The assassination issue is of course just as well; I mean people like to say it has much to do with me which makes no sense whatsoever; first of all of which the main issue is that people do not want to hear a word of the gospel from me but my Christianity has acquired most of their attention and the reason for this is that they want to pervade it for trappings of power, so when they carry on like that and the result is that they get shot by somebody for example, it appears that the thing I will do the most is feel sorry for them as it were and if I don’t as such I get into trouble thereof, hence I really love to pat them on the back, smooth it over, patch them up, gloss it over and then make sure they understand the other side had a point as well.

I mean take for example there is a country but because some small guy is a fan of his country and the way his country is and a fan of whomsoever is at the top office in his country, the person at the top office in his country must find out and take everything he has away from him – you always get this sense that this guy at the top of the country could have been corrupt if he wanted to until he is caught by a whistle blower or by the general way the system works or by an investigating law enforcement officer but of course he cannot be corrupt unless it takes everything including personality away from the person who is a fan of his country and whoever is at the top office. The problem generally is that the small guys who get assassinated do not get any publicity for it i.e. two people at a playground and one gets so offended he goes to his bag, takes up a gun, returns to the playground and shoots dead the other; nobody is interested in what the dispute was, what they think is that the next target is me yap, yap, yap, I could never make out their point anyway but I have to assume they cannot shut up because they are starting a completely different branch over me.

How they want to go about it therefore I guess is  taking pictures of criminals in prison and putting them on the internet to threaten me with; all that really happens with those pictures in fact is the criminals making a statement, usually about the fact that now people get involved with a dispute that is not their own, have they done their stuff like these – and then they show their scars, emotional, physical etc; I have no idea how it could mean I would be getting killed soon but I guess when the media idiots had started their own for their part and somebody turns up at their homes with a gun it will as they have said it, have had a lot to do with me too.

The part where the things I say makes it even worse expresses matters even better of course, while they think it is a danger, since we all know that the problem with idiots and their ego in government office is that the next person to be a fan of their country and a fan of the person at the top, is likely to have been the person who is going to take up the government seat next and that he or she needs to be stifled, so when it is not paying off in that way while they attack people, the process of doing so has something to do with me like we are equals so that it might and of course the story now is that I will be assassinated, which I don’t mind, its only that all those their industries are mine and they need to get off their lazy bums and my television especially and dispute it, maybe they will win and maybe not; let them gamble a big one too. We all know this is what happens i.e. he is a perfectly normal person but you must take everything from him because he is a fan of his country and the guy at the office of state, the result is always that he will go from a perfectly normal person to somebody that is completely crazy about being you and then it will get worse as you will need to justify your actions more and more and more and he will become more and more and more defiant etc until it ends in an assassination as it were. So the real question is rather usually that of what lessons we have learnt from assassinations and not whether or not I am to be assassinated.

In the end I suppose the test is an old one i.e. how possible is it really to get outside and see a young woman who has not had her hair washed in a relationship with another young man who does not know what politics and fame and fortune really is? It is almost impossible these days with fools thinking they have media and the reasons you buy electrical equipments is so they can talk through to you with it. Underneath this of course we all know are evil parents at work, co-operating with media for unfathomable wickedness and enforcing their version of a perversion of the Bible which Politicians allow them means to via the civil service and they say I am the one that will get assassinated yap, yap, yap.

It’s just books I write and sell; it does not have to be people’s worst nightmare. I mean why is it impossible for people to look at things and say hey it is a thing and a thing always belongs to a person and on this occasion it just wasn’t me. It’s as though the fact something exists means that they must want it and when they want it they must have it. Then we see them with an issue; their anger does not come in small measures, it is directed at those who are bad because they are bad and at those who are good because they want to use their good stuff to cover their tracks when they do wicked things to people on grounds they want things.