We see the Politicians play up this gimmick all the time, where they have state jobs to do but the whole business of setting up a warehouse that will make them rich while their society goons handle others anyway they like through distant violence and grooming for fascism and misogyny leads to outcomes where I am being struck and struck and struck in a bid to make some very stupid statement about something which has happened to facilitate an ability to oppress me – what I really want to see these scum oppress however is a world where people spend money on celebrities and extremists while I am being tackled by them on grounds I have found a way to wear some flash suit that ensures I have no respect for anybody at their expense, that would be quite a sight, otherwise its a big mouth blabbing about oppressing me because it is something it can get up and do just like that on an occasion. They speak of their media goons having me all the time which is not a complicated matter either, as their threats are usually all good provided it is not blabbing like it loves to of which things I would not do out in the open as it is rather obvious the damaging of culture and society bits is the one I am used to as well; in their world it is a need to screw with people and get rich, in mine, I am used to the fact Mr A and his wife lived here and they were always nice etc – what these fools at government buildings are doing with processes of oppressing me one moment while blabbing about how I need talk about fascism the next as they claim I make out its of the same moral compass as their civil rights money loving evil goons is putting two type of evil in exactly the same place and getting everybody to make it tribally comfortably; it is happening in a world where I say those who do not fancy others moving into their right hand should not move into other peoples own especially when they have an evil culture that does not worry about killing other people which media and Politics is now talking about at the highest possible level; what I want to see their stupidities oppress as such therefore is a condition where instead of some tribally charged ways of just killing people you hate, white boys have organised themselves into fascist groups so people know where they are – otherwise it has mostly become a question of where they do get to stop their own as well. We are always having to deal with their stupidities because they passed their exams and claim they can exhibit it on account of being successful but nobody tends to pass their exams with this sorts of nonsense being channelled at them so often and so unexpectedly and their stupidities at Government buildings is becoming tiresome all together as well, would really like to see them oppress at some point where they think I have not had enough of them as well, otherwise the air is free and I have a right to breathe it in peace. Its never really the case that I think fascism is of the same moral compass as civil rights goons either; but the reality is still a case of a wickedness that concerns peoples need to punish me for not making compromises with their cultural evils over my faith and it has progressed from being attacked since the last time the atmosphere they build of it at the neighbourhoods was used to make me out to have a personality that is a product of sleeping with peoples wives so I had to destroy it for them and cause them to punish me for the rest of my life, now what we have is the media and celebrities wanting to become evil merchants along with their middle east friends, setting me out as the kid that started off well but will end up possessed and under their tables telling their fortunes with a big mouth but in the end when it does come to fascism itself that was a matter of imagining that you were so good at something that it was possible to do it with your eyes closed and then imagine that you were so good at hating a group of people it was possible to do so with the eyes closed – what these fools do is pick up the problem over property others have but do not wish to share such as their faith and personal life that can be peddled for money while media fools and celebrities preserved their own and then find a way to get other people sacrificed by it while they got out and it gets increasingly violent depending on how much co-operating is coming from their target victims, right up to the point where the victim takes them at their word even though it is a deceit and gets killed for a righteous cause creating for them the only way that they wish to exist, which I find intolerable as well. Its never true that I want to control the Media either, the truth is that fame and fortune should never be something they can preplan for otherwise others will have nothing that remotely looks like normalcy as well. They speak of women in my life messing up their careers because they are full of themselves earning more than the women for doing the same work all together, so it does not seem important that the women have a marriage with me and that they finish work and return to a world I have created for them, so the outlook and the bottom chasing goons is their way of going out to face something important, hence taking it from them while at work would normally have simply meant that they call it back in while at work as well – in the end they always say I brought the whole media mess thing on myself which is utter nonsense, especially when it comes to keeping my relationships so they can approach me for the purpose of buying my books and not chasing my bottom to steal Royal Girlfriends but what I did was about supporting some individuals that were being persecuted by the Media all together; it was the one about women who do not have to do something bad for a Media job and since it was a lot of money they could pay a little price by allowing themselves to be taken advantage of by people who were prevented from abusing Priests and Children; so it was always obvious that without them requesting my support while this nonsense go on, somebody was always going to get beaten up by another person that they had gotten married to. In the end we hear its about cowards like me ruling the roost while people lose their brave children in Russia but we all know I cleared up the case of what the matter between Russia and the UK looks like i.e. when they are asking why my people got out and they did not etc. – the bits where British people live in Russia and have Russian friends and in order to avoid the Kremlin messing up their tummy and bottoms, they have to conduct their affairs in a certain way that needed to be defended and the women who handled National security did that properly, they however have been caught up building their own gimmicks all over my Royal order and setting out their own states of affairs for things to go terribly wrong very easily and so it is as usual getting involved with the Military to get shot at by the enemy doing my stuff at a limit while I enjoy my cowards lifestyle – I do get told that mentioning it will jeopardise my people of course which it will not, if they mess with me I