Girls that have more money than I do whom I am always trying to get involved with do not exist. The truth about those idiots is the vandalism on my estate every single day with their female brand of rubbish as it were. I mean there are so many ways by which idiots can get off earning other peoples income rather than work for their own but the one they must have must be about women that can dominate their husbands like they dominate like that the one that did it and husbands whose wives can dominate them but they are very good at stealing peoples property of which the latest fashion these days where my concerns are based is the question of where their supply lines are.

The Politicians speak of the things I say about the Prime Minister and I have no idea what they suppose they can do about it anyway. I mean I was supposed to assist the one that was Crowned Prophet Priest and Sovereign and while they already hate my guts in those stupid secrete societies that like to simulate anal sex on me when they know I am a Christian and therefore clearly want to know. After which they decide on New Year honours they get from the Queen which means I have done very well on British problems but now need to look to the ones in Africa where I come from, when I have already had enough of them and their far eastern idiots rubbish anyway. As I said anyway for those their girls the question is where their supply lines are but it seems my case here will not get serious until it actually does. 

People spending my resources for me are not such a big problem. The way I see it is that it is a weakness that my parents created which suits them as well by the way and my main concern now is how to create them the same weakness. Maybe there will be an economic crisis when I do or even so for those that are famous there will be a social pariah.

We have already been past the past where I wait for them and at the best time during the economic cycle withdraw my equities from their businesses for my purposes but it will not change, what they have decided instead is that they want to ensure that because of the length of time it takes me to make such things happen, if all of them took turns doing the same things it will take the rest of my life to create a safe business and from what I can gather their reasons only has to do with how the church is the bastion of prejudice and how I am the Christian they have selected to have their own back with paying off. They are always full of stories for their wickedness and of course they have no conscience so for them the destruction of other people’s livelihoods is not such a bad thing and I too am full of mine as well.

It’s a decade since they last started and that does not yet seem to them to be such a long time so far. They say I just get off and do these things without reason of course whereas the truth is that I will never pass my exams in University or have a qualification or a job or sell my books until they are sure that the way life will work will be a process where they are superior to me over everything that I do, with which audacity they touch everything I own all the time for their purposes and for a decade of unfinished academic work that gets more and more expensive and a cash flow crisis, I have ever seen them give to others. I am not giving back that stupid left, it is the one where their wives start about which I will be trapped somewhere so that all that my Christian stuff might be spent on them, so they can use me to ensure their stupid children that cannot get through a second of their lives without stealing something have everything in the world to steal while I keep my promises of love which my faith and religion expresses and even while I am not giving back that left until they get off my academic work and market place as it were and the process of abusing me to extort money from me because I want to sell things to people, they are still simulating the success of this rubbish on Public Media daily and will not respect facts about how provocative it is.

So do I see them as human beings? I mean this is the big question followed up from how I talk as it were. Of course I see them as human beings but when the fact is that a young woman’s life is about gossips and insults and misogyny and she does not know what respect is and cannot give it and therefore has an insolent thieving father as well, then you have to set out how much you can tolerate her insults and those things she does to control your business and spend the money on herself which her father sponsors as well, especially considering how much she wants to determine whose league you are in recently. So yes I do see them as human beings but just not the way they think I do. Same story with the Duke of York who went off to guarantee his friends he is a Prince and so they can come here with their communist problems to add to this as there was somebody with enough beauties to take care of and clean it up and this of course is what we are trying to find out and it was not so difficult was it; bearing in mind also at the time the Queen was having a bit of a struggle with their really racy grand mothers as well, which made this act of betrayal all the way to football clubs very acceptable? I mean when I control them as well they become whors that have stories to tell but I have raised the question of where the supply lines of these fools are these days but nothing will seem serious yet. These things are not surprising, I am aware the equities I have put on my websites alone at market value are worth no less than 20 million pounds and it is only people within that level wealth that will be able to broke equities with me with enough respect to leave me space to sell the books otherwise it is a case of when I work for it, it is gone already because every idiot has a contraption they call a business with a big mouth.

