Now of the story of High profile Assassination such as the Kennedy’s and how I am increasingly putting myself in that light and in that position; the realities of what I have done is rather a simple matter of the fact that people can the next time they feel like it, run the filthiest elections in American history and jump on media to abuse me for years to build lifestyle for themselves, then turn out to seek industry connections all over the world and secret services access in order to abuse me and collect royal privileges as well whenever they want and then things will happen and happen at random and there will absolutely be no occasion where there is too much sexualisation of young people going on. So the socialist ones, it seems rather difficult for them to talk about Mr Blair pissing people off and making out the same are responsible for the health and safety and well being of his stupid children or indeed Mr Brown who hears you speak of the Admiralty and thinks he looks the part so you can ask if why he is not conservative and he can tell you he should have been but chose to be Labour which is why he is treated badly on all sides and likes to pick on young people, they will never speak of those or the fact that they have had that need to cling to me and do damage here since making and killing the willing horses is what scum and cowards like these specialise in as it were, what they want to talk about is how I position myself to be killed.

They do it all the time; they feel they are fundamentally superior to me, so that when I do my own to provide me with comfort and privilege I do it with my own but when they do their own, they are Americans or American fans or allies, so they do it with my own and they will do that stupid fame and fortune and political power and self advancement and popular culture no other way yet so far and we all know it turns up on media every single day too. They will issue those stupid threats they do even when they realise I have been charting their society and pinning those that enjoy spreading those stories about the benefits of hurting me and they understand I will protect myself if I am threatened by them on any occasion and would not mind killing them, after all, all they need to do is keep talking, never shut it and keep talking like that – nobody knows why they cannot shut it, stay out of moving into my right hand to do anything and if the idea they are on the right hand is their society, ensure people are informed at all times or I will do it for them and keep that stupid culture that has never once had a nice thing to say in my direction or a politeness towards me or a good deed in my benefit done in anyway whatsoever, considering of course that there are people it is nice to which is where it should stay firmly.

Saying these things does not imply I think them to be a big problem; they are stupid people you see and they expect to pretend they are the same thing as me in order to make money with the use of their stupidities and the big problem with me of course is that I know all about it and yet nobody knows what they expect a Royal Prince that has been a government worker all his life to know anyway, when they start bearing in mind it is a real problem they have letting other people be, since nobody is yet regulating despite all these commotion, their right to make money by such stupidities and the right others may have to give them money for it as well, nobody knows what they want with me or indeed why it is so difficult for them to simply let other people be. I mean I have lived for years with the idea that the only friendship you can have with black people in the UK is a homosexual one but soon enough it had degenerated into a story they tell themselves all over their stupid city about somebody they have located who will chase a cause and die for their progress and the reasons for this of course was that I had before I met them in fact at 19 realised I had settled every means of allowing my friends and allies and people to practice their faith in my absence death or otherwise without a problem and they also knew I would not let death part me from my faith, so this became their major preoccupation and then there is my personal favourite of getting up on media to change what people know about my work every single day; they say it is seniority and something about a culture I understand which puts them at an advantage that exists at my expense which I am now trying to deny them, I say just like the whites it is something stupid people do and do because they are stupid, they say they want a reaction and will do it to get one at all times and of course at this stage nobody now knows what they are complaining about either; I mean I am 32 now, 13 years of being hounded by them because I would not let fear and death part me from my faith, 13 years of government office and civil service being their personal and private property for causing me distress and they are the ones complaining. They say somebody is being positioned for assassination and it really makes you want to stop them from doing it as well.

I believe I had made myself clear on the important issues anyway; the benefits of hurting me or not as a public norm – one more occasion where I have to change or restructure something on my websites to make my company operable and it will be a case of a story of me and that stupid freedom and capitalism and I will never return I do swear, until I have ripped it up.

I am not suggesting they are a major problem for me; they do all these things because they are trying to ensure that the benefit of hurting them for me is not so huge but because I am unlikely to explore it, I need it to stay that way as well; when they think they are a problem for me I do wonder if they consider how glorious it would be to hurt them in a way that ends their lives on this basis; they cannot shut it and I should build a public life for it as well provided they keep talking like that.