Those claims of how I have maintained what I get from the Monarchy is a gift too great to accept is utter nonsense; just a collection of fools who do not seem to understand what the fact I serve a public and it is not free and I serve a government and it is not free and I earn that money from my products – hence there is so much abusive insult that they can set up structures to extract that income at the point of trading everyday because they have a fundamentalism that does not agree with how I have chosen to live which therefore means I must change it with a big mouth. When I say those black journalistic fools who think I am being made to suffer the same conditions as most black people in the world suffer ought to turn up on the streets and get off my TV they believe it is some kind of a bluff but I do not think it a major crisis either; the reality of it is that the benefits of their corruptions of involvement includes wrecking peoples finances with access created from being able to make out people like them when they clearly don’t and do mention it all the time. The reality is that they insult people and abuse people and insult people and abuse people until it becomes a problem for them and a problem for others and then they decide they have got a problem that you have no choice but look into, so that if you get hold of them and show them how you feel about it, its time to name you a bad person and create a gang. They always like to make out we are all rattled at the Monarchy as a result of a black American President but of course I do search my soul and if I saw rattling there I would have mentioned it; the reality is that they like what other people have done with themselves and regularly feel like securing a new country where they can have it that way too – in this case the need to remove the Monarchy and lay claims to all I own before I have been able to enjoy any fruit of my Labours and I will continue to handle them like the genocide scumbags they are as well; the Americans I will help sell the democracy in any case and also join in and sell it too, to pay for the damages they do here because money has become the most important issue all together – I mean when you look at economic policy and the things they refuse to do and the processes they put in place to pillage your finances, you do realise the target can be the interests of Canada or Australia etc, they do these things all the time and expect people to waste resources that would have given them an edge in a fight on that delusion that the US is full of modern cosmopolitan and civilised people when in reality it is far from full of such things. Hence I can only admonish them about these things getting worse provided they continue to have idiots that know of insults that can wreck the finances of other statesmen which I do not prevent them from working to its fullest anyway; I mean the US is the worlds biggest super power and can do anything when it feels as though it has a problem with the rules, here in the UK we do not necessarily have such luxury and so if they would have a problem with the rules and do not bother me in any case then we should be alright. Of course they make mention of the part where the real problem is the matter of those I got published with but of course the reality is that I have always known what the nature and character of those I got published with really is; but Mr Obama had his own book published barely three years into office and the purpose was to inspire people as it were and still despite being an active president in office while publishing his books, he really cannot convince anybody that publicists are running his Company and his Office for him like he thinks mine should do for me, so there is nothing to say about it and I cannot be expected to listen to peoples complains about my actions when they refuse to comply with what is right and correct. Now the part about being pressured by my Publicists is very well understood here; I cannot discuss the part of my life they want to manage which I cannot let them, all I can say is that it is the part where the Queen works with the Church and works with me in a particular way and it is government business not my private affair and therefore I cannot discuss that or allow anybody run that aspect of my life – however publicists are publicists and everybody knows publicists pressure people and that is what they are doing here and I have every right to have some peace of mind when I let the fester with and over it as much as they want. I do not think they are bad people or anything of that sort in case this is misconstrued; the reality is that there is one side of Publicists which says the world of imagination is not a world for fighting and that you jeopardise children over some things that you do and then there is the other side where they pressure people; of course I have every right to enjoy some sanity and peace of mind when they fester and I let them fester like they always do, unless that is Mr Obama is President of the United States of America.

It is always suggested I never really own up to the damages that I myself do to society but I have no idea which damages people expect me to own up to anyway; I mean homosexuals love to attack me because I do not look as though I want to ensure I do something to people which causes damage to society as well like they do, such as being homosexual and how it helps anybody thereof is never really clear but the point is that some suffering and pain has been inflicted on me and cannot be questioned, Politicians speak of helping young people and giving them a future at my expense in the knowledge that the future of every young person is their parents prime consideration looking for some of mine all of the time, while those who have civil rights simply turn up to deploy derivatives around the patents that protect my books for me to replicate it somewhere and sell their own products that are similar specifically to make themselves better off than I am with my earnings – so I suppose this questions turns up because it seems that we have now found out which ones are really kids and do not know when they are being hurt so far as it were. I don’t know if I have mentioned everything or people want me to mention clearly that I am a threat to their civil rights and they need to get off my books. I mean the reality of these things is not just the question of where it is supposed to stop but the fact that on account people have vanities that they want others to believe constitutes 100% of their personality when we all know they do return to those that are important to them to live a normal life, it appears to them I will be a memory and not a living breathing human being – so I have no idea why they continue to complain when they do not wish to comply: I mean it should be seen that at present recently their prized asset has more to do with how millions of pounds and dollars in white man paid tax payer funds is to be deployed to leverage the recovery of the glory of the black race at my expense about which the U.S. president is leader because he does not feel yet like letting me be - about which everybody can see the idiots are not real politicians and do need to fulfil some electoral promise they made and get the hell out of there anyway.