So do I have any respect for Politics at all? I have no business with Politics; it’s all a contraption where people find ways of grabbing your earnings because those for whom this is very difficult are making it into a trend. The only business I have with Politics has to do with the Church i.e. if the Church is part of the state accountability and leadership means it is all in the package for there to be an NHS and a free public services and benefits system, hence taking care of charity work in general. Not a collection of celebrity scum getting off to do charity when they have got money which they likely stole from me as well in order to get off and tell me I will be made to discuss what I have discussed in the past in a place that will be the right place for discussing it with a big mouth, at the end of the day of which those charities go to benefit stupid women that have hurt people to get where they are now and are now hurting me to please those people because I talk too much and they need to secure themselves, which is the precise kind of thing you want happening when you want a war; then turn up to tell me after lots of bullying that I am clumsy of which the next time they can mention it again and we will go for the fight as well. I mean what do they do for a living entertaining people as comedians? I thought as much too.

It is not true that my Court is free and available to all; the truth behind that are a set of idiots whose marriage I would like to break up so it might become a bit serious. I mean those women are older than me and always take up more responsibilities than I do in every turn but this is not what people see makes me another person who has the right to exist like everybody else. They will turn out and make things really painful and violent by forcing me to respond to them in a certain way, blasting it off on media and then use that to join my Court whether I like it or not, which then scares them and calls for aid from their husbands or boyfriends or whatever. Of which another issue is that those women raise their children in a certain was a result of the Court but for them the fact their business men do sexual abuse to create them the kind of pornography and sexual atmosphere they want to have as a community of people is not enough, so once the future does not lie with them it is time for everything to die. I am not too troubled about it either, I can always watch the Pornography because they are a part of my life, you know they are the porn people and there is nothing new about that in anyway.

These days they say they want some respite from my madness. It makes no sense to me whatsoever for my part. I mean these are a collection of fools who know more about people and have put together contraptions to get richer as a result of what they know, when there is a recession. I mean if you have resources you set up a business during a recession knowing that the only way is up whatever happens but for them it is a naked plan to get rich based on things they now know about peoples lives that they previously did not on account it is a recession – speak of evil for crying out loud and they want a respite. I wouldn’t know anyway: from what I know the kind of mentality we have in the business community is more about my Dad had a business and then he lost it and now recession has brought government attention to the business community and environment, I know a thing or two about business and am going to give it go; it appears publicly in the insurance industry, in the financial it is there but secrete and in the manufacturing you see it if you know where to go to see it. For these idiots they just know more about people to combine with their criminal get away young people bullying retail contraptions to get rich. I mean what do I get out of their respite for my part if they get to have it?

If people want my services of course the way it works is generally buying the books I have written and nothing more. Naturally if people buy and share I will have a problem with it since they are not my distributors but the way to get it is through the books and that is the end of the story. Those rubbish European business men especially talk about with respect to how they want me to give up my empire while the government provides bailouts is really insulting by the way and it will never go away because if I end up having to mention Greece in my affairs I must pay lots of money in millions for the fact that Greece exists and so on and so forth and if after they control my finances and try to take everything from me, it is still not possible to, then I must leave their country. It goes on like that endlessly and I have by the way also told their Politicians I don’t like that stuff where they make sure people are having what I have as well; we all know it is an abusive process of securing my privacy so that when I do things for everybody they will be taking my money to do stuff for themselves because they don’t like people doing their own stuff for them but it will not get better, so they still have trouble understanding what the question of where their supply lines are these days really mean. I mean how much are the books anyway? Before it got to this the warnings were just as frequent in the first place anyway; so I will never stop acquiring things I need to ensure that when these idiots have done these things to me which their Politicians have continued to see them do and I threaten them with the possibilities of a recession they will see there is credibility to it. I mean it happens this way daily 24/7 so the financial black hole on this business here is quite large and I wouldn’t mind filling it up too – especially more so with the consequences of all those insults I get from them. In a shorter sense there is no such thing in my books as a legitimate business whereby people bully me to make profit, there is no connection between a process where I am being bullied and somebody handing cash to another for a product sold, what it is, is theft. It is the old story of iron bars to secure your shop not being enough because there is Political motivation behind why people rob you and the question of what you do about it. So far what they have been able to do as sign of capability is use those stupid retail contraptions of theirs by which every drug trafficker gets to have a means of putting a front before the law to get government funds for criminals and now these criminals want to use me to make those small businesses profitable as punishment for blowing my mouth off over their affairs – nothing about persecuting the Christian because he preaches morals and will take their criminal business away from them etc of course and now they tell me the way to get my services with the most amount of insolence is when I give up my empire while Government pay their own with tax payer funds. The other part about charity is something that must be cleared up thoroughly as well; I mean they do their insolent celebrity charity and it has to do with insulting me over things they have provoked me into saying which I will have to say when the conditions are right with a big mouth. I mean I do charity work because I want to establish a link with my people which will ensure my business while evil idiots will buy shares in it stays the way it should because I am able to use their various organization to preserve it but an idiot will set up their own because they have money to give and say such things not to mention the ones that buy shares in my companies as well or even the ones that want it for themselves and idiots that tell me all I am doing is their own stuff as though I am not aware the world is an evil place hence. As I said, they have been doing charity when they have it therefore the insults will never know their place and one of these days they will throw it around and we will definitely find out how deep the rabbit hole goes. The diplomats do not bug me in anyway, it appears to them that once they get around with NGOs all over the place, really filthy ones as well, it gets to mean they can do anything they like with my business and prevent me from going where I wish because they have a big mouth; what they should be doing of course is take those small businesses away from criminal idiots that use it to make cash that helps them to move around, what they want to do is run charities that damage my book sales. The last time I warned them was 2001 10 years ago, the next time will be another ten years probably and I will definitely make it worth it again. It is incredibly insulting and they have always known that.  

