It is rather nice when people think actions I take are changeable but there is really no actual way of getting me to change them. Those that do however seem to have such intrusive and destructive idiots that they continue to blame me when I get hurt by them, as they continue to go to extensive lengths to do something to affect my Bank balance in order to distract me from my job and push me towards doing something sexual.

I am a normal person and the only thing abnormal here is Politicians Media and Businesses.

They are just beginning to find their jobs difficult and so it is no time to change my actions or any Policy stands I have taken. The Politicians and their community goons that start off their attacks about 5:30am which has to do with what my heart beat is stirred from media and then allowed to condense at local level before they kick off (which means the attacks normally begin about 3:00am). The Media and their games about how Politicians in the US are their masters as so whatever corruptions of involvement they want from other peoples lives is something they will get, which is even more baffling when they plan to get it via a process of society idiots that ensure everything moral or academic I do is going criminal where I stand to do them at society level (whatever kind of a creature on this good earth would use such things to get involved with other peoples lives especially their privacy and to top it up get off to sleep with rich people and claim to own everything the person owns because he has media to play around with?), then the businesses and the process of attacking me with violence lying about it and trying to confiscate my personal life, then push me into a life of doing something sexual..

They are always going through extensive lengths to do something they can distract me with, which has to do with controlling my Bank Balance. So it is always guaranteed to have the effect they want and there is therefore no such thing as changing my actions. So we are always aware of really thick women and really thick girls who like to dominate men they claim irritate them and the men that help them to do so. It is also for lack of colloquialism that I mention here too that I have thanked them enough times for seeming as though they are not going to deploy my Intellectual Property especially my Colours and reputation without permission, in the course of doing those things they entertain themselves and get both rich and famous with. Only to find out it looked that was because they intended it should and were only doing their own stuff; especially Americans.

Their only problem is the idea there are people  and I am trying to sell those people products because first bearing in mind they are selling some product or another, they know how to ensure theirs is selling and other peoples own is not. So here they feel like having that power and have set out to jump on my work first before they set off to have it, which is why I want to find out exactly at whose hands I will get beaten up. So the plan where I set out to stop people get their attention and sell my products but do not sell the products and stand aside for them to sell theirs instead because they are dominant is still on course.


 Their times are ever spent ever on nothing but their evils and wickedness and those cultures they get it from all the time and are always on my case when they know I am a Christian.  Now it seems as though I can never say that enough times as well, especially when they come from Africa and can never stop thinking that when they need money or anything I must be sacrificed to make it happen. The fact being the two essential points here and one of them is that I am a Christian and they might be feeding on my earnings because they are more powerful but it is the other point that really matters, which is that of those noise they make all the time, especially with regards to sacrificing me whenever they have any problems because they are devil and idol worshippers that do nothing but power and politics with their time which is how they pretend to be good in places where they are regarded as gods, does not really do anything for any body because the only thing that is helping them get away with it is my attitude of letting the media get away with making out ideas that a celebrity having done all the evil things celebrities normally do, earned millions from it, bearing in mind they do so at my expense, that the fact they are rich and beautiful or either of the two is a good thing. Once I had stopped this, all those games of following me around to find out how I stay alive to stay alive too while they cause trouble and have lots of enemies to fight because sacrificing me has become a habit will vanish with it too. Especially the deployment of my intellectual property because they are my brothers and sisters when I don’t know them and have never seen them in my life and the only thing I have in common with them is the skin colour that I seemingly cannot change because I have no choice. Bearing in mind they are my brothers and sisters and can deploy my intellectual property and so any rules I make in my work means nothing and they have a naturally exception and the copyright signs are ornamental and American counterparts who pretend to be religious when they are much the same thing can get it done for me and talk rubbish too, It never gets better until it actually physically does.

Its in the same family as when I get told by them my priorities are all the wrong way round which they should be. For what I say because they are collected via Crown expenses which is more is more valuable than what I write which are for my own private earnings but my living conditions is so disrespected and my finances are vandalised to keep this insult and abuse up when people know dust is not the only thing I am sensitive to for example, therefore as long as that continues, what I say can never come through in the right way. As for my language, it should have been respected by them that I am a Christian and do not peddle faith and religion to get rich and that because Money is obscene I treat it the way it is. It is the way money works; you do not make something out of nothing. If people wish to show lots of respect and regard for those who peddle religion and faith to get rich they ought to barge into the lives of those and not mine or indeed work with them, if they are in my space and my life they should accept that the language on money gets obscene as the talk about it gets excessive.

It is not actually one of my top priorities like they hope to make it all the time; the matter about who is getting along with women and who is not. The truth is that they take too much to heart things other people say and after which they turn up to wreck peoples lives over who is getting along with women and who is not, making noise about how some millions of people who live within some place were humiliated and will not go unavenged. It takes up my time at all because it does seem to them they have not yet lost enough of that stupid celebrity culture yet. I mean they ought to try getting along with women that are determined to wreck their health and create them a fight that they will be sure to loose and be humiliated for which is such a good use of my time.