On the matter if difficulty making progress with my life however, it has become rather obvious I have only two matters to handle here and one of them is a matter of how things leave my Office and or my personal life or public appearances and indeed my websites, of which those who are responsible are not yet complaining about what happened to their fun ageism before I got supposedly punished because of my attitude like their big mouths talk about all the time and of course not being disturbed by the Media while I have any matters with criminals and local hoodlums to handle, which is of course every day.

I do get told I have been Published by some very bad people but reality is more a matter of my Publishers getting in touch with Clients who refuse to stock my Books because the Books are so closely tied to my person and they cannot tell exactly what I am doing with myself, while the Media decided exactly what people thought of me – so the condition now is that I having been Published with somebody got myself a self employed position to work with and the job has to get done, impossible to tell how the same gits got off preparing the public and enlisting themselves as the characters that were to dish out the punishment for the failures but I know they had needed a five years history of insults channelled at me to build it and during that time I was unable to earn anything. The idea is that they have got money and if anything bad happens to them, they will go down in History as achievers, while the likelihood of me changing that when this ends over a fight with the media does not yet appeal so far.

I do get told what happens with me is that people work hard, pass the exams and get jobs at top companies where they create products for a Class Society while I have trouble working for my money which is the only means by which I can buy them and it’s a lie – what they do is go to peoples company while needing the Assets of my Company after years of insults mean their popularity culture helps to ensure the financial structures are up for a debate each time I appear in Public places with what I do and then they have trouble reading Books with Titles and descriptions on them which becomes incredibly frustrating, especially as their stupidities then wants to invest my property equity instead of buying the Books in order to make money for the Companies they have picked up jobs in, on account they attended private School and I suppose it therefore means that they want some news on it too. It is an example of what I will target when this process of continuing this behaviour where I get to think I have had enough and they are the successful ones who know better but happen to be the hoodlums that stick in the knife all together, I have pointed out it is the behaviour that got me dropping out of University and they have never ceased to be amused by it when all they had to do when they showed up here is just read.



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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Monday, August 5, 2013, In : HH The Arch Prince Office and Government Law enforcement 

Now they say I have reached a point where I need to move off and let people be, I understand for my part too however the sense of limits people want me to apply to my living to suit them but they have not paid for damage done to my finances, my reputation, my public work and my books, so they are hardly in a position, whilst I am willing to let go of all these aforementioned crimes however, the reality remains a problem with those insults and how often they appear on public media as well, alo...

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Monday, March 11, 2013, In : HH The Arch Prince Office and Government Law enforcement 

The assassination issue is of course just as well; I mean people like to say it has much to do with me which makes no sense whatsoever; first of all of which the main issue is that people do not want to hear a word of the gospel from me but my Christianity has acquired most of their attention and the reason for this is that they want to pervade it for trappings of power, so when they carry on like that and the result is that they get shot by somebody for example, it appears that the thing I w...

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  The usual story is therefore that I wish other people did not exist; the reality of course is rather things like making me into an angry rebel because it is what their parents made them into in order to have some form of republican power and more so at the same like like I am a mug they drink from - of course they are scared of their own shadows and I have no clue what they want from me anyway, all I know is that they have an insatiable desire to cause me pain and distress and suffering and Politicians should always give them anything they want as it were and then talk nonsense about power and Politics and society when they know nothing about anything anyway; its cost me my finances and my academic work and now threatens my book sales in a failed bid to end my career all together - it is not an ordinary wickedness and if Politicians went to Church their minds would not be so clouded with stupidities so they can talk so much rubbish in public about leadership over the matter all the time when they really ought to get rid of it completely. 

I cannot say I am innocent in the matter either, when you know more than they do and they lumber you with mantle of leadership in order to make a great servant out of you but these things about men and media and Politics and society and crime and violence have cost me too much for conversations to be allowed to take place about it around here.

