Now they say I have a bad reputation which I don’t; what happens is that when I have a working Court full of women, what I do is systematically dismantled so what is left is what the women do, so their stupidities can play games on media with it and its pretty much the same with anything I do that involves other people, my bits being destroyed so what is left is what others do with me and it leaves me wondering what is wrong with them each time as they are aware the racists and gangs and criminals will soon hear about it too. It’s like when they claim I do not get support from people for what I do while reality is that people do not have the time to read my Books and it affects my earnings, so I must create them the time, not spend mine on other people’s narcissism.

So I get told I create a lot of instability which is utter nonsense; everything these idiots do is about dominating and bullying people provisionally to seek out mannerisms by which they might secure their needs – for me it is either they are all about building a violent crowd around the fact I was raised in the Countryside and they have need of my personality and want to live under my skin and move into my right hand or all the things that are preventing Celebrity culture from being what they would want it to be is cleared out and dumped either on my public image or on my head or in my tummy while I am talking to somebody else. So apart from the part where Politicians get involved to help them build a crowd that will then be big enough to decide if I will be forced to become homosexual, the only instability we have here is that an Arch Prince does not like to be addressed by them or addressed in such ways, right up to the point where their insults are getting in the way of public duties and public concerns, what they are complaining about is insults as well for my part and I like it when they are complaining for everybody.

So I do get asked if I am on the side of the Politicians or the side of the people but I am only on the side of the one that thinks we deserve a certain level of normalcy that lets us pay attention to what lies in front of us and those who keep passing their abusive dominating insults at me need to understand as I have mentioned before, that being nice to them and completing academic programme of study are not compatible, I am very likely to burst those bubbles again and set out to the racists and criminals and gangs that they are not necessarily nice people – so mentioned just in case when I said it they did not believe it or see it to be warning as it were, those stupid insulting money bad trading charms thing that makes them so disobedient. Hence eventually I get told my problem is that I am interfering with Politics big time which is really not the case – what happened is that they picked me out at random and decided they wanted my personality and then it progressed to a case where they were stealing government funds and claiming that my disrespect was the reasons they did it while giving me the hand because the Political party opposite is required to respond to their arguments by law the whole time they were at it; so I apparently could appoint myself and do something about it too which I did and now it is all not part of mainstream living but has taken up more than 70% of their Political jobs while I can save every abuse and insult for polling day which is supposed to be one of their most exciting days in the Political career but I shall make it one of the most miserable by getting people to understand better how their jobs work while they want ballots from the Public – hence the question of which side I am on is apt and I understand the reasons for it. Personally it started out at University when I first started getting out in Public about the fact peoples barely criminal existence is unacceptable and there was counter campaign from society claiming the law exists to protect the weak and ensure the strong can never fulfil full potential and then the government waded in to wreck my academics and finances and help them build their own claiming they were good people in need of money, I dropped out of University then but now I am unable to tidy up and get it finished because it is the Politicians who have been suffering sexual context abuses from these same people that are pillaging my academic work to punish me for doing so little about the trouble makers that they are being abused; so first they caused me to drop out of University, now it’s the Government hence a bit too much and I am not on anybody side – the media on the other hand are full of goons who got involved because they wanted to experiment on somebody and see if they had the same power and authority as the Politicians did so their sufferings are mostly collateral damage that I enjoy so much because it is so terribly justified an insulting busy body opportunism. So, I hear while this is my view, some Politicians are Loyal to me but that just means I have a sense of duty, it does not mean I have a choice between people and the Politicians and brings us back to the point of the question i.e. I am only loyal to the one that thinks we have a right to a certain amount of normalcy that lets us pay attention to what lies in front; hence my methods working the way it does when I appoint myself to decide how others are to exist as well - these things have therefore taken up more than 70% of their time daily but have nothing to do with mainstream living and I do not have to be Loyal to any, they need to stop passing insults at me and or addressing me as though I answer to them or that they employ me, if they are complaining about insults as though it were some form of social and political instability all together.