Now this is what it looks like; insolent businesses on one hand and charities on the other – they don’t make them like this anymore, they can light the fuse over my property again if they want. I mean I cannot possibly send out enough warnings. These days I get told I make people wankable then expect them to be doing diplomatic work, clearly of which it is not those, their insults paying off at the other end. It is all they know the insults which is in itself really difficult that soon progresses to enabling any stupid girl there is to take herself too seriously whenever she tells me criminals are the best men or tells me what to do and then once that is done, it is time for them to get rich, no more diplomatic work. Now they tell me I am wrecking peoples retail business when in actual fact there are real retailers out there and I should not have to tolerate an idiot getting rich because I told him his attitude of abuse towards me affects my livelihood and he decided to hold me down for some years to acquire a business that my attitude will affect as well; I bet even as we speak my Court is still free for all as well. The Politicians are obviously the moderators and I will never get a good mark, so I will wait for them at the market place too. The easier way I like to put it is that the entire planet has been researched and no body can actually yet make out why they are so stupid. This is all there is to it; alignment with an ideology of evil for which insults in my direction are meant to ensure when they measure out those deaths for me and end up using it instead therefore find ways of trumping me to make it work, use it even further to ensure I do not take care of the problem except I kill them myself, it is all that happens – they always end up spending all their time of doing those things and because it is a 24 hour job for them need to secure funds from somewhere on account they know what the use of money is and this is where socialist Politicians come in, so we are just in a place today where they are able to move around way too often and so get into everything so no body can put them away somewhere. 

My attitude they say is the biggest problem that I have got. It means no body gets to listen to any of my problems they say. Bearing in mind it is all brought on by the fact that the Queen of England must never be able to give me all I need, nor should my friends and allies because the men want to do so in order to use me as some weapon against their enemies. So stage one of the whole process of crushing it has begun and my attitude is out of the bag already. It is one of those things I do to ensure they have the problem of waking up everyday to beat themselves to the toilet since they are so much more older than I am that I cannot have my own life and there is destruction to be had to make sure they have whatever they want bearing in mind such attitude is something they are used to themselves. It makes so much sense when placed in context of diplomatic work as well – especially when looked at from the point of view where my Court is still free for all and each encounter with women mean I want to have sex with them and is played out in every public function while those their girls they have sex with of which their business men conduct all kind of sexual abuse to create them the atmosphere to enjoy themselves seem to be able to get on media to abuse or insult me to join my Court.