There is a great fight said to have been won of course by those who have no religion to put their minds to and I would never fathom what it means considering we have already come this far. What I know is happening is that they cannot possibly be sharing my allies - Royal, Political, Social, Economic with me since we are not equals and continually straining the matter will lead to another decade of a loss of identity and total confusion as it were, for they have no respect for anything hence become convinced their excuses for these activities or any to this effect with suffice. The mantra remains the same; they need stay off my book sales not look for more trouble. They do speak of the need to go to China and take over everything that has to do with my Interests and my Equity Property but I have no idea what they hope to achieve by that either; to clarity this matter and the delusions that cause them to take these risks, the reality is simply the fact the only Country in the world that had put Socialism through the social process is the Russians i.e. it is all very well to say wealth distribution should be imposed from the highest level of Government and that we should get rich together but it is all for nothing if people are not doing it for a moral purpose - hence it moved to the advanced stage of Communism we have today. China is different in that it believes in strong Governance and maintaining the welfare of the populous who should get rich together and equally - hence power games with it will not sit well, minus the power games we find from the trouble makes regularly there is nothing to worry about. I do understand when people think my statement here does not apply to Politicians but I wonder which part they suppose excludes politicians anyway since we all know that these idiots who have no religion perform such feats as a condition where my books end up in parliament to be pillaged by those who know less but those who write books pillaging the person and dignity of Government operatives would put up with such things on account that controversy will at least help them earn a living from their books. So it is the same old story of fucking idiots without a religion who claim to have won a great fight and of course they have; whereby the part concerning religion that will not serve my purposes like I would want would have constituted a first occasion of such occurrences.

The difference between The East and the West is still Celebrity for the West and Communism for the East - we do not want any governments and diplomats that are very well aware of this fact to fight any of their stupid wars on our behalf - they can consult and fight them for those that want them to instead.

We do hear them say the way the ladies dress is responsible for the heavy burden I carry which then causes me to spill everything that comes into my soul as a result of my good life but I find it and appreciate it as one of the most insolent things that anybody can say for its part as well; I mean it’s like the story I mentioned earlier about claims I steal their celebrities when the celebrities themselves know there is work they have done that was done when they deployed my work to help them do it and that I am the only person that can handle security matters around that successfully, besides which the service they get from these celebrities is not to my taste either hence I never pick them up when I am doing my rounds as well for that matter and cannot see what brings it on but it is the old story about the fact they are neither husbands nor wives, spouses nor relatives of these women but in the world of men and their industry and city centres and me and my literary empire and the ladies, whereby they are the people that take advantage of anything the industries have used and dumped which is why they are always so keen to attack me with a need to see me do civil rights alongside them and now have reached a point where I don’t need to for them to carry out their financial vandalism: I mean if somebody deploys my property equity to make a music Video, I will collect the videos at some point and resolve the security issues and besides which those videos are clearly about my Royal Estate, my House and my renaissance, so for me it’s a simple case of celebrities getting involved with another person’s office of state but for them it can be as complicated as gang murder. I want them to keep their insulting modern churches far away from me, otherwise stop complaining about my women as well and try to justify their stupidities, when we all know they never listen and need to get far deeply involved with people to work this criminal and civil disobedience of theirs and the whole Church thing and how people should dress and carry themselves and the difference between the sexes in Church are at the heart of it – they hurt people with their women and girls and pretend they don’t know they are but at the same time believe that what they are doing is so right they should be rewarded on a pedestal for it and the reasons for that is really that they think they are doing it to those they can beat up anytime they want and there is no other reason besides that. Their girls can come into Church in Bikini – of course there is something they get if I am exasperated by it and there is no way I will be if it does not affect my earnings and when I have female journalist friends they complain about their homosexual culture as well but are still talking nonsense about being correct when they defile people holy places and defile the scriptures of the Bible like that for good measure to get rich and play freedom democracy and capitalism games that they never seem to rest as it were; I mean an example is myself and in my case my holy place is my bed room and we have not seen them give it a rest for one second in the last 14 years either, National and International media, right up to International Communities it is with them every single day.