Fascist idiots love their controversy over this matter but the fact is that I did not create my securities for them, I did for companies and business people who broke equities with me and I took the risks I did because I knew it would never affect my earnings until they barged in because of precisely what I was afraid of, so I am forced to test out my defences to the max.

They claim of course that the context of what I say is very tough on the outside but really very compromising and fearful of them on the inside; whereas in actual fact they claim that the reason their stupid women find ways to control my income so they can call on me to fight whenever they want which I have told them not to without success is because they have got powers of threatening gangs, which is why I want their millionaire or whatever rubbish out of my life and off my finances. You see I created my securities because based on what society was becoming during the recession of three years ago a lawyer that earned 100, 000 pounds PA will not do so well in a condition where he had to earn 15,.000 with goons fucking cunts all over the place and so now I am going to turn this on them since I did not create it for fascist scum to sit back and endure abuses from them designed on stopping me from leading superior white men and they will find out how much power they have when they are doing society in their old age and I am threatening to have a young person beat them up; this is the real context of what I am doing and saying.

What I mean by these is that I already have and intend to maintain the power to take away from them all they have done to be the persons they are and to be at the places where they are today so that just like their wives make me into the millionaire in our midst for community idiots because they want to earn my own income and confiscate my own home, I will ensure they are in the conditions with their rich peoples rubbish all over my property all the time, so that I can threaten to have a young person beat them up while they are doing society in a place where they are too old for it. to maintain this I will always need to grab and do their society for them in order to keep hopes alive of recovering my earnings from them to shut them up: which will help me to find out exactly what they mean by taking steps to ensure I do not get to lead a superior white man using my own property?

All they have thought about is the usual stuff, if I sell securities I am selling power to be rich to people and they are the ones that control my work and finances and I will not misbehave because they have this power. All they ever think about is how they will have money then not have it anymore, then make sure other peoples wealth ends up in the hands of insolent abusive millionaires in their age group while they rush the job centres and bounce back and have been doing it to me with intent on getting specific results for the last decade without success and therefore are bound to continue-feeling as though they live in a country where things are done in a way that is or are acting in a way which ensure everybody exists in a way that is acceptable to them, until I suppose it goes badly wrong, especially over the idea on account I am a Christian I have positive ideas about things people can do to be rich but am trying to shut out those that deserve it, keep it to myself or practice a religion that does nothing for anybody and they are the ones that are doing society a favour by taking care of people like me and therefore will not unhand my work, my market place or stop following me around.

 The real problem here is that these group of trouble makers claim they intend to kill media trouble makers but first they must be allowed to go off to Royalties and Royal families across the world, getting money and probably sex from them in my name, which they have done for over a decade so far and show no signs of bringing to an end hence I must myself my way and the reason it has come out into the open of course is that they continue to allow or use them to stifle my book sales with back stage media and arrogant business men incitements, as they try to get them to know rich people in order to mix with rich crowds and get richer before they die. I for my part on the other hand do not believe it is okay for idiots to get any thing of that sort before they die because it means that in the process of killing them innocent people will get killed as well, which is precisely what they want with their stupid evil media. The prognosis is always that innocent people are not as innocent as made out and that they follow these people around-the truth is that they do not: these individuals simply go from making out I sleep with their wives and then from there to making out their female colleagues sleep with me and then from there to detaching their female colleagues from those men that follow them because they fancy them in order so they can get to know those men and use them as gangs, then get treated like female as well because I did not allow them into my life to enjoy my personal life as a form of security while they do what they like; innocent people never follow them around. 

It is in the same way it is suggested I do not know if I want to stay in my social class or go off and become lower class or something and that if I get closer to the British Royal family will continue to rant away the way I do; rubbish. I used to rant like that because these fools were spending all their time trying to get me possessed by some evil, now I don't any more because those evils are useless and they have no cultures and society and community relations which if they want any will have to come and beat me up to get some back like they make noise about all the time-which is not at all insolent bearing in mind they discipline their own stupid kids not send them out to steal my income through deals with media based entertainments after which they congratulate them for doing well and therefore becoming successful and rich. As for my rant; these days the reason is happens is because of people who get close to the Royal family for the purpose of stifling my finances to continue to extend the time these goons have to make me possessed by some evil Spirit. I do not think it is a problem it is all they ever do on the right, while the ones on the left think of nothing but how they will ensure that I am doing all the religion and they are doing all the progress and the money and the getting rich with it. Of course I am not taking any of it from them and do know that even though I am a Government Official I run my Office entirely for my own fame and fortune and their habit of savaging my finances when they love to claim Monarchy is a bad thing anyway, will not lead to a good end-especially concerned with using my property in ways that I don't want people to, especially to serve stupid girls that will never have what I have.