They say my stand point on the economy is full of rubbish but I have no idea what makes them like to make out my stand point on the economy is the same thing as my business. These are the people who happen to be the MPs that are pushing for an economy that will progress along the lines of people that others can dominate and now are making out somebody is creating an economy in the vested interest of stupid moral people, bearing in mind when people have been beaten down so low they have so much to loose when they have decided to defend themselves of which is a very good thing for the economy and not an example reason they are always being targeted by racists i.e. they are really stupid people. For me they say I speak like that but I am simply supporting a process where others will get involved with the gangs and use it to hurt me to get rich but I have no idea what it means anyway when the fact somebody has some money and decides to share it with gangs has got nothing to do with me except when it is a threat which means that his biggest problem is the money in the first place. It is never clear why they cannot just leave alone other people and do their jobs in the correct way and then maybe when they do, perhaps there will be no problems. Thereafter which they also say that I speak like that to encourage the conservatives to get poised in position to do things to people that make them feel tired out of breath and out of power all the time. I have no idea what makes them think that is not in my interest either; because of people were feeling out of energy in this country we would have been having proper government not idiots that continually attack others for doing what needs to be done in the correct way that it should be done, when they know that how they have done it is the correct way that it should be done, more so when they want to protect their ideology of giving get rich quick idiots credit cards that are funded by the tax payer literarily.

They say somebody is happy about the high rate of youth employment when they are the ones who stupid kids will only get jobs if they have hate figures. People have jobs but we don’t, that means they have enough jobs and it is our turn; with no regard for the fact that such things means they have pre-decided that they want and have already been electing people into government office on the platform of providing them with 50% unemployment and yet it is not even 10% as we speak and somehow it was meant to affect somebody else only. 

I have no idea why they always think I need to know anyway when these guys are their colleagues; conservatives this, Liberal democrats that when in actual fact they are all colleagues from separate parties in that parliament and what these guys are doing with the economy is simply managing one according to the rules and not according to providing idiots with credit cards on the tax payer and setting out new economies that will be built on targeting people that they simply want to set out and hurt for a feeling they want to get from doing so. I am tired of hitting them because of these things, they already have a hung parliament as we speak and I don’t want to be the one responsible for making it worse, so I am going to get my hands off it, although I will keep the advantages; where have been that of being able to hit the stupid irresponsible civil service where my property and details are never safe; they give them to fame freak hoodlums that find things like my phone number in the possession of employers, then get off to tell those that the number is their number and that they recognise it and so on, it has come to mean that their insolent and stupid lives will not be safe in my hands either. So this is what it would have been placing it in the context of the economy as a whole which is what they are saying, with respect to the Politicians of which the main issue is that supposing the outcome was that each time they get up everyday to get into flashy suits and kiss their wife and kids goodbye only to get into houses of government to vandalise my earnings, I decided to have no conversations about it because I can walk into the Houses of parliament and get linked to peoples in strategic places in order to gain access to the Bank account of a Minister, do they seriously propose that those fame freak hoodlums they give my details to would care if such a thing is happening or that it has an effect on the Country?

They say the problem is that I find things to easy I make them lackadaisical but I have no idea what that means when the real problem is rather that I do what I do with the allocated time I have to do them, while they decide that for Politics to be necessary they must ruin peoples lives to create problems. So that when I tell them this is the country where people never ever run out of problems and there is no history where such rubbish has ever happened and that is your contraption which I will do somewhere in hell, the part the devil does not control so they can have everything thereof, they get all over the place with those their families of really low underground world criminal children they like to threaten people with and then tell me I am trying to allow the Conservatives to get to a place where they can do as they like, when they have already created a politics of shouting people down to make their point. At some point whereby I will spend whatever acumen that stupid party has left and it will become a little bit serious.

When I say whites should never move into my right to build that stupid means of throwing those their burdens on me in order to have a good feeling about life and blacks should never move into my right to build any stupid fame and fortune industry, they think its is all a big joke or something but I suppose I have made myself clear that it appears one of us will need to depart this world before it stops and there is no such process where it has become sub culture here. What they want to talk about is the things I say when media scum move into my right instead any time that I happen to mention it, to seek privileges which involve abusing me and involve a process where I am doing a fight to please them.

So in the end they say I do things for women and there is no reason I should not treat men in the same way; after their very good friends do things like set up websites where they list women as wankable Celebrities surnames and everything, complete with those their stupid girls in pictures at the background whom we know will never do Pornography because they find it painful and like to feel there are other ways of getting very rich and very famous instead. These women by the way of whom are married and have two things that are such a huge advantage with such things going on I.e. the fact they work on TV and the fact they have children to raise but then it gets better for they target me with it as well and tell me I look like a woman with a big mouth and we are still as a result showing them where that incredibly stupid lower class life starts and stops hence the reason I look like a woman (the things people vote for in this country anyway). Clearly I probably do look like a woman because I have a job to show people which is the country and which is the diplomacy, which of course means when I say such things they have discovered new means of stealing my fame to get rich and it brings us to security issues of course where they will punish us for colonialism and when rich enough from that take up things that have through colonialism made them better people as well to get even richer, bearing in mind there is also things like racism in Europe but for now it is a game of European security and identity conundrum which is funny in their view – I am happy to set out these issues of course but it seems they are all over the place because they have media power and do not wish to pay the price.

Like those their business idiots like to make out the problem to be that I am still getting around with businesses against their wishes who are not in my league; which I cannot make sense of since what really is the question is that if they do not wish to broke equities with me that I then declare on my sites they should be no where around me or my property for their purposes. I mean what is media meant to achieve anyway; that when somebody bids for my equities and set it up through a media connection of his via an advertisement and I have to decide whether or not to accept and declare that it had been given to the person on my sites, when I refuse an equity, media will force it through?

They say I never say anything definitive about the economy and this is because everything definitive I say about the economy is ridiculed by them and their Politicians because they think everything should be a topic for fun. I had said from day one the expedition I found myself in was to do with the diplomatic front but 4 years on and no body has cracked it yet, they talk rubbish on the economy and tell me I say nothing definite. In the end their point is that I am still trying to make decisions on other peoples assets and property which is the biggest load of rubbish I have ever head as I am the one that had enough acumen to be given a royal estate in this country not them and their conservative foolishness. In their eyes it appears we will get together and get out of the economy crisis together but in my eyes the painting is very different in that the truth is that the only way I can ever sell my books and pay myself for a job of 8 years so far without pay is that of recovering every single bit of my property since the start of their games with it, whether or not they have ended up with a new democracy, so they can leave me alone and mind their own business. Labour is an example of how it works I.e. after they have done the damage they can either allow me recover my property the way I want to or they will find that circumstances will recover it for me. in the case of Labour I am not giving back that stupid left, until my job pays me enough to give me a holiday away from them and their communities and societies and country so they can govern and do whatever they like, there is no point assuming I will find another way to earn a living so they can dominate with having created a history which helps them to earn my income and talk rubbish as well such as being accused of being half a human being because I am a Christian and then held down somewhere and never allowed to do anything with myself until their spiritual powers can control me first, to the point where I have been tortured into being half a human being altogether. It will never work that way, it will work my way; I can earn from my job or they will never have that left ever again forever – I mean as it stands the media is already tired of doing gangs so that they can build up fame for me on the left, after all those years of being allowed and enabled by Politicians to abuse me because they want to ensure they wreck my finances and control me to ensure whenever they want anything they can make me give it to them and then ensure I never escape while they have anything they want in life. It will all remain like this for the rest of time unless I earn from my job and they can start immediately if they want.