Those ideas I create my own problems by working too hard are a load of rubbish as well. I don’t work too hard, I am just being stalked and abused by a collection of greedy violent idiots that want to be me and believe they will be if they only feed on anything I take closer to my lips; it means starving me of course but nothing should dare stand in the way of what they want. After which they claim I need their money and will claim such things because they want to ensure their daughters do not have to get on Public media to work to hard to force me to fight for them anymore bearing in mind they are beautiful and have more money than I do, even when everybody saw them make it earning my income instead of working for theirs and it is becoming some kind of organized abuse and humiliation that will have to stop one way or another.

In the end I get told by idiots that threaten me like the black idiots like to intimidate me as well that I care nothing of what black people do to me and it is becoming a problem for everybody which is utter nonsense as nothing black people get up to ever bother me at this point anymore; you have ugly people telling you they are ugly and among those community idiots that are always on your case with claims you sleep with their prostitutes, black people are somewhere below that and I am therefore always the potty mouth with their stupid insults; after years of knowing I am a Christian and making much time with wrecking my finances to force me to have anal sex for penance which has now been going on for years and years getting rewards from racist Politicians from their socialist Party as well. 

Somebody turns up on my backdoor to sit there and encourage gangs to come to him who will beat people up to make him feel special and that has never been seen by any enquiry to be a bad thing because people believe lies their age mates tell, which is how when one person does it I end up with a problem concerning the entire industry so I might be told that I am a bad person persecuting good media people-which is where the politicians shine the best.

So for the media enquiry people it is a case where people get off to report my personal life and my job and office and especially damaging because of how people pick up on it anything I do once I step out of my door and even spice my life up with scandals for the purpose and that cannot be a bad thing too. Even when they report my job instead of the news then create a problem from it bearing in mind I never asked them to in the first place by attacking my book sales claiming to have a rival exist out of me and making those insolent threats they will beat me up with a large gob, those who believe the lies their age mates tell continue to claim it is not bad thing which is how they conduct enquiries and when done turn up to attack me because once I must have commandeered all the fame they will feel like shit and then will be telling me it is I that is the shit on Public TV which does a lot for community idiots but is not a bad thing an enquiry on media ethics should find facts about nor is a process where a media establishment manager will get off saying things about a kid that has taken over the conversations that the country has with itself for himself, while others get off to commandeer the history I have with others to make people rich and famous with in the music industry and so therefore do it everyday to create sales for good measure-claiming it is because I got rid of their drugs prostitution pornography, man sex homosexual sex club life racism and distant fascism life which is a claim that has become possible because they have been wrecking my finances and telling me to have anal sex for penance because they think it will be funny if a Christian had such things done to them which they do everyday as well in order to get rich.

Somebody sits down somewhere famous with a job from which he earns more than a Minister of Parliament does to destroy my job with his lies and desire to control me and tell me what I am to fight to suit him so he can make news and get rich and it is not a bad thing. I mean if I worked on the media I would know that the kind of things which appear on my table is when two kids get into a fight and one is seriously hurt so I am charged with showing the other kid what he or she has become famous for, so kids will normally never be able to concentrate on their studies or jobs if I am familiar with them but as I mentioned before it is with my personal life I steal beauties that are to be used to take care of gangs that can beat people up for them.

Then there is the fact when I move away from the bullying I am establishing a new community which is a rival community to the ones in which they are the fathers which is not a bad thing. Then it progresses to the fact when I have friends it will become what they tell me it must become and when they say what it must become it has something to do with how I have established a gang and when I ask them why they have done that they tell me about their secrete societies and the fact they want to extract power from my personal life which no enquiry will say is a bad thing because people are busy believing the lies their age mates tell them looking for privileges. What is a bad thing is when I confiscate that stupid left and will never give it back so they can continue to get people confused about what my feelings about media is, while seeking more power from my faith and personal life with their spiritual wickedness for their looser secrete societies; whereas my feelings about media has always been clear with respect to the fact it is nothing but a conglomeration of idiots from looser secrete societies because of whom I had confiscated the left and will never give it back who tell me they want to wreck my life for trophy power which applies to their secrete society contraptions and could never therefore be any clearer about how much I hate their insolent distant fascism stupid guts. What is a bad thing is when I supposedly interfere with their staff bearing in mind when you make friends with people their boss should be able to control that in which case I was only enjoying what I paid for, what I paid to get through those cameras which of course is seeing my friends etc.

They think they are clear cut bullies no questions no shit, they think they want a world where they can hop from one job to another without having to struggle for anything hence need to keep the kid rivals at bay, they think they can set up low life jobs in which I am meant to be trapped where they use me to make sales and then when I become redundant word gets out everywhere which prevents me from ever getting another job and I too have been very clear they should never interfere with the normalcy of other peoples lives which of course is the only way to get a job before their lies and rumours catch up.

I only feel sorry for the tax payers who fund it because in this case I never played any of those games I play to make them mess it up so I can put the way they did out in public. They had all the facts available to them because I didn’t quite get to it but knew the facts and conducted something else which sounded like those media idiots are older than you therefore should be respected as a public enquiry and now I cut it to pieces the tax payer has paid for nothing. For this they will tell me I have set a standard by cutting Public enquiries to bits but at the end of the day everything they do is designed to cut me off at the most prime of my instincts aka feeding and so they have settled on the less destructive option of a combination of abuses which produce the same effect without direct starvation which they need to put through reforms before they can apply on me while going off to help poor people in impoverished countries as a leadership contest with me, it has gone on for long enough to create a process where I am now available for them to extract energies from, the unhealthier I am the less chances I can get away from them with a big mouth, hence been trapped and they have got me while everybody else has lost out hence a confidence issue resolved; same old story with those stupid secrete societies as it were. Their enquiries on the basis of lies their age mates tell means they are the enquiry idiots as it were, not my problem; they just think when finished they can get about doing things to me which is where I cut it to pieces and they think it will set a standard. Of course I have been pushed to the floor beaten and battered, same old story with those stupid secrete societies and I guess with respect to starving me until I am so weak and unable to defend myself with my faith from their evil spiritual powers and the plan to dominate me with it which has nothing to do with but only adds to human rights, in order to get confused about why I look the way I do after they round me up like an animal and make sure I have been building an empire while they make the money from it end up else where, yes I might have been beaten and it will end very well too as it were.

I mean if it was a fight, then why didn’t they say so from the very beginning but rather preferred to make so much out of economic instability? The popular idea is always that any disposition I find myself will have happened to be the point at which I am weak enough; arse holes. Its always civil liberties we need more and more and more and more civil liberties and so sometimes when they tell you to fight for these things while they wreck your finances and then wait to make you make them rich at the same time, even if you can get out of it, you get yourself into it, just so that you can completely destroy the culture and so now no body (for none now live who!) can deny we have been having civil rights.