The story of how Mr Obama will get up to things and how I provoke them of course is utter nonsense; the reality is that I do not care, what happens is that the only thing between me and them is that they know where my books are and regularly get to handle the earnings because the power of doing so, the power that leverage gives them over me and the feeling they get from it is incredible; it does not help anybody when they do get around making all that public place noise about how there are a collection of matters involved, my view is that they do not wish to listen to my feelings about what I own and so I am prepared to play the game as well and they need to play on and stop complaining.

The media ones who think they spend mine to get through the journey of life however on the other hand with their inability to see they are some of the most foolish people on the planet, always think they manipulate and control my ability to fight for myself and use it for their own ends in much the same way; the reality of course is that they control nothing and I still have the best ego and the best arrogance around here and there is no prove they are famous besides which it is entirely laughable; hence in the end it is a matter of their stupid women and some idea about how I can never do anything without being exasperated – reality being The Queen does not like it when I get into a fight, nobody here does, not even the female journalists at the working Court and for these women who are certain they can behave how they like and do anything they want with me, carnality and madness and freedom and liberty of fools and gangs etc, I have clearly not yet faked enough anal sex for my part so far and have not extricated enough pleasure from the fact that I do not recognise their importance has actually paid off financially as well. These sort of things like handling my books which gives them leverage over me and exploiting it to play dark games of power are things that make them look as though they are very clever when they say things in public of course and the usual point of call for exasperating people used to be the need for a new country, now with respect to me they have found my books and can control the sales and the feeling is incredible and yet they complain but do not wish to comply especially the US President himself. Hence that it is not important and more so to me, who or what they are, were or have become did not hurt badly enough before it paid off financially apparently hence I still have the best arrogance and the best ego around and therefore not in any way vulnerable to them or all kinds of foolish bullying about whether or not I will pull out of latest problems which they always find funny and that stupid media therefore never really takes a break as it were and that is a start for the issue of structures set up on media to extract the perks of my job.

It goes right down to the heart of the issue in the Middle East where some say it is impossible to defeat the Taleban with Military might and the reality of course is rather that Americans like Middle East Oil while the Taleban likes the Religion and both have a thing about being free and doing as you like without a care about how others are affected which does make people weak, hence from time to time the two will always inevitably clash and from time to time they will always decide to end the fight improperly. Its like Mr Obama’s speech about how terrorism happens because of societies that are not delivering for their people, when we all know that you can sit down in the UK and do your public work only to find a fool turn up from the Middle east to sit around and cling to his mobile phone becoming obsessed with the perks of your job to get rich on account he was told you give people ideas to get rich within the City centre as a Country and you know you must have done something that thwarted some of his organised criminal activity. I always have only one thing to say i.e. I spoke to Allah the other time and he said your activities are utter rubbish, unless you are to tell me you tell Allah whom to speak to – they think nobody knows where they are and everything will always lead to terrorism but of course I know exactly where they are and am always likely to locate them too. There are many kinds of Muslims out there; Middle East Muslims, European ones, British ones, American ones etc and they all run their societies successfully without troubling others, unless that is somebody gets around making out they are normally governed by tyrants or terrorists and then there is a fight and some people cannot get over it and then there is suicide bombing. Hence the only way to actually figure out security is to see that the Taleban lives in the Middle East and the US does not hence the US needs to get the hell out of there, however you cannot tell people where they are supposed to be either, it will never work. The question of health tourism in the UK is not an emotive one either; the realities are simply that of the fact that the Home office itself is not fit for purpose; there is clearly an inability of a home office to decide it is not important whether or not some people have their papers in order but will not be given visas to travel to the UK because they either fundamentally threaten the peace or fundamentally threaten the fundamentalisms of the Country itself because they are still busy holding onto the Labour socialist created stupidities of being seen on the International scene to be working hard at maintaining a multicultural society reputation. It is much the same with Industry tourists as well; they want to do business in the US but it is tougher there so it is okay to travel to the UK and finish up with dealing with competition at our expense then travel to the US and take over bigger markets; the Home Office has no ability to refuse visa to such persons because it is way too busy being multicultural. Yes they always say I am at risk but I have no idea why anybody would suppose that it would have been easier for the British to accept those whose ambition in life is to travel overseas than it is to accept a Christian that others like to attack because he is not impressed by their cloths and cars. I am never at risk of anything, perhaps I might be at risk of being or becoming irrelevant on account I mention such things but there is no chance of that since what I am doing is one of HM The Queen's Projects - something a Monarch collects from time to time as part of the History of the people for the future i.e. America likes things like Middle East Crude Oil so we British do Intellectual Property Administration.