will build up their sex Industry one for them too. Their fellow superior goons from the Middle East do love to blab about nicely seen that the UK is afraid of Russia but it is clearly not afraid of them anyway and I should suppose it would not be so bad to say they need to get stuck in. We hear the talk in the same light of being hammered by Europeans who are a greater power than the UK and it would never make sense since its a matter of Europeans playing games with the Global Financial system on knowing the UK has the biggest in Europe all together, the one about sacrificing small peoples business empires for the greater good to avoid establishing a relationship with consumers at the heart of it; its common sense that it was always going to lead to problems and now they are so powerful they have to deal with Brexit, adding to their irresponsibility at the Global markets in terms of Monetary crimes as well; where every goon that makes money off their gimmicks with fat Cats shows up in Tourism economies to spend it and when I defend myself from seeing people mess me around in China and Europe, I find people from those parts of the world in the UK building up tribalism and prostitution in the neighbourhoods. So apart from complicating mine so I can complicate their own as well by putting up these facts; we can all see we have spent years in the Union but they know nothing about us; lots of blabbing especially young men talking about being superior as your feel and not as what you say, handling peoples property and expressing strange opinions of women while others have to deal with feminists thinking extremism matters can never stop unless they got killed for it i.e. female mobility and other public matters associated with it. In the end on one side I need to say what I expect of the Country which is rather as simple as people doing things with others in ways that do not go contrary to what Nature intended – apart from the problems being that when it takes over their lives building up such stupid history, they will then claim that being famous was their human right, I can also speed up the process for them if they wanted, what really happens on the other side is that when we go anywhere and meet those beautiful women in local appearance getting us interested in some investment, the Germans will soon have moved in and tried to figure out what the shit was all about, make a mess of everything and soon we find them show up to claim being famous was their human right as well, which is why I have adopted a position that suggests it was of course. They have left me with complications that concern the idea I am always wasting my life while reality is a matter of where I have been on any given day and how I have improved peoples lives by having been there and so on – so this I do not talk about because I do not live in my own history, its insane but I do like to seethe dance music people make because it shows how well or badly I had done – Brexit negotiation not jeopardised either. Its like that talk of informing the Politicians and the Monarchy about how bad I have been fucking famous idiots playing stupid games all the time, while we all know what really happens is that everything I do hinges on my Books, right down to State provided security but for some reason, I am found explaining the bit that has affected celebrities outside of it; so it seems that are as I mentioned, fucking famous and there is no need to worry about stopping them building me Publicity that creates a life they want me to live, stopping them pretending they are in a school yard and I am some form of school yard victim, if I can do what they want and take my prize when finished every time I do as well anyway. It fits into that Russian threat story where people claim they are surprised about it while reality is that everything done with Russians have to develop into a power game with two outcomes, one being that you cannot get out when you want to and the other being that your security has come to nothing and yes it is said that I have resolved the problem anyway but I have and did on social media too, so as to make it go completely viral. They always like to excuse it with a story of wanting me to be on their side which I have no idea how it works since it cannot possibly make sense to make money not from a process of being part of an Industrial Community or a work force but a process of tearing up peoples lives with what is going on in your stupid socialite personal lives using reality television, which apparently mimics what women who are fans of mine and prepared to stand with me and fight for important matters in the world get up to, as idiots hunt for their sex mates ripping up everything here to talk big brother insults about informing Monarchy and Politicians of how bad I have been a nightmare landlords and private security industry scum – but I have no idea who has said that it is not a threat to the public and the Police should not be getting involved all together anyway. Th only other insult similar to this nonsense is when they want me to get off my nobody's Royal Monastery existence to pay attention to their cars and therefore need me to have such desperate financial complications for that a fucking famous twerps reason talking rubbish at me about their ruffian image every time they can, which puts words in my mouth and thoughts in my head regarding what they have and what I could do if they spared some all the time – either way of which tends to mean any scum that shows up here to cling to my property and tell me to name my price will wind me up in a big way all together, hence difficult to locate what it is they have accomplished all together – a stupid civil disobedience neighbourhood pimps. Fits into that story where each time I talk about the Communist threat in terms of the fact there is none i.e. only the part where we had to get along with them due to the level of damage that the last economic crisis caused us all but that the main problem is still our people grabbing property to run off and get rich where authorities will not be asking too many questions, of which we know what they are hoarding all that money for is to spend on extremists and celebrities and that an extreme measure would involve stabilising the world economy first according to paper and then driving them into a corner where it will be possible to devalue their assets by printing more money into economy to make them irrelevant - I do get told I am on the side of wealth distribution, which I am not; I am on the side of global security and economic stability and their problem is that I have not got a business empire and need to prove it first before I can exist - prove I have got an empire trust system with multinational companies that operate in my interest as I do in theirs and have since developed real assets on the basis of my Public and Diplomatic work which we share as a method of operation in the last 12 years, that I need to explain myself to a handful of Middle Class twerps here in the UK before I sell my Books, in order to make money where I have spent some myself.