in my veins to be one and then a time will elapse and they will make money from that and start to claim I am a Conservative while they were the real thing and time will elapse with the same results attached, then they will say I am Royalty but they were the real thing and the whole process will continue; so because HM has built and awarded me facilitation for the way I handled it, I have now done so well for myself that other Royals want to take it from me all together, what beats me then being that I cannot make out what exactly is stopping them. They have however always said I talk but then the trouble will come at some stage and its an old story where I am talking because that is what I am doing, if there is a fight they will not need to inform the Public that there one as well, I am really lost as per which was the difficult task compared to keeping off my case and giving me my space.

So eventually I am also told I never do a thing without making sure it totally depended on other people which is not really the case; I could have just decided what I had to do concerned women bullies at society who are not complaining about me all the time, so since women are always complaining at the background of Public living, this is their version of complain and if it is about me, I do not mind. I now need to do the same things with the Media and the Celebrities who are the facilitators of everything popular culture nastiness and Political nastiness and stock market nastiness that ensures I am always trying to chose the least stressful route when I am asked to do a job and their complains are usually meant to show up on Media, what history says is that it usually shows up as a case against wealth inequality, so I am expecting to extricate the same results. The Royals are just the ones who have become rather convinced they can take anything they want from my work and it needs to stop; the fact they enjoy betraying me on Media and then kicking off a fight around me which ensures they build up society trouble makers and make a mess of this hermitage while my Public image is shared with Celebrities and any person that wants to give them some money, the processes needed to dessert me endlessly is just prove that doing so is a matter of urgency. Here I get told that I am wrong about what people think of me but I am not, the case is rather that if I made out people need to buy the Books I have written to avoid the problems they speak of, it will add up to blackmail and so I need to do it a certain way at the Markets but clearly, when I look in the faces of these goons, it goes beyond just picking up my work and throwing it to the dogs, to then set out on Media claiming that it belongs to some racists or some people playing football and so on, which I have gathered is a way of finding trouble makers to spend money on whenever they pretend to be me and this will ensure my Assets ended up in a place they can pick for their own purposes whenever they wanted, when I look in their stupid faces, there is no relationship there whatsoever only a sense of that incredibly foolish dominance and it will never stop. The case with people who are interested in my work has been taking a turn for the better again and again and again I have to say; we are now at a stage where they can communicate with me about deals they want to make i.e. such as the fact they are not prepared for any stupid wars and will not be getting involved in any, hence I can arrange community for Parents or of the problems they end up dealing with, especially in terms of sexual relationships because they did not take the matters I have been talking about seriously enough, meaning I can arrange an academia that we all share if I have to do so on social media all together and so on, hence it does not imply that when I say it would be better if people were buying the Books to avoid the problems I am frustrated as such in that respect, I am not, I do so to draw attention to the fact people say I go too far but have not been able to show that they have seen this sorts of nonsense before, whereby a group of people have a whole existence which is entirely concerned with hunting down and extracted the best made plans from other peoples lives and families. I have seen them express what they think of those best made plans on Media and stock market and fashion etc and I have seen what Politicians think about those who have been able to extract it from peoples lives as well i.e. it needs to complain on Media like they usually do over inequality that allows those who work Government Office to enjoy some sense of personal stability and I do not mind should they be complaining about me to make it happen.

