Now I am always asked what my problem with people really is but of course the reality is that they claim those things they do is competition and power but I know that it is all things they do because they are incredibly stupid and really evil; so there is actually so much you can take from a condition where people seem to get so much pleasure from turning out to abuse you and then finding out through various other abuses they can predict how you will react and then take the measures in advance of that in the first place anyway. So far they have been stifling other peoples academic work and since they have passed exams in school but have been unable to get the best jobs it has become more violent and that big mouth says they want to get mine all the time. So it still comes back down to what it has always been about i.e. really stupid people pushing people around and they will never give it a rest for any second and the reasons can be as simple as the fact that some really ugly mother of theirs wanted to have sex with me and I do not seem interested. Yes they always say it is a big problem but in actual fact it is not; in my mind they never stop until people tend to push them around as well, only I don’t think it is a worthy collection of activities for me to indulge myself in, however the frequency at which they do it to me means they want a reaction and that is what they are getting anyway. Its the same old story centuries ago where people got to have enough and developed sensibilities where they feel like pushing Mr stupid around all the time until he feels like killing somebody then they kill them first; they always say if we try such things the eventual outcome will be such things as Nazism again and this is where I tend to ask if they ever do get to mention that this is what racism is really all about – after the era of sympathiser art and architecture etc before the big war? However while people are not doing such things they cannot cease to push people around every single second as it were; then they claim it is something about leadership and we all know that big men never wish to talk about leadership, they are always more interested in talking about how they won some great matrimonial competition against their wives and I have no idea why these idiots cannot let me hear it if I want to hear it anyway. They turn up and destroy everything in sight and make noise all over the place with that media as well and so it brings us to that old case of how I get into a bit of a mess all the time because I provoke men of which the reality is their insults that we never see others pass at them as well and I am the government official who simply wants his respect back and will set out his books and measure issues with that – they expect me therefore to spend money on advertisement when their insults stifle my book sales but of course what I want to do instead is wrought publicity from handling them so that there is enough to cater for the quota that their insults mop up and what is left will be enough for my books, no such nonsense as modernisation going on. I mean I have a media based Working Court for example and what we have to deal with all the time is the fact that whenever they wish to get involved with something they will get involved with it anyway; as it stands I can no longer broker or even cash into equities that people broker with this particular side of my work because it has become all about them showing up on media to bask on the attention and pass around insults that bottom out my finances and so there is no point making up tales I get into trouble people I provoke them if they have no plans to put it to an end, no point complaining if it is such a preoccupation. In the end it seems that they are more interested in getting me to say something that will undo the clout and clarity that what I must have said previously gives to men who have some ability to lay claims of ownership to women at random (like the bearded man who lives down the road that I check my spellings with???) which of course has not paid off since we all know that unless these men are doing such things they are the ones pushing people around like the air they breathe. Its the same old story of the fact the men are not killing their wives and daughters because they want those to kill me instead – hence that idea I am being chased and battered by them is utter nonsense; however the real prove they are evil lies within that old game of turning out to see if they can dominate me by attacking me and predicting how I will react by abusing me to a point where they can read my mind without reason or purpose then take steps to carry out a counter measure that has not been faced with a reaction in the first place and make noise all over the place but those whole game of socialist idiots that get into Parliament to provoke me making laws on it simply took it to another level and that was before I regularly get into trouble with men because I provoke them like it is today. This is the basis for every issue I have with everybody in positions of authority; a stupid girl passes an insult and they take it to the highest levels of government and yet in their own lives there are behaviours peoples exhibit which they don’t like; only that I deserve it on account I am a Christian who told them to get lost when they told me they want to build up spiritual perversions from my faith and religion based activities in order to look like they have secret societies of power – I mean these are things I used to think people do when they want to wind me up and hence I should not react to as a teenager, now twice that age I am reacting to it because people want to manage the civil service and my finances to get me to do it or let them do it anyway and they say they are the ones that are being provoked as well for good measure and this sort of thing happens every time and happens every day as though they now live in my life or something; then we hear I fight like a girl on account they fight like cows.