The idea that I fight against those that are trying to bring about the justice of wealth equality in the world, no claims from it of which are based on fact no matter how impossible it is for me to get robbed and it seems it is just fine if I suffer with their big mouth they can shoot off at just about anybody they wish.

The truth is that they have not got a chance in hell of doing anything about the incredibly wealthy people who may or may not be stealing from them if they have given up on anything and everything that they were meant to do to help themselves in the first place. More so bearing in mind that if there is a certain money stock in the world and they were to make themselves millions, those millions as equally as the millions that the incredibly rich people have would be coming from the same stock. So this is the justice they vehemently reject because they think they are evil and once they have seen people they can condemn them no matter who it is.

Destroying my life and income to get this done on the other hand will certainly make them enemies of both sides. For I did not get involved with such things because I was looking out for more privileges or indeed seeking out a process where I can be abused by spineless scum and then challenged to a fight as though I was their equal, I did because if it is to apply that people steal from others to get rich then the barest minimum must be respected; that for each time they steal from others they must have stolen from them with a sense of surreptitiousness in order to limit their appetite, otherwise the basic standard of human rights will be sacrificed for money, especially those kinds of human rights which take time and money to build. Same old story of course about why rich people steal from them as it were and they detach me from my income with media to make me victim and force me to fix it then set off to savage my privacy and personal life to please their stupid girls and women.

I am a Christian and the Bible rule says he who repents shall be saved, nothing said about he who suffers enough. I really don’t care and want to shut up the Music industry ones because they provoke and then escalate provoking me way too often for their own good. They always think that when I have finished with them for my part, they will be able to tell me who I can and cannot sell things to and that will simply make another story entirely-Old case.