The thing about the Politicians being best explained when it is seen in light of such important government Office matters as the ones I have discussed being displayed while I am of the opinion it does not make me vulnerable to Media and stock market trouble makers but it does not; I am an Arch Prince, not a Celebrities and the Office of the Arch Prince is not a separate thing from me and hence people need to be more helpful in that respect. The good thing about never doing the job for the Politicians of course is that they eventually pick it up and do it anyway at some point when the consequences of not doing it is completely out of control, such that when HM says they need to get off their bums and get it done, we appear to have ended up with a Constitutional crisis. So their case concerning my best made plans thing obviously, is to spend tax payer funds wrecking my academic work and then some more of it to help the sugar babies who dart off their insults everywhere to churn peoples tummy and then spend some more of it to wreck my finances and tell me I have a problem to deal with that is of a violent nature which is set to make them comfortable as soon as their involvement with the whole messy business had begun to pay off. Hence the business of people making out that I am a separate thing from the Office of the Arch Prince or that I am a celebrity is set to create an effect whereby their case will help me make Books that will support me while I get the academic work finished for my position; the academic work I started in 2004 but have not finished in 2018, in fact have taken the time between 2009 and 2018 just to tidy up the mess they made of my whole life in order to return and get it done while they hung around making it difficult; its quite unbelievable that I have been unable to put through a single credible word concerning this while their society has been provoking me and telling lies about it all day long – nobody seems to notice a link between these behaviour they exhibit and a process where mine adds up to the business of taking up their whole time and then doing all in my power to waste it, what they have become most interested in is what I tell the Media and how important what the Media knows about my work is, while what I tell the Media serves to curb their Armed Forces corruption that will not listen even when word has come from HM endlessly times about why they need to desist from antagonising me – the outcome of course is their corruption, the Royal friends they have and the business of an Arch Prince who has a day job in a Warehouse; I mean if the job was going to hamper Royal Public image, I really have no idea why it has shown up on Media anyway, that said, apart from their corruption, there is nothing wrong with a job. The society ones on the other hand are a completely different situation, unlike it is said I antagonise everybody while the need to punish me for having a religion to believe in is the basis for female civil rights movements of a global scale, the deal I am being made including one where I must give up the business of being like a Muslim otherwise I will be deserving what will be coming to me and it destroys so much of what women do for their civil activities talking nonsense about getting what the men are getting from the trapped Prince that is being made to do hard work so women might enjoy conveniences; their case is one about coming to the deduction every time, that they are never important unless they were doing some war or action against crime somewhere due to the fact their kids are running around making trouble for everybody while they have imagination that goes up my anus all the time, a bet of a merry go round as it were since each time they had performed such tasks they attack me further claiming they have done my stuff and we will be back at square one – the women ones are the ones that are complaining about how much emphasis I place on the fact women are always complaining at the background of public living but we all know it’s a matter of the processes involved in Childbirth and what I do not fancy is them having babies on my Public image so they might exhibit an imagination that goes up my anus of their own as well over money issues, talking about a Man’s work I need do to ensure they had safety and security randomly on the streets; they need to do it the way that most women do it otherwise they will be doing it on my account, which is why they are complaining about me at the background of Public living. What they do with their time most provocatively is tackle me because I support the Ladies first disposition, so this is where it gets serious and they are learning about the fact that nobody is ever really confused about their insanity like they think people are, since their behaviour adds up to the business of telling people to randomly pick up the business of protecting women, doing some women’s work that will never end, even when doing so gets me making sense by twisting them into such a difficult corner that they are never important unless they perform some act that involves tackling National enemies, hence it does get worse from here random women’s work by those who complain the most that a woman’s work is never done, especially when you do prevent them from doing it if they could when they wanted to, therefore they tend to do it when it has festered, which helps to kill off the myth that they would not have been affected on account they were married. They have consistently suggested they are better off than I am regardless of the damage they do here to maintain their silly theories like their abusive Civil rights consistently does with peoples lives but they are not, they have only been getting Industry goons who wish to ensure my Equities and Assets were taken from me and ended up somewhere they could access at a later date give them money for insulting and abusing me, through processes of selling products but the provocative part is that even when they have been doing this for months and even years, they claim to be unable to draw a link between people rewarding them for making me chose the least stressful route over my work due to popular culture, stock market and political abuses and the incomes they are supposedly making through stock trading, so it has taken what they intended to harm me by but did not appear to be a problem for me and then galvanised it into a problem that they expect me to ignore and tolerate as stupidly as possible because they were depending upon it - just like they claim I have been tamed and when I try making that go away then they claim I am unable to look after myself while I have a big mouth and yet they have not so far ended up with a position that is lower than everybody else's because of me yet, so I have no idea why tolerating them means that I cannot look after myself. Its like the Government Chief of Staff disposition whereby work has to be done to facilitate the business of Armed Forces personnel who are really very educated people although I like to tell society trouble makers they were not important unless they tackled crime or did some war; they still tend to handle me, disrupt and distract me from everything I do at this Hermitage and there is no way that complaining about me will likely end if this does not end first.