Now they say I have reached a point where I need to move off and let people be, I understand for my part too however the sense of limits people want me to apply to my living to suit them but they have not paid for damage done to my finances, my reputation, my public work and my books, so they are hardly in a position, whilst I am willing to let go of all these aforementioned crimes however, the reality remains a problem with those insults and how often they appear on public media as well, along with the false confidence of idiots that cannot do the gangs and criminals but can do the heroes on account they work on media and need to ensure people do not see them as losers. Some of them wake up every day to these things as a means of earning a living which largely involves making a lot of money without a day’s work for it and so it is imperative in their view that I cannot wake up to set about listening to what news people put out there for me and decide what I need to do for my people because they are busy making sure that my personal life is available to them in any place they might appear or turn up in the world and this of course is something their Politicians never take note of so they have no sense whatsoever as a result that since I am who I am and do what I do and am always followed around and abused by feminists, there are certain insults they should never throw at me because of how damaging those insults will be and for how long they will carry on via media for each and every case they have been issued but instead having realised this is what is expected by any decent human being decide to do the opposite every day. The feminists on the other hand of whom have heard me make very clear statements about the fact if they behaved differently there would be no pornographers and since they will not, I will look after the Pornographers for them and they can look after the gangs and extremists for me as well if they have got the fucking balls for it. These other group of idiots however are all together an old story about holding public office about which it is understood they will always hate the idea I am the greatest fan that authority has and will never do anything they want to do unless there is a public sense created that they have put me away in some place they have determined is best for me to get stuck in but I have also done everything possible to avoid trouble for my part in that I have published the books and I have built up some publicity for it and everybody now knows a spoof might be tolerated but handling the products is not but it is still impossible to get a holiday away from them on account they are borrowing and using my privacy for their purposes to start with and cannot stay off the books or stay off the Industries for that reason, hence regularly get out of bed to call me names publicly and explore my personality to get rich; the first consequence for this was the atmosphere that now exists which involves the issue between the Prince and the Problems and so of course they continue to do these things because they want a piece of me and will get certainly as it were. I would never know why the Coalition government talks regularly about leaving the EU for my part anyway; I mean we cannot get out of every international arrangement we have because some people cannot accept that we exist and do have the right to without being required to change – where does it stop? Hence they complain of US surveillance at the moment but have been at it for years so far presently and my point is simply that since they continue to wreck the finances in order to feed their pleasure of having power over me and calling me culturally abusive names that amount to curses that show they have spiritual power to make people poor or rich, I will create my own make shift holiday away from their stupidities to give me a break and give them one from me as well and it will involve a lot of pain for them too. The part that black women play on the other hand is never a new thing in any way whatsoever; we all know that is a function of how Barrack Obama is President of the US, however they know how long their insults every slight little bit of it since we are not mates, like their white counterparts, will go on through their stupid media for every time they issue one and it can be measured therefore by that story about how they handle me which of course everybody know they can always handle anybody by being a dunce and it is nothing new, this fact is the reason I never get concerned about them, however the provocation with the insults means they are moving it to another level and it will blow up in their faces. The Politicians however it seems know how to complain all the time but the same insults are rife and a minute by minute second by second affair for them especially in Europe and we do not see them address their own stupid families in such ways so the evils of their society can end up in the personal lives of those they abuse to get rich, so I cannot make out what the complains are all about especially over US surveillance as well – they have been at it for years now; the whites and their International racism, the blacks and their obsessive practical ways of telling me to shut up and the process of using my belongings for things I disapprove of or just generally using them without permission. The damage that it does to divisions of my work in say Asia and South America for example, especially with respect to matters of gangs and so on is unprecedented and the fact is has degenerated as well into tensions with British Islands is another story entirely. So the threats that we face is actually very distant from terrorism: I mean they speak of doing my stuff for me without thinking about how provocative that is since we all know it is a combination of wrecking my life and then turning out on media to keep it wrecked in order to ensure it is completely destroyed and then I have to start again, so their idiots can gain self improvements from claims of where I have stolen my new life from on one hand and on the other hurry me into setting up a life in order to cleanse me of any privileges I have and any peace of mind that my successes and importance and achievements has offered because they want to put it up as their own and build their own lives with it, so maybe now, the fact that it is will start to be clear expressly, bearing in mind I had also begun a project of scarring them like I do the black men and women who control me so that every claims they make in public of anything about my person will have a Counter measure, the insults of their communities and societies have meant I have been building up publicity on those scars which therefore takes care of the thieves that is them but the direct provocations do indicate they are getting used to their false media confidence in a grand scale and the media fools who make it available to them say it is not their responsibility and I therefore am in a position to know what is as well.