The conversation about twitter of course becomes more and more infuriating for me by the day and the reason is how much twitter officials are prepared to talk about their work with the Police instead of what the real problem is i.e. that twitter is a social networking site where people sign up and make their profiles for free and get in touch with people they know and sometimes people they simply want to reach, while the owners can make money from it by selling things. So you expect the usual environment of a room with chairs in a circle and a moderator but once you get on it as such and those who run the show think your business is better a good but vulnerable livelihood that everybody can use if they want, then that is precisely what it will be hell and high water. The only security Policy there is on twitter is that it is perfectly okay to select some people that will be abused for the good of everybody else – there is nothing else but this in their security profile and I have no idea which part of a profile that says a person owns a private equity Intellectual property administration book sale business like I do means that what my business is must be changed on mainstream media everyday to suit people and their purposes or indeed a process where I introduce myself as a British Monarch’s Arch Prince gets to mean that people must investigate me: if I were to go to a gathering in which I took a picture of the face of the Queen and cut out the eyes and wore it, nobody would think that was the same thing as if I introduced myself as the Queens Arch Prince but they think spoof accounts is the same thing as one which bears the introduction of a personal account of the British Monarch Arch Prince like it is in my case and this is not the only form of abuse because we have on twitter the only journalists and TV personalities and authors with agents in the entire world and when they put up profile pictures of themselves which is to ensure they thrive on abusing me narcissistically which is what twitter is really all about, they do not take into account that such profile pictures are likely to be where they placed them for years and hence eventually court a reaction from me. I mean twitter officials are more interested in how much work they are doing with the Police and it is so infuriating when we all know that twitter abuses which they by the way solicit, is a trophy collection thing of people abusing others and trying to find out for pleasure if they can stay out of being caught by the law. It is their prime concern that they are working with the Police as if that is something you can chose to do when we all know what happens to those who pervert the course of justice, when the questions were about their security policy on twitter. It is the same old story of course of students who found their way to student Union leaderships and later came up with social networking ideas which had since taken off especially if in the US and therefore become global names, have no respect for anybody and continue to think they can handle anybody no matter who such people are anyway that they want, which is why they are convinced they can maintain a system of abuse for people they have selected to be abused and set off to protect “vulnerable little women” made good by working with the Police because of course this policy is the reason those who have struck back happen to have gone too far and gotten themselves into trouble with the law and all are young white male and it is annoying beyond measure more so to the prognosis I am stuck on twitter which is utter nonsense i.e. the suggestion that they have built up their own publicity around my company and my person that they will later deploy for their purposes upon my departure and it makes me wonder if they are throwing a challenge into the air as well like I have not had enough of them and the insults and abuses of their communities here and on the worlds media too. They understand what security policy for twitter is and it is the reason like all juveniles trying their hands on leadership and a sense of social worth they have settled up on keeping it that way but sorting out protection for “vulnerable little women” it is nothing new about how they operate but every abuse and destruction of my work will not go without revenge, it goes too far all of the time and everyday as well. I mean is the US President put up his twitter profile it does not get investigated but if I do it does; so the prognosis naturally is that I am somebody who does not care if other abuse my very existence to make riches and fame for themselves on a daily basis but of course it is the same old stupidities as usual, in that the reason it does not matter to me is that I write books from a half monastery office and people who read books concerned with the Church do not tell others they have read them, even though such books sell in the millions the publicity must be chosen and specifically set out and not blasted off at random on National media or something like that, however I have no chance to do such things with my work because people like these are busy giving me their own brand of very violently scandalous publicity that will never go away and hence want a piece of me as well, which really makes sense of what they mean when they say I am stuck with twitter. Naturally of course it turns to the prognosis which is the only one they have got, that I compare myself to the US President but of course the liabilities are exactly the same; on one hand the President of some 30 to 40 states of the US full of black ugly insolent girls and women with an evil and flawed sense of what is right and what is not, insolent therefore with a direct help from the devil and a sense of boundless confidence and idea it is possible to get involved with absolutely anybody to go with it and on the other hand a half Priest Prince who should have nothing to do with Politics or celebrity because he is a very famous royalty not one that is famous because he has government duties like the top family or others that have celebrity status. So the problem remains that they have travelled a long way to seek the trouble they are currently getting and continue to brag they will use me and my work to do whatever it is I don’t want people to use it for on account they need power anyway and they will die before it stops too.