Now we hear them speak of how identity is not something that can be fixed because it is claimed and has to be settled by complex negotiations and it simply makes me think people must be mad to claim the devil does not exist as well because on one hand are people that are killing me basically because they want to feel that where they live and the societies there and the communities there and the culture there belongs to them and they cannot exist unless that is the case but we are here on account they cannot shut their dirty mouth and keep their insults to themselves about whom they wish to claim is a whor in the making until you kick them as well and we hear the stories that is – yet on the other hand you have that sort of nonsense.

 We hear talk of how I speak in such ways one moment and the next attack peoples right to be homosexual but everybody knows the purpose of their alternative lifestyles is to turn up here and lower my standards because they are convinced when I speak of their right to have gay marriage in public as a public issue, I am very likely to talk that way in Church or at home as well at the same time.

Nothing about it is really a journalism in any way or form and I have had enough of those insolent ego trip; the part where I clip their gangs in order to do what I want being utter rubbish because nothing prevents me from walking up to  negotiating table to pick up papers and tear them up when it talks about a common ground between me and idiots with stories to tell about their country who have become obsessed with owning a part of my personal life, nothing prevents me from making sure they never do so either; as I have said before it is one of those matters that make me wonder why anybody would claim that neither God nor the devil does exist since there is no means by which normal individuals would do these sorts of things, like identity cannot be fixed and is settled through complex negotiations about which when I get my hands on them again it will be on the money this time and all about the one I was born with yet again. Mostly otherwise of which politicians can spend my taxes on them so they can find ways of paying taxes as well, reality being as it should remain that I want my state of affairs right up to the International community irrespective of what people gain when they do these things, when they make money at my expense my work and property will be intact otherwise when they want a fight they leave behind the gangs and turn up to get a stupid self harming bastards one. I mean I was a grown adult when they had decided to peddle their identity to get rich and find somebody to scapegoat if such a plan failed.

The talk of killing me after those games about people going off to another place to work on their identity and turning up in their country to be insurmountable is very well understood but that is what they have to hold out on like I tolerate their insults on media and their stupid city idiots – my TV is something that belongs to me and not a means through which they can talk through to me, they cannot leave people alone and my warnings never ever pay off because they are invincible. I mean with respect to the issue of how I sleep with peoples wives are these matters of negotiable nonnegotiable largely a matter of stupid evil women with a thing for attention, deviance and a need to control others? It will be the one I was born with when I get off to it again of course as it were. It has never been about any stupid power and if it were I would be even less interested; what it is about is their stupid wickedness and its rebellion by which they want to peep into people’s lives and ensure all the good things they find there ends up in their own lives, such is the extent which is how they have come to what seem to be the conclusion that people buy television like I do, so that when they get out to work and look after that they work with or work for others should talk through to them with it. Of course religious people like me always turn up to grab glory and do nothing about extremists but I have no idea what their alternative lifestyles do either besides lower peoples standards and praise violent people for their activities in search of power, then deny that the Bible tells the truth about them deceive and lead people astray – I don’t mind the accusations either, they should happen, they are well deserved and it is not hurting badly enough yet. I have not in any way been affected by these stupidities, only ignored them and so in that context it does not affect me in anyway but the fact they get off to build it up on media and tell the public what to believe and set their misogynistic community croons whom we all know are very violent influences of corruption who have no limits and can throw their activities at everybody and want to live in my bed chamber and share it with everybody at will, which is the same behaviour they pass to their stupid children to remind us all, that the black girl who likes to tell people you are scared of her is simply an influence of corruption that is beyond credibility – the girl that wants to see teacher's penis and knows she will not go far with anything important but is certain of what civil rights can accomplish and do for her, how much she can mark people how and insult them as much as she likes to make a head way with her stupid life and entirely relies on politicians to screw up my work and finances to help her acquire a means to pay taxes as well like they can give to the frugal of which their complains are well deserved too – beyond this of which they then decide what the public should think and turn out to wind me up all the time, hence my actions are a factor of how those who look for trouble always find it. I myself want none so I want my state of affairs right through to the International Communities, I want them especially the blacks to keep their stupid selves off my books and I want them to stay away from my business premises, otherwise when they want a fight and need to control me they leave the gangs behind and come around so I can teach them one they will never forget in a very long time. Apparently of which I dare say 9/11 isn’t hurting badly enough – they had that worked out too; hence identity can never be fixed because it is claimed. Just like the big problem being that I never show my face in public and so all that belongs to me really has no owner attached, which is an example of things they have all figured out as it were since everybody now knows the big problem is wrecking my finances because they are certain that people will support them if the problem is that I never show myself in public and want to lead in my absence in order to be enigmatic.