They say such things after they tell me I bring the problems upon myself by saying things the media can pick up on. I on the other hand still think such statements are not compatible with claims they make that they are good parents. I have no clue however why they are always at my place seeking to have cosy parent child relationships, when they have done nothing to sustain or undone absolutely everything by which feeding and housing me until I became an adult went down in history, to the point where if people check their record for selfishness it was completely broken and gone. I mean it is not like I am the violent type anyway, I understand people pick on them because they will not bully the kids in the past, I know it is not perfect, it is just that they need to qualify for that cosy parent child relationship when their broken record on selfishness as a result of my coming into this world has been repaired completely and cost me everything to do so period. These days it is too late anyway and such a waste of my time.

They want to know what the economic future looks like; I say the previous economic crisis was no crisis at all, what happened was that a collection of trouble makers served by another set of idiots whose ambitions are a function of locating people whose property they want to spend, then decapitating them financially so they can never defend themselves, in order to spend whatever they like whenever they like in the way they put it i.e. 'being beautiful with that', went around organising themselves into groups where one side sold bad shares and the other side bought them with peoples money and they all got together to tell us the money got wiped off the market by some kind of crisis. Now the evidences are coming to play, in that they do not want to spend any of it except they locate people they can take advantage of to get rich and my Equities and Securities are my capital too, so any body who touches it will not be able to do business anywhere on this planet. Worse case scenario will see the government print more money, I issue more free equities and we find new things to do to improve our standard of living, while their money will gather inflation too like the Government's one, bottom line being no body grabs anybody’s money at the end of any crisis.  I for my part was hoping the government would do that at the early stage of the crisis but people were more interested in new countries than they were in having jobs, so that was the way that one was, while they continue to think that I will be at the centre of making these things happen and then I will loose everything I own by being there.

After which they then tell me that when I had mentioned it, I have gotten into trouble which is utter nonsense since the last time I checked whenever I mention anything, the two facts that come to bear is that community idiots are always angry and looking for somebody to take it out on because people are always hitting them and people are always hitting them because they are always hitting people and of course the other fact being that I have made it clear to them I don’t like being followed by them, even though I think we should live together as one big happy family because I am in charge and none of them on either side are.