The thing about how no body acknowledges the Prince of Wales as Heir to the throne is biggest load of rubbish ever in the world. The truth about it is that thing they get up to do to set out lots of things they want to take from kids. So the main source of the problem here is the claim that they do it because the Queen did it as well when they were younger and of course you will search all of history for the rest of your life and never find any evidence of such a thing, considering more so that it is not difficult to figure they are lying because if that is what the Queens government was about, then the range she has across the generations would have been technically impossible to achieve. So the big question becomes when it is supposed to stop if it is a big joke?

I am not too bothered about it as such, I didn’t say I was; I am simply going to keep getting prepared for the fact they intend to raise young people to feel they have the right to abuse me and in order to ensure I win the fight when it comes along so will I continue my exercise on how to win arguments against those stupid lies on a daily basis; so they can loose their own crowns as well.

It is never a difficult kind of conflict to contrive either; all I have to do is understand they will cut me off from academic work and everything I need for a meaningful existence and then that will give them the range to do what they like with the person who has been blessed with a special connection with God from which he must be detached because they want to be beautiful and look the part of father figures in the western civilisation and they will have such things over my dead body of course. The result will be the natural outcome; I get cut off from anything academic work and jobs and I set them out seriously for the purpose of detaching every single act of provocation from that Public office they occupy so that it can become a really personal matter in a very short period of time and then when they get into that public office to ensure they win I rise in life as well. bearing in mind I have written books to deal with these issues but cannot sell them currently because they are too clever for themselves, talking rubbish like raising children to abuse and insult me and think there is nothing wrong with it as if it is their own heads and minds to raise in that way. I am not speaking of media idiots; those have bosses that are doing them favours anyway besides which it will become real when they learn to shut it at a point where I set them out at their level and set insults on them that apply in the same way I get abused by them on a daily basis as well, for now it seems that can go on indefinitely.

I am not cutting myself off from the way things operate when I do these things; the issue is that the way the UK works means things get to run very quickly indeed; I mean for example the length of time it takes to travel from England to Scotland in modern times, it means that when you oscillate between your life and getting along with the older folk things run very fast. Hence when you see people claim they are racist or Scottish Nationalist or when they are black and have no shame they were here before you, it does appear that it is not such a problem anyway since the city was always meant to have its own villages and communities and there were bound to be things living in the gutter of it.

They are always inventing means of starting some kind of process of grabbing wealth that ends in a fight with those that are bigger than them because if they loose they will gain and if they win they will have everything. All I do is to make it simply clear that I will not wait for them to push the country into a war before I realise I will die either way and set out to oppress them for my purposes. Now it is not to say I will not kill them if it comes to it because they have no limits whatsoever.

As for the part where my inefficiencies with handling the media creates problems, the only one I am aware of is people playing around with my work. I am elitist you see – any normal person would see all that talk about equity sales and fashion etc is targeted at the upper class but it is not to say I will go out of my way to harm the lower classes either. The problem here is that they will not buy the books and they know that, they also know that I know that too and so do they know that the same applies to the chances to getting any job whatsoever but prefer to attack my finances and tie me down with them. so the biggest free service I have come to offer these days has to do with all that rubbish they do to wreck their lives and blame somebody else having no effect, the second biggest has to do with making myself available as means by which people who have enough money to be tired of, get off to recharge their batteries change their lives a little bit and then get off to make even more. If they want this to stop, they will stay off my work and property.