They always want to know what my stand on racism is and the obsession with knowing it is incredible. My stand on racism of which they are aware I am a Christian and both racist and those who are scared of it are operating with exactly the same prognosis of evil that is in effect violent towards me. They always say that, that they want to murder people who live where they should not as their skin colour shows that they should not be living there but at the heart of it is a desire and plan to wake up everyday and get off to take something that somebody else has worked for. The black ones I don’t understand however, why they target me all the time, maybe it is because the racists are too strong for them. every argument they make, makes sense to them. That they bully people because they hug older women makes sense to them as justification for their actions. That when they wreck peoples finances and personal lives with their insolent intrusion and stupidities, they were dealing with wealth in equality in the world as the result is that the person is cash strapped while they have their own jobs which is the source of such confidence in the first place but it makes sense to them in everyway whatsoever. Then they tell me I have a problem with competition when done, of which when I compete another story emerges altogether. Now I have to tie off Politicians in order to compete, while they who get support from Politicians don’t have to but they are still making so much noise all over the place and will not leave me alone never the less. Everybody thinks the way to have money is to get a job and work for it, they think the way to have money is to use people’s stuff, dress well and show off and it does not work for me. I do the things I do because I tell them not to use my stuff and they stuff me full of problems so they can grab it and take it where I cannot reach it and then use it and dress well and show off which is what it is all about. As far as I know of which besides being forced out of academic work and a job because my kind of success will encourage racism to happen to somebody else which is something said by black people and not racists about how powerful racism is, it was racists that liked to do the I want black stuff but if I get it and have to thank those I got it from, I will be inferior. Now black people do it more than racists and are always on me because racists are too strong for them. Then they tell me what I say is what Cowards say of which as I am aware the point being of course that bearing in mind whenever they see somebody that is naïve and does not know what prison or the Law is trying to save themselves from something, it should never have appeared to them that they are better off not knowing what it is about, they are supposed to bully endlessly and when such people say they want to kill somebody they are supposed to completely disbelieve them and when they get killed think I am supposed to mastermind a riot, which is why I kill it off in this country for they ought to die and go to hell as far as I am concerned. I am not fighting any stupid racism and if it carries on they will net themselves a proper racist and die first and of course they do not use my stuff they need to get off it and get lost. Never use my stuff.

They love those claims my views are a real problem for people and for the world and that if I was more focused on my Royal work I would have none of those problems I speak of. Of which I simply cannot make out what being focused on my Royal work has got to do with whether or not people are grabbing the light off my face to get rich with and in any case what sort of sort of insults and familiarities are those supposed to be? 

On the contrary I don’t have a problem with the authority of the Politicians. It is the Politicians that like to mess with my Royal life because they don’t want to live in their Political one which also gets me to mess with their Political one all the way to the White House. As I keep asking, do they cling to me and my finances the way they do because it is part of their normal lives? It is not clear why it is so difficult for them to understand they have their own lives and need to get off mine. So of course they will be off again making sure they are leaders and that other kids have what I have in order to fight inequality in the world but before then I will be the one who has a problem with the authority of Politicians, I will be the one that must fight racism and I will be the one that has a problem with competition.

 They will never actually tell anybody that what is really happening is things like stupid women waking from their beds to get on Media daily to detach me from the Royal family claiming it is they and not me that are in the league of the Royal Family. This they do to enforce the process where those who are good at something need to stick to it and those that are homosexual aka me, need to go all the way and be so openly so that everybody can know where they stand and of course there is always an explanation for any stupid thing they do here which causes damages that have explanations that never cease to make sense to the Men.I have mentioned it here on the occasion when I was isolated for my duties by the Queen, this of which offered me the chance to enjoy being me once more, spending more time with my Bible and maybe some Church activities that I can but again got detached on media for it and it is the last time I will mention it as a warning too, to their stupid Princess marrying bad stock communities. Next time I have to, I will be on a roll to completely destroy it, they know I have had enough of them anyway. The Men on the other hand love to make claims I refuse to accept the media for what it really is. When it actual fact that whole process where I do not want people to use my things to be rich and famous and they tie me down somewhere with their lies and familiarities and distant fascist insults in order to take it to where I cannot reach it and use it, has now resulted in a condition where they are little Kings and Queens telling people to bring stories from their lives to make them rich and famous with and it is the little Kings and Queens bit that is the problem of course. Not to mention the fact that they wreck my earnings and keep it up on media for a decade which is enough time for 2 first degrees and a diploma without pre-existing GCSEs and are now accusing me of trying to do things to make a living which are not so Royal.The point being of course that they have broken all the rules and are not playing by any of them, as such of which I am not obliged so play by any of them either and so maybe they need to modernise I could not care less bearing in mind each time I put these matters to my fault I cannot even get a little job in my own life to earn a living with currently because they are busy returning with money they made at my expense to rule me and this of course is why I always make sure that no matter what they become or how much money they get to have, I can get involved with them how I like on demand whenever I want. People like Simon Cowel, his good friend Louis Walsh and of course my personal favourite Pears Morgan. That old story where they tell me they want to be so rich that their minds cannot fathom my problems which will then mean they have moved up in the world like they all do all the time with a big mouth, so that I might want to find out how much money would do.