Doing things now others already did is what their children say. They say it means they are superior to me. I have no idea what that means too either; bearing in mind all they got from their stupid games was the latest play electronics and a huge national debt. However it does not trouble me much because it is discrimination and while all that is going on of course racism is that which I should be forced to get concerned about in their view. In the end of which they claim I provoke people by messing up their fame but each time they appear in public places the purpose is to determine my temperaments which is abuse that is not of this world as we know it. They complain of the things I do to ensure they have to wake daily to beat themselves to the toilet like they expect to do to me but they are still barging into my life to get attention destroying things and then making money by earning my income rather than working for their own. We have never seen them think that although ganging up on one person does not have its problems like it would when there are many people and can affect them on election day for example, that the one person would always have available to him means of causing damage which can always be excused as insignificant and this of course is all they have achieved in Politics besides targeting me because I am a Christian while making friends with those that cash into the Political providence they built for themselves, just to tell me I have got enough beauty to look after both – with their faces like pieces of shit of which no body as pushed around such evil prejudice against them yet, all it does of which is make them bolder so they can tell me I was made for pleasure when they are the ones that get together to spread lies about how all I am is a function of sex then get together to believe those lies among themselves still, at the heart of it by the way of which is how the Church is the citadel of prejudice and I am the one Christian that has been caught by them like a thief; now it has not even reached the point where youth is beyond me and they are already superior. All I bother about is the problem this creates for me in the sense of what they will make of it when I am too old and how if this continues for long enough will push me deep into doing things I don’t want to do which may be of the factor of settling scores with them and then on the other hand, what I must worry about with respect to how returning to the UK means that if people hold me down somewhere and abuse me for the rest of my life they will be rid of their image as losers, does to the chances young people have to get into the workforce but there we go again something that I will do and they will govern with a big mouth; looking for trouble here never ceases.

Afghanistan is a typical example of one of those issues that really shows what the effect of these things are because when somebody is prime minister of course and needs a certain information from me, it is my duty to give him that information but when he has set me up for these idiots so that even my books can be confiscated by scum that want fame and riches he has clearly started a fight that he must now win as it were. They are suggesting that people who have stood on the same soil as 200,000 starving refugees in Somalia do not know what to do in Afghanistan and of course I will never take the opinion that this is true and therefore will continue to treat them like destructive people as well. I mean a rogue soldier must shoot dead another soldier to claim that he is on the side of the enemy for it to be clear that dealing with the Taliban and working with the Afghan state are two opposite and completely different things. This is the kind of things I say just like my Christianity makes me a target of their discrimination while I am being forced to kill those I have never seen before by their insults mean that I should be joining the armed forces and yes they ask it all the time why I do not join the armed forces? It is always the greatest question ever to me as far as I am concerned because not only does it show that joining the armed forces will not get this job done and more over if it was the way to do it that would have probably been what I would have done and then also show that I have spent most times protecting the armed forces from the evils of their society and military complications that they have not created for themselves, so this question is just another giant opportunity to have a very large portion of that their stupid Political civilian life of which I wonder how much of that cake is left these days anyway. Bearing in mind everything from hiding the evils of society and making sure Pop stars are cleaning up any mess because they are responsible for any mess via their greed and insolent violence, in order to run my business and sell my books, to looking into post conflict stress matters in the armed forces like they have refused to look after those their insolent croons that they think no body knows need deep and serious psychiatric help in the hope to have the power to stir extremism (I have no idea if they do realize everybody else also knows those community women are actually mad; maybe when they say I am I will become as it were, I have no idea). So now more mixing of military and that big cake civilian life of theirs; it was never a mystery, they were meant to look after those women instead unleash them and get glory from the demise and suffering of soldiers and of course this is not the end of it because they have been taking away British military complications and adding them to every so idiot over seas they think lives in a bigger country and the Americans of course are the ones that are most affected of which I will have to set out time to get it back from them.

It draws a par with the things I have done in the business world as well; I say I will grab the equities of their business and distill them into legal form then keep them in my office to rule and govern them with since they want to wreck all our lives by causing economic problems, they say you would not dare, tell me I am bloody minded confiscate market for my books and tell me I will never get a job. So I did and now everybody in the world know that the market equity contract of businesses can be reviewed and this of course is a power I will share with consumers only when they buy my books otherwise they may not buy the books so that it might be said I did the wrong thing; there is always of course something seriously wrong with them and their retail industry ageist idiots – what they want to do now is attack those elite businesses that work with me instead of look into their own problems. Now of course it is set out things work here like a military operation; it is where they say I make people feel below themselves that every thing comes to light but the last time I raised the fact that it explains how this is a giant fight against my Christianity which takes advantage of how I am a job seeker to give me a bloody nose and nothing else their response was “beat.” Clearly they can start it off like that fight it for a decade and “beat.”

