The great old story of Politicians doing us all a favour by doing the jobs that we got together to pay them to do is at the heart of this matter; it was supposed to be as simple as saying to Business Man, I am government and I have my own job to do that I don’t want you to ruin for me as equally as you do not expect me to ruin yours by not co-operating – the Policies are meant to ensure workers are okay and that you are okay as well because no Political and social stability will mean no business and that is bad for my taxes as well as equally as it is good for your profits and then set off to make Polices that ensure workers are paid good wages and employers are getting good service for their pay and that ends the story but we end up in a place where each time it is raised that they like to pretend they are doing us a favour by doing their jobs and that it is not the job but the favour they are doing us all by doing it, they turn to the story of the need to preserve and protect the future of Politics. This is usually another set of nonsense that has nothing to do with what was mentioned earlier anyway obviously as the facts show but in terms of the future of Politics the reality is still much the same as the fact we will never get to the bottom of it – after all if that is measured against the fact they are doing us a favour by doing their jobs, then the reality turns to the fact that a socialist MP lives in a mansion while a White van guy is forced to protest in front of it with his St George’s flag that makes him a subject of abuse because they have no respect for us as people, the same reality that means you are forced to ask them how it is you voted for the future they are now having to themselves hence they live in a mansion and you in a council flat, no regard for the fact that we have to get out of bed every day and find a way to ensure that our bills are paid and do everything to ensure that is the case as well – so that the reality remains that they can mess with that too as much as they like if they think it is will funny enough to amuse them the outcome of what happens when they do. So sometimes I do get the question come through of how far I intend to take this my case against Politicians but it is a measure of a reasonable person thinking about how far he would go if he was made to get stuck in the middle of some game Politicians are playing to ensure criminals win their way back to the good books of the authorities by picking on and attacking a religious person that takes his religion too seriously which reaches a stage where they are competing among themselves on such things as how if Thatcher had a Riot Tony Blair must have a Riot as well so that there might be balance when they are having debates – so those who ask that question need to consider it is still going on this very second and think about what they would do.

I am not saying it is a serious matter I was talking about how they could easily set Policies to level up working conditions for people and to ensure that it is not hell among the work force but rather think people need to campaign first because if they did that they would be doing them a favour which is why I am asking why they are doing a paid job then if the premise for doing it is so flexible? They said they do such things to preserve the future of their Politics and I am saying the fucking future of Politics alright and we will never get to the bottom of it hence a re-run of the facts. There is the same old case as ever of I will go into government office and ensure your livelihood is prohibited because I want it and so it is important to consider realities such as you damaging it before I get to have it and in order to prevent that need to wreck the business and finances and preserve the job I want that is in your hands until I locate a way to have it and in the mean time you live on benefits and I use that to ensure you understand what will happen to you if you try to get in my way – the one behaviour every single day, so that it comes down to the part where every damage they do to my business since I have always loved to ignore them and what they want to do with their time and so on means it is trophy victory for them and for me something about which they ought to run from me or hold fast to the government job or lose it to their peril; after all its been a decade and I normally cut out that amount of my time and give it away as it were – so when I speak of them doing us favours by doing their jobs they can keep telling me they are preserving the future of Politics, so that when they are asked how they live in mansions when others voted for that future together it will become a lot of serious as it were.

As for the other miscellaneous things I get told means I am an evil person making out I am loved by the public when I did no such thing – the reality being the illusion that I am most concerned about the welfare of the general public which means that I can be betrayed by idiots left right and centre anytime they want – example of a celebrity that is always seen wanting my public service and income along with my personal life doing what she does best and what they do best all together for the men as well but before I do anything the biggest problem is the fat idiots who think they are as good looking as the celebrities as well, which of course is why they are put in their place so they can clown around wanting my personal life like the celebrities do, thereby seeing what my own looks like as well. You can always say they have a point but in my place the religious purity I stole from their race since I was an Arch Prince was always the last straw – they claim it is competition they won and the football ones think we have moved on. Just like the want my income seniority black ones with a vendetta against the Royal family that is to be taken out on me because I have a different opinion about how much I should earn in life as compared to them who cannot along with their block head rich idiots make their own advertisement or popular culture without getting involved with my personal life or livelihood to do so on a daily basis – the insults being an expression of the fact they can dip their filthy hands into any area of my life with a big mouth of which nobody knows what they are complaining about as well and their stupid women as well of which are never up for conversation, they now know how much the hate my guts with all that nonsense to prevent me from harming them while media helps the boasting and abusing and later confiscation of income and domination with a big mouth and of course those that set me up for them like every parent that hates and attacks a Child's decision to be a moral person will have no peace as it were unless Politicians are stealing it are still in the throes of realising a dream that was of the world being an evil place all over.

I do get asked by law enforcement if I pay attention to how violent things do get of course which I do as it were – I mean it is not as if when people put up a savings and deploy it as leverage to get into your life and build it up on media abusing you with gang badge nonsense in order to make music CDs about your life and get rich and famous they do not know it is criminal – it’s like the other side of them saying that when I say what I say I expose myself all the time and that it hampers my finances which I then blame on others which is absolute rubbish as well since the reality which is why it does not annoy me as much i.e. I know what basis their abuses and attacks are developed and the most popular of them is that they have been around and then they became mentally ill and then they were knocked into shape by some medication and lost their sexual potency with it but how it means that where their corruption of involvement is strongest is around somebody that is concerned with sexual dominance among South Americans and Americans towards the British I would never understand and so this is how they hurt themselves and start to talk nonsense about violence and we have not even begun to scratch the surface around the part where I cannot possibly expose myself when it turns out that what is more important is the need to ensure the myth that I get ordered about by media and celebrities is dead; it started off with them and their Tony Blair Prime Minister handling the writing career to make a mess of  job they know nothing about and that ended with holding them down to the problems until they solved it the way that it should be done, so rather than stay off my finances and livelihood they want to end the story by making people think that they get to order me around. My point is that the only think that makes sense to them when you do not want things to happen to your possessions is financial violence and I will never stop until that had achieved a condition where it is easy to say a group of people are stupid and there isn’t a thing they handle that will not be damaged and that I don’t want to talk about it, so for now I need to make that as expensive as possible so Politicians can continue to bail them out and I can continue to ensure it does not take effect anything they do thereafter, until they keep bailing them out to a point where it becomes a more serious issue all together; so in a word, the answer to the question is ‘yes’ I do pay attention to how violent it gets for civil service and National service staff; the relationship I have with the ladies at Court for example is because of the expression of the Prime purpose of peace at the Office but when considered their actions at Popular culture in detail, it’s not just a matter of civil rights competition with it that they must win, it’s also that they want to hijack it and go down in history as the ones that are the peaceful people, so when you start to consider those who express war and violence at Public office it does make you wonder what kind of search for power and wickedness and violence this popular culture is supposed to have been because it beats the imagination every single time and we see the effects in the real world as well for that matter; it’s a matter of bits of the Royal Office being picked up and signed off for them at government office as property of their Industries and Politics that will not do. So I do suppose this old story of race is developed around the reasons for their extreme antagonism of those who judge matters around it in a detached and dispassionate way being either their own organised evils right down to their Churches where they preach nothing but the gospel of the sick on account they have no wish to show any recognition or even respect for the physicians, if they can push their gospel of the sick as far deep into the lives of the physicians and make them sick so everybody might copy what they do claiming it is a gift God gave to the world and something they do to ensure those to whom he gave it are not corrupt with it or the societies of the future that their Politicians want to create and they are helping with as well.