The story of how I am scared of my own shadow is one that really does justify their complains of course since it does tend to put beyond doubt these games are all a form of bullying or another and that when they think people are not watching they find it amusing as well. I am not scared of my own shadow, the reality is that a group of lads around the street corner issuing a derogatory statement in my direction that is tinged with a threat can only result at the best of time in GBH for me and at the worst of times murder. So getting into a fight with me and coming off better off if I am interested in it is not something I consider at all – for now I know I have a temper and they ought to be informed I am never necessarily comfortable with walking away and it is important they shut it. The part that gives teeth to it which is immigration is very well understood; the reality is that of the uselessness of conversations about it since we all know immigration in the UK is usually controlled by business travel permits, residency permits, citizenship and student visas; the only reason it has become political over the last few years is because of a collection of perverts that held government office in the last decade, hence there is no point discussing immigration when we all know we can always set things in order and impute these checks and security into the system and make it work. I for my part do not necessarily think it is okay to walk away from a collection of idiots whom I am certain will threaten me each time they see me and make an excuse about it without reason, contrary to what they think and that stupid media that seems to be their salvation as well. I know they speak of Americans playing games with British society to set us up for Muslim extremists of course and have something to say about threatening me as well but I have no idea where it is supposed to lead either even though I know why they would find it funny; but so far with Mr Obama we are yet far from finished now that he knows what it feels like to be insulted by fame idiots who are making somebody else more important than he is either way, so unless their Politicians are doing government work for free, then the stifling of my book sales until I kill somebody and an inability to stay off my women and the pretence that there is anything they can do about me should consequences follow any more of those their stupid democratic insults should be heard and not seen less and less and less. Because of course we have already been past the part where Mr Obama dispatched them to pass insults at me so he can become more important when he is greater than they are while they dominate me, about which I was a Prince first before he became US President and he needs to earn his legitimacy and fuck somewhere else. While they themselves have continued to be a collection of greedy more-ons who make noise about what people do to them and assume that harming me will carry no consequences to a point where their insults mean they can turn up and wreck my finances and get off imposing on me a system of things where I am supposed to give up government office because there are others that are richer with a big mouth, and it tends to carry on like that without limits and now I am being threatened by extremism and the fear is palpable because they want to expand globalisation – it is how their greed as we all know figured out 9/11 of course. They are not a threat to me, just more-ons who thinks wrecking mine as well as what they have already suffered will carry no consequences. The Scottish ones claim I say Scots have their independence when that is not really true – which brings us to the old issue of the disparity between Monarchy where people believe the trees and the grass and the land are worthless and are fundamentalisms that should be left unexplored and republics where people vote idiots that manage it for them of which is up to Scottish people to decide but they should not pretend it is about the Scottish Parliament which was created as a result of devolution anyway. It simply seems an impossible feat to convince black idiots who have found their way into systems of Monarchy in the UK that they run the Royal family but I am not necessarily keen on convincing them either, just their insults and the things they think they can do about me on account they believe I should put up with them while working for other peoples government as it were.