 They speak of Political party funding as though it was something that has to do with the Monarchy which is the same head of state for Australia and New Zealand for example and of course none of those countries speak of tax payer funded Political parties, you will never hear such rubbish anywhere else on this planet anyway. In the end the rich have a say in the way the country is run and people will get to explain what their vandalism of my work gets to mean in those their stupid insolent wealth distribution terms. As for the process where each time I mention I am not a poor man it means I do so people might do my stuff for me I will seriously one day shut up these insolent bastards for my part.

So do I think of media people as useless arrogant idiots? Of course not, it is the level of insult I have to ensure from them that leads to the things I do. I mean I am perfectly aware they should not have access to me but actually do and so therefore this means that they are taking it from the heart and the barbarisms and wickedness and violence of their cultural insolent abuses are good for that, the reason they think their corruptions of involvement with people is all powerful – where they can barge in and do whatever they like with anything that is available then have their stories to tell or just get on public media to make noise about things black people get up to and how I am responsible for it etc. It is not the case either that I got involved with the media, I didn’t; they just make these things up like a perception because it is impossible to take advantage of me then set about taking advantage of that linking it with me and then creating an effect and of course like the former they cannot be stopped and it is never enough. I mean we are talking about another human beings life here, if at all I am regarded by them as a human being anyway with those talk, like those their Political idiots talk and get themselves involved with everything then think it is other peoples fault they don’t have the money to keep up with the rich.

The women they speak of are mostly older than I am and take responsibility for most things that happen between us as such and the ones I get involved with in an intimate way are those who parents abuse like mine abuse me in public generally. So unless people are going to ask their parents to pass around insults at them in such ways so that they can get involved with me they might want to think about shutting a gob that says my life is open to everybody. These women raise their kids along the lines of the relationship with share for example and their careers are things I provide a certain amount of security for so we are talking about somebody else’s life here. I have to be strict with girls of course especially western girls because business men spend all their time on sexual abuse to please their local community idiots and the media who are clearly the porn people and the sexual aspects are things I never discuss because it has to do with when somebody has to be responsible for a change and of course I never touch those their insolent girls that they create their abusive worlds with anyway so I cannot make out what their obsession with me is. They say they have never seen princes to available especially one that is first of his blood line as well but I don’t know what makes them make out I am available I don’t know when these lies took up a feel of reality, I don’t know when they thought they were finished and done. I mean they complain I bad mouth people and that creates them problems whereas that was their insolent strong point on media for the purpose of abusing me into describing my equities as a condition of bad mouthing people, now they cannot do the violent gossips anymore which means we are making progress too. They spend their time on nothing but turning tables on media and I don’t know what to do to these insolent bastards and their stupid familiarities to make them stop it and of course it will continue like that until I begin to use them like meat as well so they can use drugs.

 The claim I sit back at home and do nothing but lazy around and tell people what I am thinking is simply a process where they think messing up my life because I have enough progress to look good for a larger part of my life claiming it is how they share has paid off. I don’t: first of all they are classes below me, secondly they are not my class and thirdly they really are the evils of the world I should never get involved with and fourthly because they familiarity insults get involved with me I must hide them away and it is becoming more and more violent with their wickedness greed and uncontrollable nature of theft especially the American ones who set up a business so when I trade with it talk to everybody in the industry to get them to shut down on account princes have never been so available and I have been trapped and these are just examples of the provocation not to mention using my fame to be rich and famous and their stupid famous by culture celebrities that do nothing for the upbringing up children except sell stuff. Keeping it going of course has to do with making sure the lives of those who like to mess it up for me seeking fame and fortune on my property are under control or painfully tied down and that is where Pop stars always end up anyway, it is what selling my books and getting the job done thereof is all about, contrary to the lies they tell when they feel I have charged them with getting the books sold (which is always so provocative because there is really no connection between what Politicians do and what the Royal Family does except for the Queen and the first top 6 Members who have a government role to play that has nothing to do with the electorate hence there still isn’t a connection with what Politicians do anyway, neither is there a connection between what the Royal family does and what Pop culture pop status Celebrity idiots get up to, theirs of which is most annoying because there is no connection between their kind of fame and the fame of any royal personage whatsoever, regardless of their insults they like to tell people helps them determine who is a Prince and who is not one, which of course for them is such fun but only while it lasts too of course).