I have heard the several stories that are told around the case of how I would have been acceptable to people if I were elected – none of it makes any sense since I was acceptable to people before I held this office and a world does not exist where I am acceptable to them on their terms as well either: I mean they do not get told they are incredibly stupid people alright but the evidence speaks for itself i.e. everything they touch is broken already.

We all know parliamentarians speak of a case where they would not have readily chosen Monarchy as a system of government if they were asked to chose today but that is not to say the same applies to the whole Nation – some will still continue to see a system that provides a pool of Authority from which people can select a head a state and prepare them for such a role as the most ideal condition to run a government and feel like they are a part of it. Parliamentarians say what they say to avoid compromising their position and it is the same way they complain about me; of which nobody has ever been HM Protégé at 21 while still at College in the last 200 years; I am a National treasure and they are not and chasing me around education systems to wreck my finances and shower me with obscurity will never change that fact, so I am actually not as deluded as they are and so prefer hurting them for every abusive insult rather than telling them when they are damaging my office and how they can lay off it.

It is more complicated than that anyway – around the old case of how I seem open and receiving others whereas what it is about is alienation and whether or not I am talking to people who pretend that I am talking to them. So it is a matter of business and communication and alienation and they do not talk to people while I am talking to them and do not get a word in while I am not talking to them, they do not see me do that with their conversations anyway but the chance is always worth taking because there is money involved if they get away with it and therefore get to deploy their own money for various other similar nonsense they think they have copied in a condition where I remain in obscurity with a big mouth.

The European ones are much the same old case – they speak of this more integrated Europe to deal with insulting people like me when it was an old case of digging peoples weakness and needing that so much that they spend tax payer funded time to create some, now they have some I can dig as well and as usual the fucking idiots who were first terrified out of those insolent saloon cars, think that a more integrated Europe will help them solve the problem and abuse me and my Christianity like that to make secret society powers; so it is quite unusual indeed. The British ones however I have always wondered how I need to get that stupid lower class due and they have continued to put the license before me with their insults and sexual abuses; so it is a case of how they need to explain to the public the benefits of attacking me when I am so difficult to handle and it is taking up all of government time on one hand while on the other they are perfectly certain there will be no problems for them over the case of abusing me to make money – which I think is not a problem since there are other things they should have been doing with their time which I will confiscate from them and then sit back and ensure everything they do to ensure I think other things are more important than being afraid of them at any eventuality is dead and stone cold dead as it were, so we can find out what they are made of too. The blacks complain of course but everybody knows about their insults – in the end of which it is the same old case of these things happening because I need to be held down financially somewhere so people can abuse my Christianity and extricate some cultural power from it to sit down somewhere and practice a witchcraft that will decide if I can be successful or not and then attribute it to others as well – the ones in the US we all know think they can do and undo and it is their inability to keep off my book sales that will push the matter into another case entirely all together; all I can say is much the same, they dont talk to those I am talking to and do not get a word in when I am not talking to them and then they do not have to call me a black racist and as for the Politicians, that their stupid culture stays while they move on since I will not live if it does not, so politicians can come around to help them out and have something to complain about too at any time, especially around damaging my finances and academic work for them because it is a bit difficult to manage the culture while doing those things at the same time, I am not going anywhere either, always keen to dish it out as it were; it’s been 14 years and it does get to a point. Hence the case of how I am saved because nothing has changed is utter rubbish, I have only stopped short of smashing those stupid cultures to bits each time I recover my market equities from them and the next time they tempt me in that way the result will be a fight in their hands that they will have to win; same old case of the story of how I have become the centre of the world being wholly inaccurate, not because I am afraid of stirring their vanity but because the reality is that they think they can handle my literary empire and when I go through hell to recover it feel provoked and that is why they think my salivation is the fact nothing has changed about that stupid culture which is actually not true: the culture stays and they move on, it is a threat to my health and safety and well being and they have built an atmosphere that is palpable already about how they want the world and want to extract it from me while their stupid girls have stories of tell of a personal life I stole from stupid men that do violent things to protect them to go with it too and the fulcrum for these things have become their inability to keep off my books and that is what will  become their undoing. They do not address me when I dont speak to them and do not talk to people when I am talking to them and never ever get a word into my conversation and all will be well the lower class idiots: I do not prevent people from being famous in any case - these witchcraft idiots who have taken up 14 years of my time with their foolish Politicians to ensure they can determine if I am successful or not are always an integral part of celebrity culture; so that whenever journalists and celebrities have an opinion imputed into other peoples conversation it is always most likely they want to say something about their stupid personal lives: we all know it usually comes right back to stories of how my view of the Monarchy is a deluded one whereas in actual fact there is no such thing - only media idiots who feel I should be doing their civil rights while they enjoy life according to them for example and then the talk of certain women in royal circles, when we have already seen their idiots make hell in Church knowing that since the Priests know who they are, are not going to react to them and seen them campaign to have female Bishops which was quite successful in a bid to tear up the Bible or something worse and does show that the problem with respect is that they have not got a clue what it is and therefore cannot give it to anybody - the rest are idiots who want to be part of their popular culture and fame and fortune nonsense and each time these foolish women from royal circles wreck anything of mine I will always never fail to cut their own to pieces as well especially the fame and fortune which does constitute connections that such fools have in places where they hold some kind of village identity: the women in royal circles story is not news but the Lower classes are making any enemy; that is news and we are now waiting for a trigger - everybody knows each time you had made it clear you want no business with these witchcraft idiots, women like that not least the black ones that want the world from you positively think you have made an exception of them for powerful purposes and it brings it out of you to say when you see them around your possessions and Office one more time there will be bodies: it is a simple reality that every fool want to run their lives on deviance and carry out activities like these only to find themselves big names like journalist or Politician or racist or civil rights activist - none of the issues they speak of have been important until they had ran the course of their stupidities and these matters had demanded their lives - I suppose this is a history they are now working really hard to undo and I have had enough of their abusive insults as well.