The lies men tell and their violent Politics do not mean I am stuck anywhere. The rule is: I have some problems or my people do and I am available to fame freaks as a result, what I do because of this is what I must and what else I do thereafter is ignore them:- once I had finished my job, the fame freaks will continue for a period of time and then dissipate-at worst they are just insolent not violent but they actually do go away at some point, except some business scum is keeping it up in my life and telling me that I like to be part of something then expose everybody by writing a book about it, because he or she is confiscating your personal and private life and my writing career along with it, or a media idiot seeks excuses for doing violence on me and getting away with it, by finding my stuff and getting off somewhere claiming it belongs to him or her, then returning to attack me for being me,f which I never understand where it started or came from until he has done some damage or a Political idiot that is persecuting a religious person. This is how much of a trouble I am in.

I am an Arch Prince with my own empire, I know where my empire starts and I know where it stops (for example I know if I cash into a simple condition where people make Popular music to report some problem to me which they do all over the planet, in which condition some do as well for the purpose of hurting me,  I will be financially well off, so they are not better than me and do not have more money than I do in anyway)-okay being unable to extract an income from it currently was always going to happen with the greed and violence freaks of the world bearing down on the property of the Christian, who will not do violence hence a cheap shot but it is still my empire never the less, I still own it and maintain full control of it and I am not stupid; all I know is that these individuals have wives that lie a lot and these lies do confuse even me when I listen to them for long enough.

That positivist rubbish where I don’t want to do something and they get positive until I do it, only works with people whose mate they clearly are; I am not one of those and they can go to a land where they will be free like they threaten all the time, in order to do it, I have no idea what is stopping them.

 It seems as though all my efforts to protect those who run businesses with the interest of their local communities at heart because they understand how difficult it is for people to be as rich as they are is in vain, but for me the point at which I followed on security for them based most of all on the fact they do not have the time or the energy to cause the Government to spend money on crime. It just seems that you can never fix the big boys and they have no idea how much I hate their guts (i.e. how much did the recession cost the Tax payer minus the Bank bailouts that is and where is that money since he do not have a bottomless hole on this planet, where money and money alone goes to disappear?). Its always either using people's religion for purposes they are not intended, which is how they drag young people out of their homes and control their future, like they are doing to me at the moment via insults of telling me to bring my life to serve them with so they can use it to be where they need to be which will also benefit me in some way or it is wealth distribution and civil liberties forced on people which wrecks peoples lives while they make money.

They now make out I treat people like rubbish; utter nonsense. The truth is that they are very destructive and think that when they are, no body can do anything about it and everybody knows that once they have set out such an idea whether or not it is true they will wreck important things for fun and will like to do it all the time. It is important to ensure they cannot rest, cannot turn anywhere, cannot move until they are spending the money they extracted from the economy-otherwise they will simply waste 70% of it and end the remaining 30% in their hands, then use it to rule everybody with an Iron fist because it is not enough. The recession has forced people out into the open, which wastes intellectual property and securities as much of it as possible and now it is time for truth because it is time for growth and they never get it until they are hit and hit hard enough to make them understand. So they don’t tell me it is their money when they need to spend on legitimate products:- it is not their money, I allowed them to make it because of the economic conditions and they never get it for their part.

Naturally they claim it is something about the pressures they have had to put up with; which they suppose is more than my pressures obviously; when they get off about 5am everyday to start me off with the most vicious and violent distant fascisms imaginable, every single day, one of them after the other, then when they experience a tiny fraction of it because they are the ones that are doing it, do not want to experience that and begin to make noise about privileges they deserve because of the size of their bank balance compared to mine which determines seniority and importance; the fact they cannot account for the money does not tell them anything obviously.